The statewide smoking ban in public places, including nightclubs and restaurants that allow patrons under 21 years of age, goes into effect on Friday, July 21. It is a touchy subject with many of the bar managers and club owners in Central Arkansas, with some club operators yet to decide what they will do.

Instead, they say they are trying to get a feel of what would work best for them: make their clubs for ages 21 and up only and allow smoking but lose revenue that is generated from their 18-and-up or all-ages shows, or alienate club-goers that like to have a cigarette with their cocktails.


Pizza D’Action, for example, not only is a bar with pool tables, dart boards and occasional music, but a full-service restaurant that has families as regular patrons. Pizza D now is changing its policy and only allowing ages 21 and up through its doors.

We’ve attempted to contact all the clubs in Central Arkansas, and so far, these are the clubs that say they are going 21 and up and allow smoking:


• Fox and Hound.

• Midtown Billiards.


• Rudy’s Oyster Bar.

• Pizza D’ Action.

• White Water Tavern.

• Legends Sports Bar.


• Rock City.

• Lucky’s Sports Bar.

• Sports Page.

• Electric Cowboy.

• Reno’s.

Officials at Backstreet, the Jessie Road club that allows 18 and up on Fridays, say that they are planning on making a special “ventilated” area to comply with regulations.

These are the clubs that are going non-smoking:

• The Afterthought.

• Cornerstone Pub.

• Easy Street Piano Bar and Cabaret.

• Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom.

• Vino’s Brewpub.

A few places like Sticky Fingerz and Flying Saucer in the River Market district have yet to decide what they believe will work best for them.