There are 273 physicians on the Arkansas Times’ 2006 list of Best Doctors. Our annual publication, now in its 12th year, makes use this year of a list compiled by Best Doctors Inc., a national organization that surveys doctors around the country. Best Doctors’ reach (into towns across Arkansas) and depth (in numbers per specialty) has grown so that 68 new names have been added since its 2004 compilation.

While Central Arkansas physicians dominate the list, and names from Fort Smith and Fayetteville doctors are common, the list finds best doctors all over the state. Included are doctors who practice in Hot Springs, Jacksonville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Springdale, Texarkana, Hope … and even Johnson, pop. 2,319 (though the burb is part of the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers continuum).


Our cover doctor this year is Youmin Wu, one of those 68 new doctors. Wu holds a state record: On May 14, 2005, he performed the first liver transplant in Arkansas. Recruited by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2004 to launch its transplant program, Wu now has performed 21 surgeries, all successful. UAMS recently announced Wu would get some help this summer: Transplant specialist Dr. Frederick Bentley of Louisville, Ky., will come on board this summer. Wu and Bentley are known throughout the nation, and will work to build UAMS’ liver program into a “magnet” service, to bring patients from all over the U.S. to Little Rock. Don’t be surprised to see Bentley’s name on a future Best Doctors list.

More good news for UAMS this year: Dr. Bart Barlogie, director of the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy, was chosen as National Physician of the Year by another physician publication, “America’s Top Doctors.” He was in good company, joining other honorees Michael E. DeBakey, the heart surgeon pioneer; and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, for her work to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


Barlogie has led the nation’s research in the treatment of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, work that’s been credited with increasing survival rates from three to seven or more years. Sixty percent of his own patients treated between 1995 and 2001 survived at least five years, nearly double the national average compiled by the National Cancer Institute.

This year’s Best Doctors issue also looks at what is said to be medicine’s fastest growing specialty: hospital-based internal medicine. The use of hospitalists (as they’ve been come to be called) started on the West Coast a decade ago, but the use of these hospital-based doctors who act as surrogates for primary care clinicians is more recent in Arkansas. Dr. Brian Bean of St. Vincent Health System and Dr. Eric Bravo of Baptist Health talked to the Times about what hospitalists do and why they could be saving the health care system money.


We also look at how Arkansas hospitals fare on new data made available online to the public by the accrediting institution the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Arkansas’s hospitals were among the lowest scoring in the nation, one study said last fall, but at least one hospital administrator in charge of performance analysis doesn’t think the data measures up.

Without further ado, the Arkansas Times’ Best Doctors for 2006:

Allergy and immunology
P. Martin Fiser, Arkansas Allergy and Asthma Clinic
Stacie Jones, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences-Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Kevin R. Keller, Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic

Frank E. Block Jr., UAMS
John Coffman, St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, Fort Smith
Ryan B. Coleman, Fort Smith
James Grady Crosland, UAMS-ACH
W. Brooks Gentry, UAMS
E.F. (Bud) Klein Jr., UAMS-ACH
Timothy W. Martin, UAMS-ACH
Charles A. Napolitano, UAMS
Carmelita S. Pablo, UAMS
Michael L. Schmitz, UAMS-ACH
J. Michael Vollers, UAMS-ACH


Cardiovascular disease
Joseph K. Bissett, UAMS
J. Lynn Davis, Heart Clinic Arkansas
Jon P. Lindemann, Heart Clinic of Arkansas, NLR
James D. Marsh, UAMS
Eugene S. Smith III, UAMS

Colon and rectal surgery
J. Ralph Broadwater Jr., UAMS

Rene Edward Bressinck, Dermatology Clinic
Scott M. Dinehart, Arkansas Skin Cancer Center
Gunnar H. Gibson, Dermatology Clinic
Jay M. Kincannon, UAMS-ACH

Emergency medicine
Rhonda Dick, UAMS-ACH
Laura P. James, UAMS-ACH
Kendall Lane Stanford, UAMS-ACH

Endocrinology and metabolism
Lawson Glover, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
Stavros C. Manolagas, UAMS
Phillip J. Peters, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic

