Hemmed-In Hollow Brian Chilson

With mountain folk sensibilities, dulcet violin and endearing harmony, Hemmed-In Hollow took top honors last night at the 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase. Look for them, as well as Ante Yana, Won Run and Tiny Towns, plus our “wild card” band (the top-scoring second place winner overall) at the Rev Room for the showcase finals on Saturday, March 14.

That “wild card” band, which will advance to the finals along with the finalist from each round, is The Trashcan Bandits of Fayetteville. Check out our recap of Round 2 for a snapshot of their performance.


A slideshow and video recap of the fourth round follows, with notes from our panel of judges: LRCVB Director of River Market Operations Diana Long, Cliff Prowse & Susan Erwin Prowse, Buckley O’Mell of the Little Rock Chamber and Create Little Rock and EC Haynes of Salon EC.

Hemmed-In Hollow


“Cool how you all changed instruments. Very versatile!”


“Reminds me of Mumford [& Sons]. These guys have potential, can’t wait to see where they go.”

“Love the synergy. Love a storyteller.”


“Great representation for the state.”



“Very original. Cool vibe. Track was a little loud.”


“Loved the range. No song sounded alike.”

“Fun sound! So much from only two band members.”

“I’ve seen them perform before at events, but never like this in a bar…..and WOW. Had no idea how they could jam! Good times.”

“I like their vibe. Impressive for just two people.”



“Lots of energy.”

“They looked like they were having fun. Solid drums. Great guitar tone.”

“Awesome frontman.”

Bird Bones

“Hauntingly great vocals.”

“Arrangements are interesting. Very tight band as a whole. Maybe add some vocal harmonies?”

“Vocals are best I’ve heard so far. Can’t wait to see what they grow into. Big potential!”

“Love the way the music breathes.”