PICASSO: At Arts Center.

Paintings, ceramics and lithographs by or under the direction of Pablo Picasso and contemporaries will be featured in three separate exhibits in June at the Arkansas Arts Center under the title,“Pursuing Picasso.” The Arts Center assembled the works for one exhibit, “Paris and Picasso,” from private and corporate collections and its own, and borrowed from the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art for the remaining two.

“Paris and Picasso” features work by Picasso after his 1904 arrival in France, where his unconventional style triggered Cubism and solidified the Modern Art Movement. The art of the early 20th century is illustrated in paintings, prints and drawings by Picasso as well as with work by Matisse, Braque, Miro, Modigliani and Chagall.


“Picasso Ceramics from the Bernie Bercuson Collection,” a traveling exhibit from Fort Lauderdale, features the work of potters at the Madoura factory in France. Picasso worked with the ceramic artists to put his imagery on objects made in multiples, including his bullfight theme. The 66 ceramics in the show were made between 1947 and 1971, and include anthropomorphic pitchers, vases, plates, jugs, platters and more.

“Picasso: Imaginary Portraits,” presented under an arrangement with the Jacksonville Museum, includes lithographs of work made by the artist in 1969. Picasso painted the “portraits” on corrugated cardboard that a delivery of art supplies had been packed in; Marcel Salinas created 29 lithographs from the work. The complete set of “Imaginary Portraits” prints will be included in the show.


The exhibits will hang in the Wolfe and Rockefeller galleries through Sept. 3. For the first time since the Chihuly exhibit several years ago, the Arts Center will charge nonmembers a fee to see the Picassos: $12 for adults and $8 for children and seniors or groups of 10.

Prior to Picasso, the Arts Center will feature the pencil portraits of Little Rock artist Aj Smith (March 17-April 30), the 45th annual Young Artists Exhibition of work by Arkansas schoolchildren (March 24-May 21), and a show titled “Duets” (May 12-June 25) featuring drawings, ceramics, fiber, and wood from the Arts Center’s collection.


Pots made hundreds of years before Picasso first thought about clay and other objects from Arkansas’s historic past will be used to tell the story of the University of Arkansas’s famed curator and founder of the U of A Museum, Sam Dellinger.

“Sam Dellinger: Raiders of the Lost Arkansas” opens April 7 at the Old State House Museum.

Dellinger was an amateur archeologist who during his tenure at the U of A (1925 to 1960) collected some 8,000 prehistoric Indian artifacts, said to be one of the finest collections of Southeastern North American antiquities anywhere. An opening day reception is set for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

A quote included in a press release about the show sheds light on Dellinger’s passion:


“Imagine my chagrin when I visited such museums as the Peabody at Harvard; the National at Washington, D.C.; the University of Michigan; or the Heye Museum of the American Indian at New York and found that their finest and most valuable Indian displays had been sent from Arkansas. … Specimens are there that can never be found again in our state. They are sold to the big museums for a nominal sum. They are not a crop of cotton or corn that can be grown again. When they leave the state, they are gone forever.”

The exhibit will include Arkansas objects from some of the museums Dellinger referred to.


Arkansas Arts Center
9th and Commerce St., 372-4000
MARCH 17-APRIL 30: Drawings from Life: Aj Smith; MARCH 24-MAY 21: Young Arkansas Artists 45th Annual Exhibition; MAY 12–JUNE 25: Duets; JUNE 2-SEPT: 3: Pursuing Picasso: Picasso and Paris, Picasso Ceramics from the Bernie Bercuson Collection, Picasso: Imaginary Portraits.

Historic Arkansas Museum
200 E. Third St., 324-9351
MARCH 23-MAY 15: Recent Acquisitions to the Collection; MARCH 23-SEPT. 10: 5th Annual Eclectic Collector Series: The Brothers of Pez: The Pez Candy Dispenser Collections of David Simpson and Brian Cormack; APRIL 6-JULY 10: Sitting Pretty, Sitting Plain: Seating from the Permanent Collection; APRIL 20-JULY 9: Boundaries: Dero Sanford, Rusty Hubbard, Jerry Atcley and Erin Lorenzen; MAY 13: 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 3h3rd Annual Territorial Fair; MAY 25-OCT.1: Spectacular Achievements: Audubon’s Animals, Selected Works from the Collection of the Museum of the Southwest; JULY 13-SEPT. 24: Arkansas Artists: Susan Clark, Hamid Ebrahimifar and Jennefer Hodges; JULY 24-DEC. 31: The Purse and the Person, A Century of Women’s Purses.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Asher and University, 569-8977
MARCH 16-MAY 3: Senior exhibitions; APRIL 1–MAY 7: Student competitive; APRIL 16–MAY 28: Marjorie Williams Smith, silverpoint; MAY 23–JULY 7: M.A. thesis exhibitions by Holly Moore, Mary Shelton and Alice Parr.