7 p.m., Revolution. $10-$12.

The Apples in Stereo
ooze indie credibility. But endearingly, not sad-sacky, Conor Oberst-y.
Let’s count the ways: 1. The band’s a founding member of the
now-defunct Athens, Ga.-based Elephant 6 collective, an awesomely
derivative group of Brian Wilson lovers, who put out a flood of indie
releases in the ’90s. The core group behind the collective, including
Apples front man Robert Schneider, came from Ruston, La., which, for
local aspirants, isn’t too far removed from small town Arkansas. Also,
Schneider produced Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the
Sea,” surely one of the greatest albums of the ’90s. 2. Fifteen years
grinding it out on the road and putting out albums and still relevant!
3. Schneider, whose chief interest outside of music is mathematics,
claims to have invented a new musical scale. 4. The band’s “comeback”
record, “New Magnetic Wonder,” which was released last year after a
five-year hiatus, was the first album released on actor Elijah Wood’s
new label. 5. This year, the band released a rarities compilation,
“Electronic Projects for Musicians,” that includes a loving tribute to
everyone’s favorite fake-news commentator, Stephen Colbert. It goes,
“Stephen, Stephen, he’s a handsome man, his name is Stephen” and so on
in similar fashion. 5. They’re still really, really fun.