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Ticks, cows and the war on contagions

A forgotten historical parallel to the coronavirus pandemic.

A civil rights crossroads in Little Rock

The 1974 National Black Political Convention.

With your help, we will get through this

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The racist roots of anti-unionism in Arkansas

Motivated by money and white supremacist beliefs, the state farm bureau, chambers of commerce and others lined up with segregationists to enact the ‘right to work’ law.

A look at old Little Rock via the Hotel Sam Peck

From memoirs by Henryetta Peck and Robert Peck

Winthrop Rockefeller's vision for public education started with Morrilton model school

In 1956, Winthrop Rockefeller made his local school district in Morrilton an offer that it surely could not refuse: unlimited access to his considerable inherited Standard Oil fortune to fund a model school program that would be the envy of the state, the South and the nation.
Wealthy people playing game

A wired Hot Springs

Gambling has defined the city since the 1920s.
Gov. Frank White

Creationists v. Arkansas

Re-Evaluating the 1981 “Monkey Trial.”
Gov. Orval Faubus greets a voter in Clinton in 1962.

A forgotten candidate and the 1962 Arkansas governor’s race

Dave Cox's forgotten campaign and the 1962 election for Arkansas governor. An exclusive excerpt of Ernie Dumas' political memoir.

Sweet Willie Wine took a stand in the Arkansas Delta

With his Walk Against Fear 50 years ago.

The unbearable whiteness of being

What's lost when we consider the history of racial violence from a white perspective.