Tiny Towns Brian Chilson

With Fayetteville’s noir klez-folk-rock outfit Trashcan Bandits only a few points behind, Jonesboro indie rock quartet Tiny Towns landed at the top at the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase last night at Stickyz.

Join us for Round Three on Thursday, Feb. 13, for sets from Judason Void, The Crumbs, Ante Yana and Any Given Room.


A recap of the second round follows, with notes from our panel of judges: LRCVB Director of River Market Operations Diana Long, Drew Pickens of Mayday By Midnight and The Hive, Buckley O’Mell of the Little Rock Chamber and Create Little Rock and EC Haynes of Salon EC.

Tiny Towns


“First impression: Kings of Leon, first album.”


“They reel you in.”

“Timing is respectable and solid. Really diverse songs.”

“Panic! At the Disco! Mars Volta! Vulfpeck! What the hell are these guys doing in a showcase?”

The Trashcan Bandits


“Awesome sound! Love the fun that this band puts forth.”

“Holy shit, this is rock clarinet. WTF. This chick is bad ass!”

“Well-oiled machine. Dynamic and relevant.”

“Spoons! Delightfully fresh.”

Route 358

“Hell yes. Hello mandolin! Hello dobro! Hello banjo! And that voice!”

“This is my jam.”

“Drummer/dobro is the show.”

“Awesome stage presence and connected with the audience.”

‘Love the family affair. They looked like they were having fun.”

Turtle Rush

“Good following of fans showed up. Totally dig the jam but wish the vocals were more consistent.”

“Reminds me of Talking Heads. Strong changes.”

“Sunday morning music.”