Graham Gordy


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Arkansas filmmakers Daniel Campbell and Graham Gordy to write Courteney Cox's "Last Chance U" drama

Arkansas filmmakers Graham Gordy and Daniel Campbell, who co-wrote 2018's feature film "Antiquities," are now the co-creators for Courteney Cox's "Last Chance U," a drama based on the Netflix documentary series of the same name.

Arkansas's great failures

Arkansas has long been a nucleus for both industry and innovators. Despite our modest population, we have produced some of the most renowned businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs the world now knows.

With your help, we will get through this

Our small newsroom has been working tirelessly to report on the latest coronavirus developments along with all the other news that matters. Please support us with a cash gift.

Backstage with Mitt and Newt

Just before the January 23 Republican debate, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney encountered one another at a deli tray just off-stage. What follows is a transcript of that meeting.

American Dream deferred

Ten years ago this week, I had a conversation with my roommate. We were in graduate school together in New York, and he, a Brit, was telling me what he felt the differences were between growing up in the United Kingdom versus the United States.


There seems to be a growing consensus out there that the End of Men is upon us.

Saddest day of the year

I like to think I'm a reasonable man. I've accomplished childhood goals. Traveled all over the world. Dined with heads of state. Yet here I am, pulling into the overflow parking area at 11:55 p.m. on Thanksgiving night for Target's Black Friday sale.

Our exultant American hearts

When most people think of stoicism, they think of someone maintaining composure in the face of adversity. But that's only half the equation. To reach such equanimity, the Stoics expected, at every turn, that what they cared about most would be taken from them.

Up all night

Everyone I talk to is tired. You ask anyone how they are and this seems to be the response. Tired from work, tired from kids, tired from one more episode, from one more game the night before.

Handicapping GOP

Recently, I watched my first (and last) full Republican primary debate of the season. I came up with the following list of mockeries, slanders and brazen ad hominem attacks for your enjoyment.

The lesson of fall

Fall is why we all stay in Arkansas. Yes, it's among the prettiest places in the country for the season, but let's face it, if summer lasted another month, we would all go mad.

America is delicious

And we're paying for it.

'We the Animals' stuns

Justin Torres' debut novel is a must-read.

Petrino Agonistes

Let me recreate a scene for you. Fayetteville. An August scrimmage. Your team was ranked 12th in the final AP Poll of 2010 and is returning 15 starters from a 10-3 record that resulted in the first BCS Bowl appearance in school history. You have 14 pre-season All-Southeastern Conference Team selections, the second most of any conference school.

Hometown Pride™

Is there a state that you can drive, border-to-border, and find more residents with the name emblazoned across their chests? Do people in Minnesota or Wyoming get the outlines of their state tattooed on their person?


The world (or manhood itself) has changed a lot since the pre-manscaping days of yore.

The parent problem

I grew up down the street from a terrible human being. That's the only way I know to put it. Let's call him Mike.

We all see what you're doing

Typical scene. A bar. Boy notices girl. He approaches. Offers to buy her a drink. "Ketel and soda." A drink that says, "I'm practical but with high-end tastes." She starts talking. About movies. She saw something recently she liked. Can't remember the title. Had that guy from "Sideways" in it. It was cute. "Have you seen any good movies lately?" she asks. He responds, "Anything with Martin Lawrence. But early Lawrence. I think he peaked at 'Roscoe Jenkins'." She moves on.

Let's recap

Around 13.7 billion years ago there was a bang. And what am I doing? Sitting at a computer. Eating a cheese sandwich.

To anger

The Dalai Lama appeared in Fayetteville last Wednesday afternoon before a crowd of 10,000 people. Around the same time, I was in Little Rock, flinging my cell phone across the room.

Why do we torture ourselves at the gym?

Why, at 35, for perhaps the first time in my life, is every article of clothing I'm wearing soaked through with sweat?