From Rah Howard's "Why We Are Fighting"

Like a lot of creators, musician/videographer Rah Howard has used the last several months of isolation to make strides on projects he’d long been incubating. While documenting protests in Little Rock after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Howard recorded a conversation with UALR Children International Director Ryan D. Davis for a video called “Why We Are Fighting.”


“I was recording Ryan’s part remotely,” Howard said, “and he was dropping so many gems I felt like it would have been a disservice to only use a portion of that.” Enter “The Process,” a podcast focused on Black musicians, thinkers and entrepreneurs. “You go to shows and you see people like Rodney Block, or Bijoux, or even in the realms of art, people like Diane Harper or Kevin Kresse, and people say, ‘Ah, these people are so amazing,’ and I think we take for granted the amount of time that these people spent developing their crafts. … I wanted to do something that was a deeper dive, figuring out why people think the way they do.” Tune in on Anchor, Spotify or your podcast platform of choice to catch that conversation with Davis, or to hear Dazzmin Murry speak about “How Artists Are Navigating Through the Health and Racial Pandemics,” or men’s footwear designer Chike Walker on his creative process, or Southwest Boaz on the genius of Sam Cooke.