Hinchey pictured on the right

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) is asking New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation to get tough with the oil and gas industry.


Hinchey asked the agency to “develop and implement the highest standards possible for protecting human health and the environment” for permitting and regulating new gas drilling operations. In addition, Hinchey called for an analysis of the cumulative impacts from the expected proliferation of drilling, full review and public disclosure of hydraulic fracturing chemicals, and requirement of best management practices by gas companies to ensure the protection groundwater, aquifers and surface waters.

Hinchey wrote a long letter to the department outlining his requests including:

    • Ensure oversight capacity before issuing new permits
    • Consider cumulative impacts from Marcellus Shale drilling
    • Provide Notification and Opportunity for Comment to Municipalities
    • Develop and Require Best Management Practices
    • Assess potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing and chemical additives

Maybe out state legislators could take a page out of the Hinchey playbook.