That’s Salazar in the cowboy hat.  (Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler – Denver Post)

Such is life.  Some in the environmental community are upset with the pick of Sen. Ken Salazar for Secretary of the Interior.  The Post Independent of Glenwood Springs, CO has more here.


Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity, criticized Salazar’s selection. He said the Department of the Interior “desperately needs a strong, forward looking, reform-minded secretary.”

“Unfortunately, Ken Salazar is not that man,” he said, citing Salazar’s support for offshore drilling along Florida’s coasts and his vote against increased fuel efficiency standards for the U.S. automobile fleet. 

PS – Commentor little red river left a question in his blog comment yesterday on the post about yet another cease and desist order issued by ADEQ.  I’ve tried to answer that question and posted it within the comment.