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Central Arkansas thrift store guide

In these divisive times, it can be difficult to see what we have in common. But one American pleasure remains ubiquitous among our citizens: the singular, potent joy of a good bargain. Little Rock is full of resources for those who want to get more for their buck, so we present a non-comprehensive thrifting guide to aid in your pursuit of a good deal. 
IT Arkansas job board

Little Rock ethnic and local grocery store guide

It’s hard, especially if you have a family and you cook, to avoid the big, national chains, but if that’s your only shopping stop, you’re missing out. Little Rock is rich with ethnic and locally owned specialty grocery stores. Here’s our list of essential stops.

High-minded stuff: Little Rock's museums and art galleries

Museums are not just for rainy days, and art galleries aren’t just for shoppers.


When you've got enough scratch to afford a new ride, having a car is easy. If your motorvator coughs, sputters, quits or even smells funny within six years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first) just take that metal-flake dream machine back to the dealership and get it fixed — in and out, no muss, no fuss, no credit card required. For the rest of us who have cruised out from under the umbrella of the factory warranty, though, car trouble can be a real pain in the tailpipe. Where do you take it? How much will it cost? Which shop will give you a deal as supple as fine Corinthian leather, and who will give you the ungreased driveshaft?

Thrift and vintage guide

A couple of seasons back, we gave you our thoughts on thrifting the Rock. Since then, those of us who love nothing better than whiling away a Saturday elbow-deep in musty record bins next to a cart of someone's grandma's dresses, have gained a few and lost a few. Angles in the Attic is gone, and one of our favorites, the Salvation Army warehouse store, fell victim to mold and roof travails. But Little Rock is still full of deals for the savvy and the persistent.

Cupcakes Guide

A survey of the sweet treat.

Arkansas sweets guide

Impress your sweetheart with locally made sweets.

Valentine's Day dinner guide for Little Rock

Looking to take your Valentine out to dinner on Feb. 14? Take a look at our survey of what some of Little Rock's finest restaurants plan to serve.

Bike shops guide

It's no secret that Little Rock is a rewarding city for cyclists. Here, almost every cycling preference can be met. There are great flats in the southeast, perfect for experienced road cyclists wanting to burn up the miles, and "rollers" and challenging hills northwest of town for mountain bikers and hearty roadies.

Elected officials

A comprehensive list of the federal, state and local officials elected by Central Arkansans.

Real estate in 2011 in Central Arkansas

If you tend to see the world divided between the 1 and 99 percenters, the real estate market in Pulaski County will back you up.

Judicial officials

Courts state, county, municipal.

Art galleries guide

Get your dose of culcha in the dozens of galleries in Central Arkansas.

Central Arkansas demographics

Numbers aren't just for baseball scores, tallying up your purchases at the mall, and dreading or looking forward to on your birthday (depending on your age). Here we present a look at the numbers behind the people who live in Pulaski County. All statistics come from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 American Community Survey.

TV and radio in Central Arkansas guide

Surfing the airwaves in Central Arkansas.

Public sports parks guide

A list of addresses for tennis courts, swimming pools and more.

Hospitals in Central Arkansas

Pulaski County has two Level I trauma centers: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children's Hospital. Baptist Health and St. Vincent Infirmary are Level II trauma centers. There are also two veterans' hospitals: John L. McClellan Memorial in Little Rock and Towbin Health Care Center in North Little Rock. Baptist Health North Little Rock is a Level III trauma center and St. Vincent North is a Level IV trauma center.

Library guide

Pulaski County's public libraries — including the Central Arkansas Library System and the William F. Laman Library in North Little Rock — are more than just reading rooms, offering e-books, music downloads, art galleries, computer access, special features for teen-agers and coffee shops.

Museums guide

From the Arkansas Arts Center to the Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park, lots to see in Central Arkansas.

Mass transit guide

We're all trying to live greener and smarter these days, and for many urban dwellers, taking public transportation is part of that. While the River Rail streetcar may not be all that practical for long-distance commuters, it is a whole lot of fun, and the Central Arkansas Transit Authority has bus options to get you all the way from Roland out west to the airport in the east if you're willing to make a few transfers. Here's the low-down on getting around town.