"Shut It Down" compilation

Forty-six metal, noise and punk outfits are throwing their music behind a Bandcamp compilation titled “Shut It Down: Benefit for The Movement for Black Lives,” and two of those 46 are Arkansas’s own Rwake and Terminal Nation. The compilation drops Friday, Sept. 4 on Bandcamp, with 100 percent of proceeds going to The Movement for Black Lives. During a pandemic that’s ravaging the psyches and bank balances of performers who depend on touring income to make living, the Bandcamp streaming platform has dedicated one Friday a month to give 100 percent of its fees to artists and labels, or to a cause like M4BL. (Your move, Spotify.)

It’s been almost a decade since Rwake released a new song, and a demo called “Infinince” comes at the halfway point of Bandcamp’s “Shut It Down” compilation. “It does seem like we only write new music when the world is suffering, huh? Guess I never realized that before now. Our music has always been a exorcistic purge, so it really makes sense,” said Jeff Morgan, who plays drums for Rwake and who put “Infinince” together in his home studio after band members across the country recorded their tracks remotely. “We have almost two hours worth of material in demo form right now,” Morgan said, “so when we were invited to be a part of this amazing comp for a great cause, we sprung into action without hesitation.” Rwake’s vocalist Chris Terry [known to many as CT], called the song an extension of “the idea of a universal symphony of vibrations resonating through 11-dimensional hyper space. We are all vibrations (basic physics). We, as vibrations, are really just instruments. Cosmic instruments.”

Reid Raley/Rwake

“Infinince,” as you’ll hear it on “Shut It Down,” is a demo version, Morgan noted, “but we are very proud to offer [it] to this killer compilation. It is the first time we have released any new material in 9 years, and we can’t think of a better way to do it.”

Kurt Lunsford
Terminal Nation

As for Terminal Nation — whose Q&A and performance on Mutants of the Monster 2020 you should definitely check out at the 1:43:53 mark here — the offering on this comp is called “Cop Drop 2020.” The track “Cop Drop,” released on the band’s album “Waste” in 2015, became a favorite rager at live shows, so the band decided to retrofit it for “Shut It Down,” and for the times we’re in. Here’s what Terminal Nation’s Stan Liszewski had to say about the new track:


The live reaction to it over the last few years has gotten pretty wild, so we wanted to do the recorded version of it the justice that wasn’t done originally, and to harness the energy of the song when it’s performed live. We were approached about this benefit comp a few months back and knew that this was the right time to redo the song.

Because we went into the studio to just focus on a single track, we could take a little more creative liberties and risks on this, and not worry about fitting it into the ebb and flow of a full record, so we can bring in some different elements that we normally wouldn’t. We beefed up the track quite a bit sonically and instrumentally. I am still on the vocal duties for the first half of the track, but the key vocal parts and all vocals on the second half are done by our guitarist Tommy.


With everything going on in this pivotal moment it’s best for him as a Black man to have the floor, let his voice be heard, and just do his thing. He crushed it. His vocal spot at the climax and the end gives the song pretty sick Biohazard / Body Count vibe going on that I think came out well and I’m excited for folks to hear it.

Look for the compilation on Bandcamp Friday, Sept. 4, and donate to The Movement for Black Lives here.