Freshawn Womack — the Little Rock saxophonist who blew minds at Won Run’s Arkansas Times Musician Showcase set earlier this year — is also the author and illustrator of a new graphic novel, “The Wood Witches,” and its theme of hitting “reset” on the world’s power structures couldn’t be more timely.

“Everything Old World had built up was destroyed by famine, war, and disease,” the book’s description reads. “This world is up for grabs between mercenaries, witches, organizers and … a soul-stealing demon that incites war!” Womack features snippets of his drawing/coloring sessions online, accented with music from local beatmakers like Princeaus and Au.Dios.Bass, and the featured coven’s heroes are women of color, making tea and trying to save the human race from its own folly. So, for those of you grappling with the tension between your Harry Potter loyalty and J.K. Rowling’s latest transphobic nonsense, might we suggest you pick up a locally fashioned, inclusive story about sisterhood, witches and plant magic? Get the book at, and follow Womack’s work at