9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $10.

With its front man’s instantly recognizable voice sounding off like a
creaky wooden rudder through the band’s driving, desperate Americana
shuffle, Deer Tick has been on the receiving end of the music press’
“oohs” and “aahs” since it went from playing house shows (including a
number in Little Rock) to being the toast of SXSW overnight after a 2007
debut, a home-recorded affair called “War Elephant,” found an audience
on the Internet’s tangle of music message boards and blogs. (It was an
unexpected sensation that gave way to one of the most surreal music
interviews in recent memory when the band sat down with a vocal fan in
NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams.) The act’s taken the vocal cadence,
relaxed finger plucking and facial hair of John Prine, combined it with a
vague grunge demeanor and found itself leading way for a nation full of
young Americana acts. This show has been heavy with buzz since it was
announced months ago, so expect a big crowd. The guys and I in Frown
Pow’r and the trio of Jonathan Wilkins and the Reparations open the show
with two different, local takes on that Americana stuff we just talked