BRIGHT: Radiant, on Saturday at the Rev.

If Radiohead’s “OK Computer” did a spot of Prozac and had a fling with the Verve Pipe after 10 years of smoky bars, it might just sound like music by Radiant, the Dallas indie pop-rock group coming to the Revolution Music Room on Saturday, March 24.

The band describes its musical aura as “a lightning bolt hitting a can of Miller High Life,” and if that description doesn’t tell you what the 6-year-old group does, you might just have to check out its 2006 debut LP, “We Hope You Win.” When Radiant isn’t busy sending electricity through the symphonic post-rock/ambient pop genre, it seems it’s fairly well occupied with the fallout from winning Pontiac’s Countdown to 1 — fallout that a few months ago included playing at Times Square on New Year’s Eve with My Chemical Romance and POD. (9 p.m., call for cover.)


Also on Saturday and across town at the White Water Tavern, the Hickoids bring their ’80s cow-punk white thrash from Austin, Texas. The title of the Hickoids’ recent compilation of older songs, “Corn Demon,” and album art of a knife-wielding corn zombie hint at the band’s sound.

“In one sense, sure, we’re talking about corn as in the old-fashioned, corny country comedy kind,” the group explains on its website. “Conversely, though, we’re also talking about the head-throbbing, moonshine-liquor-from-an-old-fruit-jar sort of corn.”


Catch the satire-meets-sauce insanity in concert with Conway psych-punk group the Rockin’ Guys, a combination that word on the street says has produced raw, unpredictable, notorious shows in the past. (9 p.m., $5.)

Now for the rest of the week, starting with Thursday, March 22: It’s improv blue rock with O’2L featuring husband-and-wife team Jane and Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra fame at Sticky Fingerz (9 p.m., $5) … At Juanita’s, Justin Carder of Chasing the Fall does an acoustic set with Jessica Carder (9 p.m., $6) … Alterna-rock the house with North Little Rock’s Third Degree at Cajun’s Wharf (8:30 p.m., $5) … and Ted Ludwig and Co. play their usual Thursday show at the Afterthought (8 p.m., $2).


On Friday, raspy, twangy Fayetteville favorite Sarah Hughes Band graces the White Water stage (10 p.m., $5) … It’s emo-lyric metalcore group Cries Hannah with Dark Save the Star at Vino’s (9 p.m., $7) … Dirty Little Rock rap with a following comes to Juanita’s in the form of Pimpslap (10 p.m., $10) … Local Southern rockers Brothers with Different Mothers play Cajun’s (8:30 p.m., $5) … New Orleans funk rock group Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes are at Sticky’s (9 p.m., $5) … Ramona Smith, the entertainment at Tom Cruise’s wedding and a former opener for Miles Davis, comes to the Afterthought for a very affordable, best-kept-secret set (9 p.m., $5) … And local wispy-voiced jam band FreeVerse ends the night at Midtown Billiards (12:30 a.m., $5).

Saturday the 24th is something else — in a good way — when Little Rock Scene presents two recent Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase contestants on the same night at Vino’s Brewpub. Indie rockers the Global Test play with rockabilly jam group Damn Bullets, which reached the finals of the Showcase (8:30 p.m., $7) … The Fresh Styles 3 hip hop show is on at the Village, featuring Osyrus tha GOD, DJ Swift, Arkatext, Bob Noggins III, Rockstar, DJ Discipline and DJ G-Force (9 p.m., $7) … Brenda and Ellis, the 1999 AT Musicians Showcase winners, pop up at the Afterthought for some R&B (9 p.m., $6) … Conway acoustic guitar/symphonic Southern rock group Cyprus Creek does Juanita’s (9:30 p.m., $7) … Ramona Smith appears with the Soul Rhythms at Cajun’s (8:30 p.m., $5) … Local alterna-metal rock group MonoXide Project plays with Russellville bass-heavy/roary metal Cruxx and Benton rock Livid at Downtown Music (9 p.m., $5) … Nashvillle R&B pop act Josh Hoge and Andy Davis play Sticky’s (9 p.m., $7) … Midtown Billiards is, as usual, the last club standing in town. Come out to hear what sounds like faintly pop-ish rock with the hangover you’re still fighting with Dirty Leg (12:30 a.m., $5).

Monday: It’s the Monday Jazz Project Jam Session at the Afterthought (8:30 p.m., $5 cover, $1 jammers) … Nick and Richie play their favorite spot in town, Cajun’s Wharf (8:30 p.m., free) … and the Rock Underground Hip-Hop Show lives on at Juanita’s (9 p.m., $5).

Tuesday: Dallas pop rockers Barefoot do Vino’s with Russellville’s quirky ’80s Clash-esque Friendly Friends and smart, painfully cute acoustic the Iron Giants (8 p.m., $6) … Dallas alterna-rock group Burden Brothers give what they’ve got at Juanita’s (9 p.m., $7) … Stryker is on piano at the Afterthought for the next two nights, starting with Tuesday (8:30 p.m., $2) … Brian and Nick play Cajun’s (8:30 p.m., free).


Wednesday, there’s just one show in town, and it’s St. Louis’ Americana soul group Bottle Rockets playing Sticky Fingerz (9 p.m., $5).