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Ten reasons to pay attention to heavy music in Arkansas in 2022

The ebbs and flows of local music scenes are normal; they can be disheartening during the lulls, and raging to the point of god-like power during their peaks. We are fortunate to find ourselves currently in the latter. From Northwest Arkansas, all the way over to Jonesboro, down to El Dorado, and all throughout all of Central Arkansas, there are more active heavy music projects right now than at any time in the last 25 years.
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'Polite, boutique, manicured': A review of the Walton-backed FORMAT Festival

You could ding the festival on a number of fronts: an almost total lack of hip-hop (or, hell, country for that matter), data deserts that made coordinating with friends (or tweeting, or anything else) impossible, camping options that ranged between $$$ and $$$$. But Sam's millennial grandkids Steuart and Tom Walton, and their OZ Brands venture, pulled off an event that was at once completely novel, psychically unmoored from any known reality, and yet could have only existed in Northwest Arkansas, where middle-of-the-road curatorial tastes meet Mariana Trench-deep pockets. For about a hundred bucks a day, audiences got to see what sort of toys real money can buy.

Fox Green is back (and fully-formed) with 'Holy Souls'

“Holy Souls" is confident, sturdy yet loose and, rarer still, joyful.

Willi Carlisle's 'Peculiar, Missouri' is a big tent

Like the opening track's title, the album is a big, open-armed invitation — by no means unaware that the world is utterly broken and coming apart at the seams, but unwilling to write it all off as hopeless.

Meditation music straight outta Arkansas

Check out "Open Sails," an ambient track from a Central Arkansas-based sound therapist.

Track of Today: Screaming Mimes' 'Answer Machine'

Track of Today "Answer Machine."

Track of Today: Matthew Shipp and Chad Fowler's 'Old Stories: Chapter Eight'

Track of Today: Matthew Shipp and Chad Fowler's "Old Stories: Chapter Eight."

Track of Today: The Body's 'A Lament'

Track of Today: The Body's "A Lament."

Track of Today: Princeaus' 'Keanu Reeves's Puff Cereal'

Track of Today: Princeaus' "Keanu Reeves's Puff Cereal."

Track of Today: Hell Camino's 'Jaws of the Ouachita'

T02D: Hell Camino's "Jaws of the Ouachita."

Track of Today: Indy Grotto's 'Why Oh Why'

T02D: Indy Grotto's "Why Oh Why."

Track of Today: Adam Faucett's "Melanie"

T02D: Adam Faucett's "Melanie."

Track of Today: Colour Design's 'Feel Like Going Home'

T02D: Colour Design's "Feel Like Going Home."

Track of Today: Willi Carlisle's 'Tulsa's Last Magician'

T02D: Willi Carlisle's "Tulsa's Last Magician."

Track of Today: Bic Fizzle's 'Turnt Sh*t'

T02D: Bic Fizzle's "Turnt Shit."

Track of Today: MoonMane's "MoonMane"

T02D: MoonMane's "MoonMane."

Track of Today: bLAck pARty's 'Soakin''

T02D: bLAck pARty's "Soakin.'"

Track of Today: Yebba's 'The Age of Worry'

TO2D: Yebba's "Age of Worry."

Track of Today: Philip Mann/Michael Fine's 'Finding Home'

T02D: Philip Mann and Michael Fine's collaboration "Finding Home."

Track of Today: Chainsaw Lassy's 'No Means No'

T02D: Chainsaw Lassy's "No Means No."