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A square meal

It makes sense that 4 Square, the storefront in the Arkansas Studies Institute, directly across from the River Market, is a bit of an Arkie-centric take on Cracker Barrel.


Muddling up blues, grunge, folk and punk, Cracker remains one of the mainstays of '90s alternative rock, traversing past its fallen, flannelled comrades and still recording and releasing albums with surprising regularity. Tonight, the band plays Revolution.

With your help, we will get through this

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Armed with nothing but a microphone, a laser-honed wit, an armful of cocktails and buckets of charm, comedian Neil Hamburger takes aim at Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paris Hilton and, God help us, Heath Ledger at Sticky Fingerz tonight.

Quapaw tour

The Quapaw Quarter/Governor's Mansion district contains, brick for brick, the most interesting, gorgeous houses in the state. It's a magnificent neighborhood with eye candy for blocks. Tour the neighborhood for $15 today.

Cold comfort

Fed primarily by nine-million gallon-per-hour Mammoth Spring in Fulton County, the Spring River surely one of the coldest swimming holes in the state, hovering at the take-your-breath-away temperature of 56 to 58 degrees year round.

ZZ Top!

The long-tenured trio brings its crunchy, libidinous, smirkingly trashy act to the Riverfest Amphitheatre tonight.

New on Clinton Ave.

Bill Street does burgers and more.


Deer Tick's taken the vocal cadence, relaxed finger plucking and facial hair of John Prine, combined it with a vague grunge demeanor and found itself leading way for a nation full of young Americana acts.

Talking trash in the River Market

Like a street in any nightclub district, President Clinton Avenue has a litter problem. Cigarette butts lie thick on the street any day; on Saturday and Sunday morning, the debris from partying the night before runs the gamut from butts and broken glass to blood and vomit.

Dos de Mayo

The 12th annual celebration in the River Market is billed as “the largest showcase of Hispanic culture in Arkansas.” That means, from morning until near dark, there'll be singing and folkloric dancing and games for kids and all sorts of delicious Mexican and Latin American grub.

Toad Suck

Arkansas's favorite annual family celebration of drunken riverboat crews -- who long ago would stop at a tavern outside of Conway, where they'd “suck on the bottle” until they swelled “up like toads” -- returns this weekend for the 39th year, with headliners like Clint Black.

Conway gem

The first thing we need to tell you about Faby's, which has two locations in Conway, is the tortillas -- hot, soft tortillas that are handmade from scratch each day. They're as flavorful as a good savory pie crust, but not so much that they distract from whatever you put them with. And that's far from all Faby's has to offer.

Swamp rock

Tony Joe White's steadily made music for 40-plus years, mixing curious swamp rock hybrids with a foray into Michael McDonald-esque yacht rock, a loop and breakbeat-infused album of revisited hits and a brief detour into -- gasp -- disco territory!

‘Not a soul in there’

John Fogleman asked juries to sentence three teens to death. Now voters will judge his career.


Airy vocals with infallible harmonies, California guitar, drums that sound like a pick-up basketball game one second and a Krautrock take on New Orleans second line the next: Local Natives are Animal Collective without the pretension. Or maybe Grizzly Bear with grass stains. Or Vampire Weekend's cousins that passed up Columbia University for state school.

Judging Burnett

Since 1994, when he officiated at the trials of Jessie Misskelley Jr., Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin, Judge David Burnett has had several opportunities to make further rulings in their cases.


The organizers call Craws for a Cause “Arkansas' Largest Crawfish Boil.” I think they're underestimating the extent of this annual Bacchanalian. It's a celebration of excess, with unlimited crawfish and lakes of beer. (They went through 86 kegs last year.)


If the Volcanic Ash Monster deems it worthy and lets these Scotsmen out of his snares, Little Rock will get what's expected to be one of the best shows of the season from Frightened Rabbit. The five-piece plays unabashedly emotional guitar rock, a tense, melodic, masculine take on Morrissey's nervous, disillusioned and blatant sexual frustration.

Costumed carnival on ice

Minnie and Mickey and Donald and Cinderella and all sorts of other Disney characters skate, theatrically, at Verizon Arena, beginning tonight and continuing through Sunday.


A group of musicians fled from Sierra Leone's horrifically violent civil war, found each other in a hovel of a West African refugee camp and, in the face of such abject adversity and loss, started writing and performing some of the happiest, most optimistic music ever made.