Thomas Echols (left) and Er-Gene Kahng (right) Thomas Echols by Olivia Vale, Er-Gene Kahng by Stephanie Smittle

Fayetteville-based Arkansas Times contributor Katy Henriksen has been creating intimate house concerts and classical experiments for a few years now through the Trillium Salon Series in the name of, as its website states, breaking down “the idea that classical music is only for the elite, a high-brow experience for those only in the upper crust. This is music for everyone, music that helps us all and speaks to the human condition.”

Now, the series is happening across the screen, with remote salons from the likes of pianist/electronic composer Amos Cochran. This month, you can catch the fruits of guitarist Thomas Echols’ July residency on Fayetteville’s Mount Sequoyah, made possible by a grant from the Northwest Arkansas Council: a blend of software and synthesizer and augmented classical guitar called “perspectives on the unique privilege of breathing.” Also on the Trillium calendar is an Aug. 1 concert from violinist Er-Gene Kahng, 7 p.m., featuring pianist Nathan Carterette and Arkansas Symphony Orchestra musicians Katherine Williamson on violin, Timothy MacDuff on viola and David Gerstein on cello, playing works by Florence Price and Fodé Lassana Diabaté. To watch those concerts, or for details, find Trillium on YouTube, or go to