Part of the goal of this blog is to keep Arkansans informed on what’s going on in other states.  Natural gas exploration is going on across the country including states like Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Wyoming, New York and Pennsylvania, just to name a few.  There are lessons to be learned from other state governments and citizen groups about how to handle the shale boom.   

There is a hearing tonight in Harrisburg, PA where Representative Camille George is trying to pass a bill tightening regulations on drilling activity.  Tonight’s hearing focuses on the water use issue:

“Each drilling operation could require up to 1 million gallons of water, and in recent weeks almost $400,000 in fines have been assessed against drillers in just two counties for either withdrawing water without a permit or starting well construction without a permit,” added Mr. George.

It’s hard to keep drilling companies accountable when so much self-policing is involved.  Right now other states, as well as this one (See this week’s edition of the Times) are having a hard time keeping an eye on all the different aspects of natural gas production.