While we’re still struggling with how to deal with all the problems that are starting to pop up due to the Fayetteville Shale natural gas exploration, other state and even county governments aren’t waiting around.  Santa Fe County in New Mexico recently passed an ordinance calling for the gas companies to pony-up for some of the unexpected costs that come with gas exploration, like roads and emergency medical services

The draft approved Tuesday is a massive document that takes a multipronged approach to balancing the rights of oil and gas developers with environmental concerns and capital infrastructure needs. It requires potential oil and gas operators to submit numerous studies on animal habitats and proximity to water sources and to be financially responsible for such needs as new roads and increased emergency medical services.

The Santa Fe New Mexican has more.  Also, Colorado has passed some new regulations as well. 


State regulators approved new rules for oil and gas development in an 8-0 vote Wednesday, in response to new laws that required them to consider effects development would have on water, wildlife and communities…

The new regulations would establish protection zones around streams that serve drinking water supplies, require companies to tell state and emergency responders what chemicals they use in drilling operations, and allow state health and wildlife officials to consult on development. 

Why can’t we do this?  Can anybody tell me?