William B. Downs discusses Arkansas in the Great Depression

Among other visiting authors in the month of June.

Joe Yonan, author of "Serve Yourself," comes to the Clinton School

Among other visiting authors in the month of May.

Dean Faulkner Wells, niece of William, visits Wordsworth

And more visiting authors in the month of April.

The debut of Toad Suck Review, Nicholas Sparks to UCA and more.

The new incarnation of the UCA Department of Writing-based Exquisite Corpse Annual, will celebrate its release on Friday, March 4, with the "Toad Suck Review Launchapalooza" on the rooftop of Michelangelo's in Conway.

Book Notes, Feb. 2

The big release of the month came earlier this week, when Pantheon released "The Illumination," the latest novel from Little Rock author Kevin Brockmeier.

New high profile cookbooks and Arkansas history books.

P. Allen Smith and Maya Angelou, two Arkansas celebrities perhaps not thought of primarily as chefs, released cookbooks late last year.

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Book Notes, Dec. 2

Mark Spitzer, Marshall Chapman and other upcoming author events in and around Central Arkansas.

Book Notes, Nov. 4

Sedaris, birding and all the month's book events.

Facedown in Florida

Paul Reyes delves into the human side of the housing crisis; C.D. Wright peels back bygone racial turmoil.

Football and race, fact and fiction

New books about race and sports at Central High and the musical Browns are here; a new John Grisham novel is on the horizon.

Fame and food and new noir

North Little Rock natives Mark and Matt Jacobs have written a new book of food-related factoids that looks promising.

Book Notes, July 1

On "Arkansas Curiosities," "Lyin' Like a Dog," Mark Christ, the UA Press' 30th anniversary and the library vote.


UCA writing professor Robin Becker delves into the undead.

Fluke forever

Matthew Thompson hasn’t lived in Arkansas in 15 years, yet no one chronicles the state’s punk and DIY culture more ardently than he with Fluke zine, a thick pamphlet-sized book of interviews, essays, photos and artwork.

Books Calendar, April 1

Unless indicated, event is a reading and/or book signing.

Dillard surveys Arkansas history

If you think you know something about Arkansas history, pick up Tom Dillard’s new book. As the “Mr. Wizard” of Arkansas history, Dillard offers 74 portraits of the folks who, for better or worse, made us what we are today.

March books calendar

Unless indicated, event is a reading and/or book signing.

A handsome 'Corpse'

An annual literary journal produced by UCA’s Department of Writing, The Exquisite Corpse leans toward the experimental with a lot to be enjoyed in the new second issue that just hit the stands.

Books Calendar, Feb. 4.

Unless indicated, event is a reading and/or book signing.

That’s the spirit

Mike Huckabee’s latest book, “A Simple Christmas: Twelve Stories That Celebrate The True Holiday Spirit,” should cement the convictions of his loyalists, irritate those who aren’t, and, at the very least, serve as adequate light reading for those in between.