Family medicine
Geoffrey A. Goldsmith, UAMS
Ralph Farris Joseph, The Family Clinic
Russell Eugene Mayo, AHEC Family Clinic, Texarkana
Forrest Miller, The Family Clinic
David A. Nelsen Jr., UAMS
Gordon Parham, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith
William H. Riley Jr., St. Vincent Family Clinic
Charles H. Rodgers, The Family Clinic
Steve L. Simpson, The Family Clinic
Steven W. Strode, UAMS
Daniel W. Watson, Autumn Road Family Practice

Glenn Raymond Davis
Dean Kumpuris

Geriatric Medicine
Pham H. Liem, UAMS
David A. Lipschitz, UAMS
Gretchen M. Orosz, Sparks Senior Health Center, Fort Smith
Ann T. Riggs, UAMS

Hand surgery
Randipsingh (Randy) R. Bindra, UAMS
G. Thomas Frazier Jr., Arkansas Specialty Hand and Upper Extremity Center
Peter R. Heinzelmann, Ozarks Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Fayetteville
Michael Moore, Arkansas Specialty Hand and Upper Extremity Center


Infectious disease
Robert W. Bradsher, UAMS
Rebecca Edge-Martin, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, Little Rock
Thomas P. Monson, CAVHS, Little Rock
Mark Lee Stillwell, Sparks Center for Infectious Diseases, Fort Smith

Internal medicine (general)
Robert W. Bradsher, UAMS
Robert T. Cheek, UAMS
Steven A. Edmondson, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith Internal Medicine
Amy J. Fitzgerald, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
Robert Howard Hopkins Jr., UAMS
Robert Charles Lavender, UAMS
Roberta A. M. Monson, UAMS
James Carey Morse, Physician’s Group
Sue Ulmer, Evergreen Internal Medicine
Mitzi Ann Washington, The Family Clinic, Jacksonville
Paul William Zelnick, Physician’s Group

Medical genetics
Stephen Kahler, UAMS-ACH

Medical oncology and hematology
Bart Barlogie, UAMS
Joseph M. Beck II
Tony A. Flippin, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith
Laura Fulper Hutchins, UAMS
AnnMarie E. Maddox, UAMS
Lawrence A. Mendelsohn, Little Rock Hematology and Oncology Associates
Jack Sternberg, Arkansas Oncology Associates
Guido Tricot, UAMS
Sue Tsuda, Conway Hematology and Oncology
John D. Wells, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith

Thomas Eugene Andreoli, UAMS
James T. Henry, Renal Care Associates, Fort Smith
Robert F. McCrary Jr., Hot Springs Diagnostic Associates
Dana P. Rabideau, Sparks Medical Foundation, Renal Care Associates, Fort Smith
Robert L. Safirstein, CAVHS
John Wayne Smith, Hot Springs Diagnostic Associates

Neurological surgery
Ossama Al-Mefty, UAMS
Tim Burson, Neurosurgery Arkansas
T. Glenn Pait, UAMS

Duane L. Birky, Sparks Neurology Center, Fort Smith
Bradley S. Boop, Neuroscience Associates
Michael Z. Chesser, Neuroscience Associates
Sami I. Harik, UAMS
Coburn S. Howell Jr., Neuroscience Associates
John L. Kareus, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith
Sarkis M. Nazarian, CAVHS, Little Rock
Stacy A. Rudnicki, UAMS
James W. Schmidley, UAMS
Neurology, child
May Louyse Griebel, UAMS-ACH
Bernadette Lange, UAMS-ACH
Gregory B. Sharp, UAMS-ACH

Nuclear medicine
Charles Marion Boyd, Radiology Consultants
Gary L. Purnell, UAMS
David W. Weiss, Radiology Consultants

