It’s no medical miracle, the Arkansas Times’ Best Doctors
list for 2008. Nearly 500 physicians helped us put it together, in
response to our questionnaire, mailed and on-line.

We asked, who would you go to see for,
say, allergies? Cancer? Heart trouble? We polled doctors for names in
24 categories; more than a thousand individuals got the nod. Vote
totals earned 331 of those doctors a place on the list, one of the
broadest the Times has ever published.


Named here are physicians new to the
list, published annually since 1995, and many repeat winners. One of
each paired up for a tie for best geriatrician: Dr. Ann Riggs, at the
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and Dr. David Lipschitz,
who left UAMS for St. Vincent Health Center earlier this year. Both are
profiled in accompanying stories.

Also profiled: Dr. Richard Livingston,
a child psychiatrist who travels the state to provide care in what he
calls an understaffed specialty; hand surgeon Michael Moore, who says
the practice of medicine is humbling; gastroenterologist Dr. James
Metrailer, who’s seen life-saving advances in his field, and Dr. Graves
Hearnesberger, who loves otolaryngology because it offers real cures.


We also preview the work that will go
on when UAMS’ new Center of Excellence, the Psychiatric Research
Institute, opens in September.

Best means many things to many people and the Times
makes no claim that our questionnaire is science. Still these doctors —
clinicians and surgeons, adult and pediatric — have earned the respect
of a healthy number of their peers.


The winners for 2008:


The winners:





Top vote getter: Stacie Jones.

Other big vote getters: Martin Fiser (asthma), Gene France (asthma), Melissa Graham, Jim Mark Ingram, Ellen Lu, Blake Scheer, Amy Scurlock, Karl Sitz.




Top vote getters: Suzanne Klimberg (breast surgery), Laura Hutchins (hematology/oncology), Kimo Stine (pediatric hematology/oncology).

Other big vote getters:
Brad Baltz (hematology), Joe Beck (oncology), Alexander Burnett
(gynecological oncology), Ralph Broadwater (general surgery), Ronda
Henry-Tillman (general surgery), John Jones (general surgery), Marie
Maddox (hematology/oncology), Larry Mendelsohn (hematology/oncology),
Richard Nicholas (orthopedic oncology surgery), Juan Roman
(gynecological oncology), James Suen (head and neck surgery), Kent
Westbrook (surgical oncology), Diane Wilder (oncology).

Pediatric, non-surgical: David Becton, Amir Mian, Suzanne Saccente, Robert Saylors.




Top vote getter: Ralph Broadwater.

Other big vote getters: Charles Crocker, John Jones, Soren Kraemer (Fort Smith), Nicholas Lang, John Tedford, Lee Raley.




Top vote getter: Jay Kincannon.

Other big vote getters:
Renie Bressinck, Dan Davis, Scott Dinehart, Greg Dwyer, Jay Flaming,
Hayden Franks, Gunnar Gibson, Matt Kagy, Thomas Manning, Ray Parker,
Donna Marie Pellowski, Dan Smith.




Top vote getter: Phil Peters, Stephen Kemp (pediatric).

Other big vote getters: Donald Bodenner, John Fowlkes, Lawson Glover, Philip Kern, Stavros Manologas, Allen Redding, Debra Simmons.




Top vote getter: James Metrailer, Helen Casteel (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Terence Angtuaco, Gary Barton, Angelo Coppola, Glenn Davis, Don
Greenway, Ronald Hardin, Bruce Johnson, Dean Kumpuris, Arshad Malik,
Kevin Olden, Gerald Silvoso, Douglas Smart, Paul Williams, Alonzo D.

Pediatric: George Fuchs, Troy Gibbons.




Top vote getters: C.D.
Williams (surgery), Joe Bissett (internal medicine/cardiology),
Michiaki Imamura (pediatric surgery), Paul Seib (pediatric cardiology).

Other big vote getters:
Tamim Antakli (surgery), Mike Bauer (surgery), Georges Chahoud
(cardiology), Lynn Davis (cardiology), Ibrahim Fahdi (cardiology), Doug
Holloway (cardiology), Randal Hundley (cardiology), Steven Hutchins
(cardiology), Robert Jaquiss (surgery), Michio Kajitani (surgery),
Eleanor Kennedy (cardiology), Jim Marsh (cardiology), Fred Meadors
(surgery), Jawahar Mehta (cardiology), Bruce Murphy (cardiology), Tena
Murphy (cardiology), Balkrishna Singh (cardiology), Rajesh Sachdeva
(cardiology), Jim Shuffield (cardiology), Eugene Smith (cardiology),
Gareth Tobler (surgery).

Pediatric, non-surgical: Brian Eble, Renee Bornemeier, Jim Fasules, Eudice Fontenot, Elizabeth Frazier, Robert Morrow, Michele Moss.




Top vote getters: Ron Robertson, Everett Tucker, Sam Smith (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Frederick Bentley, Chris Cate, John Cone, J.D. Fuller, Mark Gibbs, John
Jones, Virgle Lyons, Patrick Osam, Emilio Tirado, Kurtis Vinsant, James




Top vote getters: David Lipschitz and Ann Riggs.

Other big vote getters: Tom Cain, Muhannad Heif, Pham Liem, David Liu, Cathey Powers, Morgan Sauer, Dennis Sullivan, Claudia Tolleson.




