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Omahogs again

Arkansas was so machinelike in winning three games at home in the Regional, and then casually dispatching Ole Miss on the first day of the Super Regional, that the Hogs’ collapse on a sunny Sunday afternoon against the Rebels was a bit unsettling. 

There's always next year

I haven't even spoken to my friends. I ignored all the teary empty nonsense of postgame coverage. I didn't sign into Twitter for a week. Anyway, the game was on a loop in my head.

Last-minute gift guides

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Where I stand on The Agreement

Nobody has any reason to be the least bit disappointed with the job Bobby Petrino has done with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Still, I have my reservations about the document that shall henceforth be known as The Agreement.

Pre-bowl bullets

Ah, the fallow period between conference championships and the Udrove Humanitarian Bowl between Fresno State and Northern Illinois. What are you going to live for over the next two weeks?

The biggest win of a year that isn't over

Arkansas fans should be getting pretty familiar with the odd Rube Goldbergian operations of the BCS this week.

Miracles meet luck at War Memorial Stadium

The Hogs did about everything they could do to lose Saturday's game. They also did everything they had to do to win. Focus on whatever side of that coin you want, but I'll chalk it all up to road woes and look ahead to the Battle for the Boot.

Distractions, frustrations and real adversity

As much as Hog fans like to complain about being overlooked by the national media, I'd wager the Auburn Tigers would love to send a share of that attention west. In a year when the SEC's marquee programs have struggled, Auburn's been the bright shining hope. But their bulb is flickering.

Hogs surprise by being themselves

Our football coach doesn't play favorites, and he's really careful about it. It pays off when his team performs the way it did last Saturday night. Leaders emerge over the season, but new stars are born every week.

Hogs winning at Vandy, losing at life

The Hogs may have beaten Vandy on the field, but in the classroom there's no competition. Arkansas' GSR (55 percent) trails Vandy by 34 percentage points. That's the scholastic equivalent of about a bazillion touchdowns.

This is me after a win

Our stars don't seem so much aligned as all crossed up. The loss of Mallett, Adams and Childs would have crippled most teams. Luckily, depth is something Bobby Petrino can control. It's even the least of our worries.

Rub some dirt on it

If we're going to call football a game of inches, we're going to have to allow players and fans to be upset about officials spotting the opposition a couple feet. Tired bromides like "a good team survives" and appeals to the "human element" just don't cut it.

I can see the BCS from here

With the Hogs one game removed from our most crushing loss since 1998, the SEC-West is as ill-defined as ever, and three opponents left on our schedule rank in the top 10 nationally.

Bye-week bullets

Anybody else think this has so far been one of the sloppiest seasons of college football in recent memory?

I can see the BCS from here

That was the kind of weekend that just messes your metaphors all up: The SEC is suddenly a blank slate, waiting for some errant team to come along and shape the landscape to their will. The stars are aligning for the Razorbacks, but can they connect the dots?

A bigger heart to break

Though I don't cotton to the idea of glory through suffering, elite athletes can often get a little boost from humility.

Be still my heart

The Hogs finally played a meaningful opponent last Saturday, and it near killed me.

The trial period is over for the Hogs

You can't feel good about the season if the Razorbacks stumble to the finish line on Saturday. Arkansas can and should beat Georgia, but it would help me sleep at night if they'd do so with some authority.

Petrino kicking the tires in Hog debut

Coach Petrino might as well be wearing a lab coat and safety goggles on the sidelines. He's tinkering with a machine.

Adventures in apostasy

A Boy Named Sooie gives you everything you need to know about the Hogs and the SEC in his three-part season preview.