VOTOLATO: At Juanita's.

The sweet Seattle rocking-chair folk of singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato sweeps through Juanita’s on Monday, March 19.

The year and a half Votolato spent writing and recording his debut on indie heavy weight label Barsuk Records certainly shows. His early 2006 release, “Makers,” offers a tender blend of his early Texas origins with disparate music stylings he encountered upon moving north in his 20s.


Catch Votolato in concert with Colorado country rock group Drag the River and Cincinnati whiskey-voiced acoustic country band The Great Depression. Tickets for the 9 p.m. show are $10.

The Village has started a new voice column on its My Space profile called “The Village Weekly What’s Up” in the hopes of informing your musical choices — specifically, your concert-going ones.


“This was birthed out of a process of wanting to let you know what we’ve got going on and why you want to be there,” Jon Love of the Village says on the podcast-like voice column. The recording, which plays automatically when the My Space page ( opens, will not only list the bands coming in the immediate week, but will also offer music clips, bio info, style information, and recent press on the groups. It doesn’t hurt that Love’s voice is easy on the ears, too.

The South-by-Southwest conference bands are snug in their Austin, Texas, beds this week, and the days ahead feels like the crash after a long party — all the up-and-coming names have swept through town and gone, leaving a mostly local lineup to play in their wake. So, here’s a look at what’s coming:


Thursday, March 15: Mayflower acoustic country rocker Greg Madden does a show with Memphis’ Mean Green Music Machine at Cajun’s Wharf (8:30, $5) … Local almost-emo indie rock Kingsdown plays with Embassy at Juanita’s (9 p.m., $6) … and at Cornerstone Pub, it’s the Oxford American Magazine DVD Release After-Party/Dale Hawkins release party for “Back Down to Louisiana” (9:30 pm, $15).

On Friday, it’s no surprise that the big show of the night is (once again) at the Revolution Music Room with Los Angeles-based Southern rocker Shooter Jennings (Waylon’s son) and country singer Leroy Powell (8 p.m.) … Little Rock acoustic rock artist Chris Henry with Memphis Soul Revue is at Cajun’s (9 p.m., $5) … Reggae act One Stone is at Juanita’s (10 p.m., $10) … The Soundtrack Contest for strange vampire/humunculous flick “Decadent Evil 2” continues at Vino’s Brewpub with A Plea For Mercy, Wishtribe, Monoxide Project, Drop Dead Syndicate, and The STD’s (7:30 p.m., $5) … At Downtown Music, it’s metal with Dark Haven, Arcane Fire, and Tristan Betrayal (9 p.m., $5) … At house show venue the Treehouse (109 S. Cedar), it’s The Real Hip Hop Show featuring melodic indie rap with local Mad Trucker, OT from the FYP, DJ Counteract, Jaybee and Juggernaut Glitch (10 p.m., donations) … Local rock group Real Fighting plays with smoky voiced indie group the Moving Front at the White Water Tavern (10 p.m., $5) … and Kentucky garage metal Vibrolas does Midtown Billiards (12:30 a.m. Saturday, $5).

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, but if you don’t feel like breaking out the green dye and Irish Car Bombs, you do have options beyond Rev Room’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with Tragikly White Band (8 p.m., $TBA) and Area 51’s St. Patrick’s Day Party at The Village (8 p.m., $5). For starters, there’s local alterna rock Starkz with Dallas bedroom-voice pop rock group the Vanished at Juanita’s (9:30 p.m., $8 adv./$10 dos) … At Vino’s, the “Decadent Evil 2” Soundtrack Contest continues with abandon, featuring Astieos, Flameng Death Fearies, Marybells Day of Doom, Third Degree, Evacuate the City, Wasting Days and Lythium (7 p.m., $5) … at White Water, it’s local red-headed country with Kevin Kerby and Battery alongside Knoxville, Tenn., rocker Mic Harrison (9 p.m., $5) … Josh Green and Memphis Soul Review do another night at Cajun’s (9 p.m., $5) … at the Treehouse, the music keeps coming night after night with Big Big Car and Sam West … and at Midtown Billiards, Roger Miller-influenced garage blues group the Rounders keep the late night crowd going even later (12:30 a.m. Sunday, $5).

On Sunday, there’s just one show in town, and it’s the floating, strange and lovely electronic/ambient sound of Blues Control with Bus Train Car at the Treehouse (10 p.m., donations).


Monday: Psych-pop Minmae, Bear, the Six Parts Seven and more play the Treehouse (10 p.m., $3) … and Wharf favorites Nick and Richie do Cajun’s (8:30, free).

Tuesday: Orlando’s plucky folk rock group the Heathens plays the first of two nights at White Water, with Brent Best of the Drams joining them on Wednesday night (9 p.m., $5) … At Downtown Music, The End Records presents Giant Squid, Grayceon and Harmegedio (9 p.m., $5) … At Treehouse, North Carolina experimental electro/acoustic act Binary Marketing Show plays with rock group Clipd Beaks, Hot Springs noisecore band Church of the Snake and Josh Abbott (9 p.m., donations).

Wednesday: Sticky Fingerz offers up a good show in the midst of a quiet scene with Seattle rockabilly roots group Ruby Dee and the Snake Handlers (9 p.m., $5) … at Vino’s, electro-fused rock pop out of North Carolina, House of Fools, does a set (8:30 p.m., $5).