Pearls About Swine

Arkansas 2021 football preview: the first six games

Sam Pittman’s level-headed and right for the job, but he’s facing the ever-long odds of a beastly schedule and a roster that’s always a couple of blue-chips shy of national creditworthiness.

Arkansas Razorbacks football position preview

For Sam Pittman and his staff to build upon the modest, but meaningful successes that emerged in 2020, they’ll need some post-COVID magic right out of the gate.

Kopps and consistency send Razorbacks to SEC semifinals

The best team in college baseball has been the one in Fayetteville from start to present, and Arkansas fans are dying for that to read “finish” by the time June is over.

Hogs 'special' again

What was already Arkansas’s first Sweet 16 trip in 25 years is now the first Elite 8 squad on the Hill in 26.

Arkansas basketball programs return to the postseason

In a matter of weeks, Arkansas’s two basketball programs took flight with such urgency and poise that, yes, Virginia, it started to feel like the 1990s around here all over again.

Basketball Hogs on the cusp: The return of Pearls About Swine

Arkansas remains a solid team in a solid basketball conference. And Eric Musselman is among the most knowledgeable and proven coaches in the mix, but as with any staff, the players have to respond to the coaching being imparted in a favorable way. Despite some cracks in the foundation emerging throughout January, this is still the type of team most of us thought we'd be getting.

Crushed by Florida, Hogs hopeful against LSU

You didn’t think the Hogs’ 2020 football season was going to unfurl without at least a couple of whippings, did you?

Resilient Razorbacks: Thumping of Vols sets stage for another upset opportunity

Arkansas has followed each of its three official losses with a strong, steady victory led by Barry Odom’s defense and the lightning-in-a-bottle swagger of Treylon Burks.

Hogs defense powering resurgence

Sam Pittman is a darling of the state in a way that a first-year coach hasn’t seen since Houston Nutt’s debut season in 1998.

Pearls About Swine: Razorbacks got screwed

But as the sordid, absolutely predictable and totally warrantless cavity search disguised as officiating went down, I was kind of excited to be pissed off again, to be brutally honest.

The rebirth of Razorback football?

You want to know why Arkansas knocking off Mississippi State — I resist usage of the term “upset” despite the Bulldogs’ inflated new ranking — was so damn special?

The 2020 Razorback football preview

Pearls About Swine's post-pandemic preseason special, part 1 of 2.

Hogs looking fragile

Arkansas was having such a charmed first season under Eric Musselman that this recent, turbulent mid-season lull has been awfully jarring.

Musselman off to promising start

Borrowing our Southern parlance, it’s “awful early yet” in the Hog coaching career of Eric Musselman, but while he’s helming an almost impossibly small, basically six-deep roster, he’s also accomplishing things in his first year that most of his predecessors couldn’t fathom doing.

Hopeful about Hogs in 2020

Seasonal cheer comes in many forms. With the curtain drawn closed on this crazy decade, this bedraggled Hog fan has hope where it once was not.

Some reasons for optimism about Hogs

Sam Pittman’s sterling recruiting reputation and “coach’s coach” vibe—there’s a reason a couple of analysts felt it was far and away the best hiring of those made in the SEC, and maybe beyond—fits in well with a program that had sold out to a lot of false gimmickry.

Pittman a good hire for Hogs

Attentive fans know that Sam Pittman’s presence on Bret Bielema’s inaugural staff in 2013 was widely seen as a major coup. The amiable, energetic veteran had carved out quite a reputation as a master developer and recruiter of linemen. And guess what Arkansas football needs right now, more than ever?

Bring on the new head Hog

Arkansas will soon have a new head football coach. A great deal of us have begged for such changes, and now it is finally here: a vacancy to be filled.

Brandon Allen gets a shot; and Musselman's promising start

Brandon Allen toiled for multiple franchises, on and off practice squads, and had never seen the field for an NFL game. And then suddenly, fate intervened.

Time for Yurachek to make his mark

You’d be taxed to identify a worse month for a college football program than the one Arkansas just experienced in October 2019.