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It's Big Boi by way of “Big Bang Theory”: Nerdcore torchbearer MC Frontalot plays Sticky Fingerz tonight.

Street scene

Donks, sticker cars and Chevys, oh my -- a survey of Central Arkansas's urban car culture.

With your help, we will get through this

Our small newsroom has been working tirelessly to report on the latest coronavirus developments along with all the other news that matters. Please support us with a cash gift.

Still in the pink

After several recent visits to The Faded Rose, we're happy to say that Little Rock's standard-bearer for Cajun cooking since 1982 is the same as it ever was -- reliably solid.

Two readings of the Pulaski school decision

Since they disagree on everything else, it's not surprising that Pulaski County teachers and Pulaski County school board members disagree on the meaning of a circuit court decision last week.

Dwight David Honeycutt's 'Sweet Tea Party'

Friend to babies, lover of bald eagles and web phenom Dwight David Honeycutt hosts a rally at Juanita's tonight that features the likes of 607, Brother Andy and Frown Pow'r.


With Thursday comes the answer to the eternal summer weekday question: “What do you want to do tonight?” Head to the Travs!

Ciao for cheap

Downtown Italian restaurant corners the bargain lunch market.

Heartless Bastards, tonight

Erika Wennerstrom's voice has been compared to Janis Joplin's and PJ Harvey's and (hilariously) Robert Plant's, none of which, to these ears at least, quite capture her particular sound. But there is a clear connection between them all — that big burst of feeling they can summon in huge swoops between quiet and gale-force howling.

No butts at White Water

Since it was founded in 1972, White Water Tavern has been, at various times and often all at once, a biker bar, a rendezvous for Arkansas politicos and the definitive Mecca for live, local music. Maybe the only constant has been an ever-present cloud of cigarette smoke. But today's a new day.

Lit fest picks

Dave Eggers came to the Clinton School last year and talked about 826 Valencia, the nonprofit he founded to promote childhood literacy. Some of those in attendance expressed interest about starting a branch of 826 in Little Rock. Now, Hall, a former Little Rocker and the current development director for 826 National, comes to the Lit Fest to talk about the program.

Pub or Perish 2010!

Here at the Arkansas Times, we're big fans of the written word. We're also big fans of bars. Once again this year, those two loves collide like tanked-up Jell-O wrestlers as we present our annual free-admission reading series, Pub or Perish 2010, Saturday at Prost.

Big country

A balladeer who doesn't write his own songs, a razorjawed metrosexual in a metallic-colored, pre-distressed cowboy hat, Tim McGraw exemplifies all the excesses and successes to be found in “pop with a drawl,” Clear Channel-country. He's at Verizon tonight.

'That Evening Sun' comes round again

After jumping from film festival to film festival last year and racking up the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature at SXSW and the Golden Rock at our Little Rock Film Festival, “That Evening Sun” returns for a special engagement at Breckenridge tonight.


Equal parts Lynn Anderson, Robert Pollard and John Lurie, with a flair for fashion akin to Granny's in “The Beverly Hillbillies,” Holly Golightly comes to Sticky Fingerz.

Heads above the roast

Father and son hobbyists go pro at Guillermo’s Gourmet Grounds.

Burning issues

From proposed coal plants to water pollution to fallout from gas exploration, it's been a contentious year for environmental politics.

Worth the trip

Thanks to the steaks and atmosphere at Toad Suck Buck’s.

Memphis boogie

With Jack Oblivian, John Paul Keith and The Dirty Streets at White Water Tavern Saturday night.


One of the most familiar, welcome voices in a landscape of pickups and coolers, Charlie Robison comes to Revolution tonight.


If you've visited, attended, graduated, dropped out or couch-surfed at any college campus in America in the last 17 years, you've heard your fair share of Misters Love and Sauce, who come to Revolution tonight.