Obstetrics and gynecology
Nancy R. Andrews, University Women’s Health Center
Janet Cathey, Little Rock Gynecology Associates
Kay H. Chandler, Cornerstone Clinic for Women
Stephen M. Chatelain, Perinatal Services
Andrew A. Cole, Conway Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Conway
Cynthia Neal Frazier, A Clinic For Women
Helen H. Kay, UAMS
Sharon C. Keith, A Clinic for Women
Karen Jean Kozlowski, Little Rock Gynecology Associates
Stephen Ray Marks, North Little Rock
Charles E. Phillips, Central Clinic for Women
James C. Romine, Parkhill Clinic for Women, Johnson
Rosa Seguin-Calderone, Arkansas Women’s Center
Michael Selby
Kent Skokos, The Women’s Clinic
James A. Tanner, Arkansas Women’s Center
Julia M. Watkins, Arkansas Women’s Center
Paul J. Wendel, University Women’s Health Center

Michael C. Brodsky, UAMS-ACH
Mike S. McFarland, McFarland Eye Centers, Pine Bluff

Orthopedic surgery
C. Lowry Barnes, Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics
Johannes Michael Gruenwald, UAMS
Greg T. Jones, River Valley Musculoskeletal Center, Fort Smith
James Walter Long, River Valley Musculoskeletal Center, Fort Smith
Richard E. McCarthy, Arkansas Specialty Spine Center
Richard W. Nicholas Jr., UAMS
Richard D. Peek, Arkansas Specialty Spine Centers
Ruth L. Thomas, UAMS
John L. Vander Schilden, UAMS

Jeffrey L. Barber, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center
Robert V. Borg, Hot Springs Clinic of Otolaryngology, Hot Springs
Charles Michael Bower, UAMS-ACH
Joe Colclasure, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center
John Roddey Edwards Dickins, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center
John L. Dornhoffer, UAMS
Scott J. Stern, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center
James Y. Suen, UAMS
Reed Thompson, UAMS

Douglas P. Blackall, UAMS-ACH
Laura W. Lamps, UAMS

Pediatric specialist
Kanwaljeet S. Anand, UAMS-ACH
Robert W. Arrington, UAMS-ACH
John Lee Carroll, UAMS-ACH
Toni Darville, UAMS-ACH
Richard Thomas Fiser, UAMS-ACH
Elizabeth Frazier, UAMS-ACH
Jerril W. Green, UAMS-ACH
Richard F. Jacobs, UAMS-ACH
Laura P. James, UAMS-ACH
Stephen Frank Kemp, UAMS-ACH
Steven C. Matson, UAMS-ACH
W. Robert Morrow, UAMS-ACH
M. Michele Moss, UAMS-ACH
Louay K. Nassri, Sparks Pediatrics
Maria G. Portilla, UAMS-ACH
Stephen M. Schexnayder, UAMS-ACH
Eldon Gerald Schulz, UAMS-ACH
Gordon E. Schutze, UAMS-ACH
Paul Michael Seib, UAMS-ACH
Vikki A. Stefans, UAMS-ACH
Maryelle G. Vonlanthen, UAMS-ACH
Robert Warren, UAMS-ACH
J. Gary Wheeler, UAMS-ACH

Pediatrics (general)
Richard R. Aclin, UAMS Area Health Education Center, Fort Smith
Ronald L. Baldwin, West Little Rock Clinic
Charles S. Ball, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville
Debra D. Becton, UAMS-ACH
Hannah Beene-Lowder, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith
Bryan L. Burke Jr., UAMS-ACH
Vincent Calderon Jr., The Family Clinic
Ronald Craig Davis, The Children’s Clinic, Hope
Federico C. De Miranda, Waldron Place Pediatric Clinic, Fort Smith
Joseph Elser, UAMS-ACH
Charles Robert Feild, James L. Dennis Developmental Center
Horace L. Green, Children’s Clinic, Pine Bluff
Jon R. Hendrickson, Pediatric Partners, Fort Smith
R. Wayne Herbert, Little Rock Children’s Clinic
Charles David Jackson, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville
Susan A. Keathley, Little Rock Children’s Clinic
Huber Frazier Kennedy, Arkansas Pediatric Clinic
Carl Wesley Kluck Jr., Arkadelphia Clinic for Children and Young Adults
R. Alan Lucas, Arkansas Pediatrics of Conway
James S. Magee, UAMS-ACH
Steven C. Matson, UAMS-ACH
Paula K. Morris, UAMS-ACH
Eduardo Ochoa Jr., UAMS-ACH
Terry S. Payton, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville
Joe T. Robinson, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville
A. Larry Simmons, UAMS-ACH
Warren A. Skaug, The Children’s Clinic, Jonesboro
Christopher E. Smith, UAMS-ACH
David Lawrence Smith, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville
Kendall Lane Stanford, UAMS-ACH

Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Kevin M. Means, UAMS

Plastic surgery
R. Cole Goodman Jr., Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery, Fort Smith
Robert W. Lehmberg, Arkansas Aesthetic Surgery Center
Thomas R. Moffett, Arkansas Aesthetic Surgery Center
Kristopher B. Shewmake, Arkansas Plastic Surgery
Gary E. Talbert, Arkansas Plastic Surgery
James C. Yuen, UAMS

C. Winston Brown, UAMS
Christopher S. Cargile, UAMS
James A. Clardy, UAMS
Thomas Stuart Harris, The Bridgeway, Maumelle
JoAnn E. Kirchner, CAVHS, North Little Rock
Richard R. Owen, CAVHS, North Little Rock
Jeffrey M. Pyne, CAVHS, North Little Rock
Robin L. Ross, Ozark Guidance, Springdale
G. Richard Smith, UAMS
John J. Spollen III, CAVHS, North Little Rock

Pulmonary and critical care medicine
David R. Nichols, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith Lung Center

Radiation oncology
Cynthia S. Ross, CARTI Baptist
Michael L. Talbert, CARTI Baptist

Edgardo J. Chua Angtuaco, UAMS
Teresita L. Angtuaco, UAMS
William C. Culp, UAMS
Eren Erdem, UAMS
Jerome J. Gehl, Radiology Associates
Steven E. Harms, Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville
Charles Albert James, UAMS-ACH
Don Kusenberger, Radiology Associates
W. Jean Matchett, Radiology Associates
Timothy C. McCowan, UAMS
Laura G. Moore-Farrell, St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, Fort Smith
George A. Norton, Radiology Associates
Terrence A. Oddson, Radiology Associates
Hemendra R. Shah, UAMS
Kathleen M. Sitarik, Radiology Associates
David E. Tamas, Radiology Associates

P. Ross Bandy, 300 Prospect Ave., Hot Springs
Robert M. Brewer, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
Stephen Dacosta Holt, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
Richard W. Houk, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
S. Michael Jones, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
Thomas M. Kovaleski, Physician’s Group
Eleanor A. Lipsmeyer, UAMS
James W. Logan, Heritage Physician Group, Hot Springs
Cummins Lue, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic
Laura B. Trigg, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic

Sleep medicine
John Lee Carroll, UAMS-ACH
David George Davila, Baptist Health Medical Center
May Louyse Griebel, UAMS-ACH
Gregory S. Krulin, Arkansas Sleep Institute

Gary W. Barone, UAMS
Hugh F. Burnett, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
Chris M. Cate, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
John B. Cone, UAMS
John F. Eidt, UAMS
James E. Hagans III, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
Wayne A. Hudec, The Surgery Clinic, Fayetteville
David W. Hunton, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith
Richard J. Jackson, UAMS-ACH
John C. Jones, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
Nicholas P. Lang, CAVHS, Little Rock
Stephen J. Seffense, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith
Samuel D. Smith, UAMS-ACH
William Everett Tucker, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
Youmin Wu, UAMS

Surgical oncology
J. Ralph Broadwater Jr., UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center
Michael J. Edwards, UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center
James E. Hagans III, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
Martin Hauer-Jensen, UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center
Ronda S. Henry-Tillman, UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center
V. Suzanne Klimberg, UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center
Nicholas P. Lang, CAVHS, Little Rock
Kent C. Westbrook, UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center

Thoracic surgery
Hugh F. Burnett, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
Robert C. Jaggers, Fort Smith
H. Gareth Tobler, UAMS

Alex E. Finkbeiner, UAMS
Graham F. Greene, UAMS
D. Keith Mooney, Arkansas Urology Associates

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