Rachel Ammons pink camo coin purse

We’re hearing a lot about the impacts of coronavirus on the service industry: calls for better paid sick leave policies, testimonies from uninsured restaurant workers who rely on tips to make the rent. Musicians and artists are part of that local service economy, too, and those that work in the entertainment sector for a living will undoubtedly be hit hardest by cancellations. As any of them will tell you, 2020 is a tough enough time to try and garner an audience, even absent a global pandemic unfurling its viral terror.

So, while you’re clamoring for supplies and checking in on your vulnerable loved ones, consider throwing a few bucks toward a local artist or creator. In that spirit, here are 30 musicians working in Arkansas who would probably love to fuel your lockdown playlist.

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Bijoux – “Dit moi”


Sumokem – “The Garden of Yosemite”

Vintage Pistol – “Trial and Error” (Need rolling papers with that?)


White Mansion – “Everything In This Room Falls” 

Witchsister – “Time Out” (or pick up a sweet eyeball button)

Rachel Ammons – “No Man Band” (or getchoo a pink camo coin purse!)

William Blackart – “Return”


DeFrance – “Second Wind”

Christian Serrano-Torres – “Everywhere” 

Charlotte Taylor – “Live! Acoustic”

Amasa Hines – “Ivory Loving Glass” 

The Creek Rocks – “Wolf Hunter” 

Modeling – “EP1”

Jamie Lou & The Hullabaloo – “Femi-Socialite”

Trey Johnson – “So-Low” 

Colour Design – “They Don’t Exist”


Mark Currey – “Tarrant County”

Randall Shreve – “The Devil and the End” (or just a badass Randall Shreve tee)

Adam Faucett – “It Took the Shape of a Bird”

Cody Belew & Hannah Blaylock’s “The Joke” 

Princeaus – “Ask Princeaus A Question” 

Bree Ogden – “Months Now”

Isaac Alexander – “Like A Sinking Stone” 

Brae Leni – “Voco Loco”

Brian Nahlen – “Hiding Behind Blue Skies”

Isaac Helgestad – “Bazaar”

Dylan Earl – “Squirrel in the Garden”

Bera Bera – “Footsteps”

Sean Harrison – “Halfway From Nashville” 

Knox Hamilton – “The Heights”