Seattle Supersonics bloggers took a break from posts on Shawn Kemp’s whereabouts and little-known facts about Spencer Haywood to join the discussion on Chesapeake Energy.  In what looks to be a three part series, Sonics fans can read about Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon’s background, and recent stock woes

It’s certainly possible that Chesapeake and McClendon will weather the storm surrounding energy prices and the credit markets, and that the company will snap up enough independent producers of natural gas to maintain an equilibrium. But it is also possible that McClendon’s wheeling and dealing may come back to bite him.

It’s that possibility we’ll look at Friday when we explore why all of this energy mumbo-jumbo matters to readers of a Sonics blog.

Can’t wait to see.  My guess is that it has something to do with McClendon being part of a group that owns the Sonics and has threatened to move them to Oklahoma. 

UPDATE: I am an idiot and did not realize that this deal has already been done.  The Supersonics are now the Thunder.  My 12 year-old self would be upset that I now spend more time reading about natural gas news than sports.  My lack of knowledge on this particular issue, however, does not affect the content of the post.  The facts are there… they’re just old.