Just do it already, Hunter. How could it possibly be any more disastrous than retaining this guy another minute?

What good is recruiting without simple, staid coaching? Has a big-time commitment done much of consequence in that ever-changing red jersey anyway? McFadden did his job. Felix Jones, too. And Alex Collins. Ced Cobbs was brilliant at the beginning and end of his star-crossed career.

So basically, there have been some really fine tailbacks in Fayetteville and a few other skill players and Trey Flowers and Deatrich Wise have done alright for themselves. I think that Steve Atwater and Ken Hamlin were the last great d-backs up in the Hill, in my admittedly skewed view. Two guys who didn’t get drafted and ended up playing completely different positions in the NFL — George Wilson and future Hall of Famer Jason Peters — really just panned out due to talent and commitment.

But what the hell else can you smile about? John L. Smith’s press conference buffoonery portended this. And some folks still insist that bringing Bobby Petrino back “home” (the ultimate farcical concept, given his notoriously nomadic ledger) is just and proper. We get what we deserve, y’all. If it’s the Bielema buyout, or the Petrino crash, or the Smith hiccup, or the retention of a dude who went 14-22 at Sherwood Blount Preparatory, it’s basically all the same.


Leadership of the athletic department has been a concern lo these many years. Jeff Long was largely reviled, and ultimately dumped after a controversial decade succeeding the Allfather of Razorbackdom, J. Franklin Broyles. And we all know that his tenure was pock-marked with this weird sense of colonialism, too. Again, we reap what is sown.

I’m not a big fan of this football program at all, and I think a whole lot of you might concur, even if begrudgingly. Losing to San Jose State at home isn’t even surprising, folks. Say what you will about the litany of coaches who have played out their welcomes very abruptly, but Nutt at least had some very nice victories and a highly tolerable success rate in those allegedly record-padding games against directional schools and polytechnics and what-not. Petrino dusted off inferior foes for the most part. Bielema had several letdown games but Toledo in 2015, for instance, ended up not being all that bad of a loss, as that Rockets team was buoyed by an Alabama transfer at QB and a spectacular tailback (Kareem Hunt, who was actually suspended for the ambush at War Memorial). He beat LSU badly in consecutive years, got closer to beating Bama than his predecessor ever did, and helmed a couple of teams in 2014-15 that seemed to augur a nice future for the program.


Of course, he fizzled badly thereafter, and the coffers were mightily drained by Long’s impudent decision to give the big fella this ludicrous contract extension and onerous buyout. And now we are left agape every week as this tragicomic excuse for a football program keeps attaining new and frightening troughs. It’s only fitting to use the word “trough” here because not only does it suggest that the Hogs keep on suckin’ it up out there, but it’s where these Razorbacks are supposed to be feeding: a big, smelly, sloppy trough.

Nick Starkel had just captivated the state with his big arm and Justin Bieber fetish, and then he tosses five picks against the woeful Spartans. Their coach, Brent something or other, was practically shedding tears of elation after the “upset.” I use that word mockingly and derisively because it’s quite clear that Arkansas can and pretty much will lose to any institution of any size on any given Saturday.

I’m not pissed off anymore. I’m just done with it. This is for sure an advocacy piece; like many of you, I think cutting Morris now makes perfect sense because it gives the power mongers up high another shot at skirting a far more proven candidate like Mike Norvell in favor of some yokel who appeared in some regional Whataburger ads, or some such shit.

Let John Chavis finish the season as interim head coach. He has shepherded this defense to unprecedented lows, so let’s give El Chapo his first and last head coaching gig as a courtesy. Hell, Ed Orgeron seems to have settled in nicely after being a pretty fine short-term fix. Chavis can’t do any more damage than Morris, Craddock, et al, and this institution once actually talked a certified moron out of taking the reins at his alma mater to be a stopgap in 2012.


Morris needs to be dismissed. Quickly, quietly and permanently. Sorry I can’t be positive about anything else right now.