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Natives Guide 2020

Natives Guide 2020

January 1, 2020

Vol 45 • No 29

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Arkansas's buried treasure: Quartz crystal, rocking the art world

When I thought of quartz crystal in Arkansas — if I thought of quartz crystal in Arkansas — I thought of the rock shops that used to line the highway into Hot Springs, the ones with the big blue glass chunks. No more.

Central Arkansas thrift store guide

In these divisive times, it can be difficult to see what we have in common. But one American pleasure remains ubiquitous among our citizens: the singular, potent joy of a good bargain. Little Rock is full of resources for those who want to get more for their buck, so we present a non-comprehensive thrifting guide to aid in your pursuit of a good deal. 

Little Rock ethnic and local grocery store guide

It’s hard, especially if you have a family and you cook, to avoid the big, national chains, but if that’s your only shopping stop, you’re missing out. Little Rock is rich with ethnic and locally owned specialty grocery stores. Here’s our list of essential stops.

Outlaw nation: Professional bull riding's new rockstar is from Hamburg, Arkansas

When Chase Outlaw (that’s really his name) goes into the bucking chute now, the announcers broadcast the story of his infamous comeback across the arena, and an X-ray of his mutilated face flashes on every screen, projecting an image of his eye socket looking like a chewed up piece of tobacco.

Medical marijuana cardholders seeking relief in Arkansas’s weed deserts

Arkansas has 14 operating medical marijuana dispensaries, most of which have opened in more densely populated areas of the state. Northwest Arkansas’s Zone 1 is the only zone in the state in which all four dispensaries are open; none of the four dispensaries licensed to operate in Southwest Arkansas’s Zone 8 have opened.

Resolutions 2020

In 2020, we will answer one call per month from a number we don’t recognize, just to help keep our spirit of adventure alive. In that same vein, we will also tell the woman down at the haircutting place, “Just work your magic,” by way of instructions on every third haircut, then just close our eyes and let the locks and eyebrow notches fall where they may. 

A Q&A with Jay Barth, Little Rock's first chief education officer

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. named Jay Barth, a longtime Hendrix professor and former State Board of Education member, as the city's first chief education officer earlier this month. He answers questions about community schools and more.