Ante Yana Brian Chilson

With staccato spoken word, mean-as-hell bass riffs and punctuating saxophone, Ante Yana took top honors last night at the 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase. Look for them, as well as Won Run and Tiny Towns, at the Rev Room for the showcase finals on Saturday, March 14.

A slideshow and video recap of the third round follows, with notes from our panel of judges: LRCVB Director of River Market Operations Diana Long, Sonny Kay of Low Key Arts, Buckley O’Mell of the Little Rock Chamber and Create Little Rock and EC Haynes of Salon EC.


Ante Yana


“Wow. Just wow.”

“Love the concept. Bass player = wow.”


“YES. Best band tonight.”

“Like the lyrics and the positive message. Tells stories to the crowd.”


Any Given Room


“Fun, upbeat sound. Killers-ish.”

“Damn, you guys are fun to watch. If you are a lead singer and don’t play guitar, you better be damn good at singing, and this dude is.”


“Incredible performance.”

“Great timing, great synergy. Had some very special moments.”

The Crumbs


“Great vibe out of the gate. Love the harmonies. Solid energy.”


“Awesome sound, very tight as a group.”

“Undeniably great musicians. And personality counts for a lot with folk music!”

Judason Void

“The climbs were interesting. Like the building of the energy.”

“Loved the slow, almost alt-country sound, without the twang. I loved it.”

“Deep slow Audioslave start, but then no explosion.”