7:30 p.m.,
Summit Arena, Hot Springs. $35-$55.

Real talk: no one has
to tell you to go see Willie
. You’ll either be a level-headed, appreciative human who
drives to Hot Springs to see him or you’ll stay at home like a jerk.
He’s an — if not the — American icon and arguably the greatest
songwriter of the late 20th century. I mean, this man wrote “Night Life”
and “Crazy” 50 years ago, and he’s still more relevant than any other
country singer in the game. I mean, did you hear “Mendocino County Line”
a few years back? It’s amazing, for God’s sake! He’s completely worthy
of every plaudit. Go see the man. Oh, and by the way, for $10 you can
buy a double-dip DVD of (upcoming Verizon Arena performer) George
Strait’s “Pure Country” and Willie Nelson’s awesome “Honeysuckle Rose”
at the Kroger in the Heights.