9 p.m., Revolution. $15.

For the unfamiliar, here’s a story for the coldest of cockles: A group
of musicians fled from Sierra Leone’s horrifically violent civil war,
found each other in a hovel of a West African refugee camp and, in the
face of such abject adversity and loss, started writing and performing
some of the happiest, most optimistic music ever made. (No, seriously:
ever made.) The band then found a new home in a post-K New Orleans,
recording its second album with a local brass band, now playing to
packed houses in America and Europe, all the while raising money for the
African refugee charities that aided them years ago. It’s world beat,
it’s African roots, it’s reggae and it’s a testament to resilience, hope
and the power of positive thinking that makes it impossible not to be
moved by their story or, for that matter, move your feet to the music.