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Belong, at The Momentary

Walton-backed venue opens (momentarily) in Bentonville.

The Aggressive Forest: A conversation with Anaïs Dassé

"I always felt the way we display the information — the viewer in front of it — everybody is filling gaps. In the end, they [the curators] can tell you whatever they want. This is also the question of colonialism: In these narratives, the 'winner' is the one talking. It’s not just missing information; it’s about how we write history. Who are the 'savages'?" 

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A transporting installation at UALR, plus Asian expressions of oppression

On "Water Memory" and more.

Two for 2nd Friday

Brewer family at Butler, Bryant at HAM.

Why abstract art?

Because Peters.

Art outbreak

2nd Friday features Peters, Holl Collection, LGBTQ work; Delta Exhibition opens.

Black magic

Women's work in wire, metalpoint, fabric, glass, cut paper at Hearne.

"Delta": A fine mix

Two-headed calf brings home bacon.

Open galleries, open studios

And a painting left on the wall.

'Jobbers,' 'Dreams'

Representational fantasy at UALR.

Swift Collection of photos creates portrait of an era

It's likely that the photographs now on exhibit in the Arkansas Studies Institute's Concordia Hall are unlike any that most folks have seen.

'Our America': hot colors, hot show

At the Arkansas Arts Center.

Artists paint, sculptors sculpt and Thea Paves the Way

A full arts schedule starts Friday.

Thirty for America

Art of the new world at the Arts Center.

Beckman at the AAC

Smoldering charcoals.

'Outside the Lines' at the Arkansas Arts Center

Technique, technique, technique.

35 more Arkansas artists to watch

In the Delta Exhibition.

Chihuly at Clinton Center

Morphic resonance: seaforms, flowers.

'Crossroads of memory': Unforgettable

Carroll Cloar exhibition one of Arts Center's best.

In pursuit of Cloar

Find him at the Arkansas Arts Center.