Top vote getter: Paul Wendel.

Other big vote getters:
Francisco Batres, Janet Cathey, Kay Chandler,  Stephen Chatelain,
Nafisa Dajani, Katrina Davis, Ashley Deed, Amy Wiedower Eble, Mary
Patricia Hardman, William Harrison (Fayetteville), Cindy Hubach, David
Hutchins, Karen Kozlowski, Curtis Lowery, Nirvana Manning, Eddie
Phillips, Stephen Marks, Heather Owens, Rosa Seguin, Orman Simmons,
Kemp Skokos, Julia Watkins.




Top vote getter: Michael Moore, Thomas Frazier.

Other big vote getters: Jeanine Andersson, Tom Frazier, Robert Lumsden, Pramod Nelluri, Berry Thompson.




Top vote getter: Sameh Abul-Ezz, Richard Blaszak (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Garry Glasco, Mony Fraer, Kevin Heifner, Mohammas Ilyas (pediatric),
Shane Kimball, Michelle Krause, Joe Pevahouse, Dana Rabideau (Fort
Smith), Sudhir Shah, Sundararaman Swaminathan, Jim Wellons.




Top vote getters: Ossama Al-Mefty (surgery), Jomana Al-Hinti (neurology).

Other big vote getters:
James Adametz (surgery), Lee Archer (neurology), James Arthur (Hot
Springs), Tim Burson (surgery), Steven Cathey (surgery), Sami Harik
(neurology), Brett Ironside (neurology), T. Glen Pait (surgery), Scott
Schlesinger (surgery), Michael Standefer (surgery, Fayetteville), David
Reding (surgery), Richard Rowe (surgery), Gazi Yasargil (surgery).

Pediatric: May Griebel, Cristian Ionita, Greg Sharp.




Top vote getter: Katherine Baltz, Paul Phillips (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Tracy Baltz, Laurie Barber, Jay Brainard, Carroll Chappell, Ernest
Clabourne Clifton, Romona Davis, Phillip Deer, Richard Harper, Charles
Henry, Nicola Kim, Ammar Safar, John Shock, Christopher Westfall,
Michael Wiggins.



Top vote getter: Richard Nicholas (adult and pediatric) and John Vander Schilden.

Other big vote getters:
Lowery Barnes, Richard Evans, Eric Gordon, Michael Gruenwald, Syed
Ashfaq Hasan, William Hefley, Jay Lipke, Kenneth Martin, Richard
McCarthy, Gordon Newbern, Richard Nix, Richard Peek, Charles Pierce,
Ruth Thomas, Ted Saer.

Pediatric: James Aronson, Dale Blasier.




Top vote getters: Graves Hearnsberger, Charles Bower (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Jeffrey Barber, David Cash, John Dornhoffer, Edward Gardner, Michael
Gwartney (Fort Smith), Paul Spring, Brandon Stack, Scott Stern, James
Suen, Adrian Williamson.

Pediatric: Michael Key.




Top vote getter: Barry Baskin.

Other big vote getters: Kevin Collins, Kevin Means, Vestal Smith.




Top vote getter: Suzanne Yee.

Other big vote getters:
Dan Atwood (Fayetteville), David Bauer, James Billie, Jim English, Cole
Goodman, Michael Key, J. Edward Love, Gene Sloan, Gary Talbert, Kris
Shewmake, James Yuen.




Top vote getters: Linda Worley, Richard Livingston (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Winston Brown, Christopher Cargile, Bradley Diner, Robert Jarvis, Larry
Labbate, Thomas Moffett, Richard Owings, Gene Reid, Graham Reid
(geriatric), Robert Rice, Lynn Taylor (pediatric), G. Richard Smith.

Pediatric: Margarita Garcia, Angela Shy, Lynn Taylor.




Top vote getter: Paula Anderson, Steve Schexnayder (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
Neal Beaton, Ladly Graham, Jack Griebel, Larry G. Johnson, Stanley
Kellar, Gail McCracken, Nancy Rector, Bob Searcy, Art Squire.

Pediatric: John Carroll, Debra Fiser, Jerril Green.




Top vote getter: Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Paula Morris (pediatric).

Other big vote getters:
James Abraham, Columbus Brown, Jason Chi, Stephen Holt, Richard Houk,
Thomas Kovaleski, Lisa Lowery, Robert Ortmann, Laura Trigg.




Top vote getter: Hugh Burnett

Other big vote getters: Tamim Antakli, James Counce (Fayetteville), William Fiser, Fred Meadors, Aytekin Ozdemir, John Rowen, Gareth Tobler.




Top vote getter: Graham Greene.

Other big vote getters: John Brizzolara, Alex Finkbeiner, Gail Reede Jones, Udaya Kumar, Tim Langford, Gale McFarland, Keith Mooney, Peyton Rice, Walt Stallings.




Top vote getter: John Eidt.

Other big vote getters: Mike Bauer, Robert Casali, Fred Meadors, Mohammed Moursi.




Emergency medicine: Kendall Stanford.
Family practice: Joe Elsor. Infectious disease (three-way tie): Nada
Harik, Richard Jacobs, Gary Wheeler. Neonatology: Whit Hall.