A reason to splash

For me, most of the fun of playing in the rain is actually getting soaking wet.

Pick up some spice

It says a lot about my stage of life that I’d personally rather start this column talking about the upcoming children’s consignment sales than the racy new upscale lingerie store in West Little Rock.

Last-minute love

You haven’t bought your sweetie’s Valentine’s Day gift yet, you say?

Deals at Circuit City

I don’t know how long Circuit City’s creditors have given them to liquidate their assets and pay off what they can, but they don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry.

Out with the old

So it’s January, the Sunday ads are full of shelving systems and plastic bins, and you’ve got a pile of Christmas presents/post-Christmas clearance purchases you need to make room for in your closet.

No more ‘new’ stuff

Although the madhouse that is the Target toy department argues otherwise, this Christmas seems determined to be known as The One Where Everybody Cut Back.

Don’t believe everything you read

I’ve gotten two versions of it, so I’m assuming a lot of you have seen it too: An e-mail warning readers not to buy gift cards, or much of anything else, at a long list of national chain retailers that are supposedly closing a number of stores or going ou

Get a jump on sales

If you’ve ever felt torn between watching football on Thanksgiving and poring over the 5-inch thick stack of ads that come in that day’s newspaper, well, feel torn no longer.

Home for the holidays

With rumors still flying around about a new Cupid’s opening in my neighborhood, I could not have been more relieved last week to see a rather understated, definitely non-neon sign go up in front of a previously vacant storefront at JFK Boulevard and B Str


It’s still a whole week before Oct. 31, but walk into Hobby Lobby or Target or Kroger and you can almost see the boxes of ornaments and strings of lights standing there with their arms crossed, tapping their feet and glancing not-so-subtly at their watche

Orange yourself

So, it’s fall. The calendar says it, and for once, the weather appears to be — well, maybe not cooperating, but at least not actively resisting.

Grab a seat at Galaxy

I have rhapsodized before in this space about my love for Galaxy Office Furniture in Argenta, and I’m about to do it again.

Buying for babies

Attention pregnant folks: Here's my one piece of advice about all that stuff you need, or at least that you think you need, for your impending arrival: Buy none of it new except the car seat.

Bye-bye, Wild Oats

It’s been awhile since I knew with any certainty what to call the organic/natural foods grocery store at 10700 N. Rodney Parham. Wild Oats? Whole Foods? Closed?

Odds and ends

Usually, I can scrape together some kind of event or theme to hang this column on ¾ thanks, Hallmark, for all those holidays you made up for us ¾ but some weeks, I just got nothin’.

Stuff it in

Much has changed at my college since I graduated.

Scoot over

First of all, a disclaimer. I wouldn’t buy one, wouldn’t let my husband buy one, would holler at my sister if she bought one.

Keep your shoes on

NOOOO, I don’t know when DSW is going to open.

Watch out, Williams-Sonoma

I’ll admit to not doing my part to keep the Sauce Co. alive and cooking at its Heights location once Williams-Sonoma opened at nearby Midtown.

Daddy’s little gift bag

Here’s the thing about shopping for men: You are on your own.