Theater Reviews

Ballet Arkansas's 'Great Gatsby' is full of duet work and fringe

How would ballet dancers — whose movements we expect to be grand and long and sweeping — grapple with stuff like the Lindy Hop or the Charleston, which so often incorporate wild movements of the arms and legs in minimal square footage? (The answer: beautifully!) 

'Everything is fine': Climate change opera 'Sun and Sea' brings 25 tons of sand to the Momentary this week

At the Momentary this week: an inventively staged cyclical opera about climate change and modern-day malaise.

Argenta Community Theater's "Ragtime" stares down America, hard

With a small live orchestra, a shapeshifting set and a robust cast of over 30 actors, ACT took on E.L. Doctorow’s 1975 story “Ragtime."

Review: The Rep's "Chicago" is strapped to the beat

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre is back at it, with gusto to spare.

'Mamma Mia!' charms

Sophie steals the show.

It'll get you in the holiday spirit

A review of the Rep's "A Christmas Story.

Standout acting

In romantic 'Bridges.'

Life during wartime

The Rep updates Homer with 'An Iliad.'

A modern Pan

"Peter and the Starcatcher" adds a modern flair to the Peter Pan story.

Lots of laughs, insight in 'The Foreigner'

A smart comedy that forces us to take a look at ourselves.

An uneven 'Macbeth'

Michael Stewart Allen as Macbeth carries the play.

Bleak house in 'Osage County'

Acting shines in The Rep's brutal comedy.

Practically perfect

"Mary Poppins" at The Rep.

Them bones, them bones

'The Whipping Man' at The Rep.

Darkness at home

'Wait Until Dark' at The Rep.

The Weekend Theater returns with 'Next to Normal,' a musical take on manic depression

'Valium is my favorite color!'

'Shkspr' as live-action cartoon at The Rep

It's madcap.

Second City slays at The Rep

Historic comedy troupe brings its improv act to Little Rock.

Rep goes big with 'Les Mis'

A must-see for musical theater fans.

'Winn Dixie' delights

Rep stages premiere of musical.