Bang Up Betty's "I'm Speaking Fly VP Debate Necklace

Local jewelry maker Stacey Bowers — whose wares range from hand-stamped pansies in bronze to pet tags to “Don’t Tell Me to Smile” pins to a carefully considered and gorgeously assembled Greek mythology collection — has a new item in her shop. Within hours of that fateful moment in the Oct. 7 vice presidential debate when a fly alighted atop Michael Richard Pence’s fleecy helmet of hair, Bowers’ company Bang-Up Betty had fashioned a souvenir to mark the occasion.


“A necklace to embody both heroes of Wednesday night’s debate: Senator Kamala Harris and the fly on Pence’s head,” Bang-Up Betty’s $38 piece is 18 inches long, 14K gold-filled and brass fly-adorned, and is also available in silver with an aluminum stamped circle and sterling silver chain. Get it here.