Frea Buckler

FRIDAY 11/6-SATURDAY 12/19. The New Gallery. Free.  

British artist Frea Buckler, whose hard-edge, saturated-color geometric works have been exhibited widely in the United Kingdom and seen in galleries in New York and Denver, brings “Loop Sequence” to The New Gallery at 1619 Scott St. starting Nov. 6.


The show will include 10 screen prints and “Loops,” a sculptural installation of hand-painted blocks made of American ash. Buckler juxtaposes flat, high-color forms to explore the interaction between, for example, hot coral and dense black, both visually, rhythmically and emotionally, and her work in the U.K. and Denver includes building facades and murals. In her artist’s statement for the show, Buckler said she is “interested in the use of everyday objects as a metaphor for our own processes and behaviors, in this instance relating to rhythms, order, and sequence, with an element of playfulness.”

The gallery will host a reception from 6-9 p.m. Nov. 6; guests will be required to wear a face covering and refreshments will not be served. If needed, guests will be limited to ensure social distancing. The gallery is open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays or by appointment; contact for a viewing.