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January 21, 2010

Vol 8 • No 2

A child shall lead them

10-year-old Will Phillips was the leading nominee by readers for Arkansan of the Year.

Hip deep in health care

Mike Ross and Blanche Lincoln are the Times' Arkansans of the Year.

What now on health care?

The victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts complicates matters, naturally. This says chances of a push for House passage of the Senate bill are diminished.

Pistol packing on the rise

The State Police says it is swamped with applications for concealed weapon permits, with an almost 50 percent rise to 80,000 packers last year.

Poll: Beebe, si! Lincoln, no

Roby Brock's Talk Business Quarterly poll continues the dreary favorable ratings for Sen. Blanche Lincoln and continues to show unassailable numbers for Gov. Mike Beebe.

Obama on health care

The president said today Democrats should move deliberately on health care. Here's one thing I know and I just want to make sure that this is off the table.

Now it's your turn

Good night.

The Televisionist, Jan. 21-27

On Conan and the dwindling relevance of late night TV and the new "Battlestar Galactica" spin-off, "Caprica."

Call it Republicare

Two Republican presidents and a Republican governor preceded Obama in efforts to reform American health care.

A&E News, Jan. 21

The final chapter of Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin's "American" series coming soon, the Musicians Showcase semi-finalists announced and metal hero Paul Di'Anno slated for a concert a Vino's.

Behold the Republican comedy

It’s starting to look like a year of backlash against Democrats and sweep for Republicans.

The Insider, Jan. 21

A teacher says a school board member omitted a union campaign contribution on his finance report. He says he'll look into it.

To-Do List, Jan. 21-27

This week's best bets: Velvet Kente, Martina McBride and Trace Adkins, Loretta Lynn, the Salty Dogs, the Fiery Furnaces and Paul Thorn

This, too, will pass

From my political perspective, Vic Snyder was too good to be true for a Southern congressman.

Art anew

You know that old story that artists of all stripes tell? The one about a lack of resources and fickle audiences and no support from venues? The Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative (ACAC) knows it by heart, but after years of struggling with those pressures, the non-profit finally seems poised to affect a change in the local cultural scene.

The Observer, Jan. 21

A friend stopped by The Observer’s home for a brief visit Sunday afternoon, with plans to take a bike ride later on before the sun set.

Words, Jan. 21

“Rosa Franklin, a Washington state Democratic senator, said she wants to dump labels such as ‘disadvantaged’ and ‘at risk’ in state law and replace them with ‘at hope’ ...

To-Do List, Jan. 21-27

This week's best bets: Velvet Kente, Martina McBride and Trace Adkins, Loretta Lynn, the Salty Dogs, the Fiery Furnaces and Paul Thorn

Big loss

No one equal in stature to Snyder is in sight to replace him.

Married at the D-G

It’s hard to tell from the bylines, but the newsroom at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is full of married couples. There are the obvious, the similarly-last-named Schnedlers, Storeys and Smiths. Then there’s C.S. Murphy and Seth Blomeley, Noel Oman and Cynthia Howell and others.

Moral equivalence

Moral equivalence is an imperfect science at best ...

Somber 'Messenger'

The problem with most of the movies that have come out so far about our misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan is one of politics. There is such an aura of confusion and waste around the Iraq war that when filmmakers try to take it on, they inevitably want to drag out their soapbox.

Smart Talk, Jan. 21

Democratic state Senate candidate Jay Barth, a Hendrix College political science prof, thinks he may have set a fund-raising record in Arkansas.

In Brief, Jan. 21-23

"Startin' Early, Staying Late," Glossary, David Family Pegasus, Four on the Floor, Good Time Ramblers, "Sordid Lives," "Little Women," Meshugga Klezmer Band and more.

Home style

Overheard on a recent Friday morning at David Family Kitchen: “I’m bringing my momma here!” This from a middle-aged man in a tracksuit who merely had to breathe in the aroma coming off the griddle and survey the day’s menu, scrawled in black Sharpie on a whiteboard, to declare it up to mom’s standards.

What's Cookin', Jan. 21

Za Za co-owners John Beachboard and Scott McGehee have formed a new company with a group of national restaurateurs in order to begin franchising their popular wood-oven pizza and salad restaurant.

The Kiffin mess and looking ahead hopefully

Dissecting Kiffingate, considering the football Hogs' chances in 2010 and c'est la vie for now.

The Week that Was, Jan. 13-19

It was a good week for Ron Sheffield, bad for the 2nd congressional district.

Turn out the lights

The city of North Little Rock finds itself mired in a policy-making skirmish — taking place in cities all over the country — over whether to allow electronic changeable copy signs.

Art news

Crystal Bridges lands Walton Ford's "The Island"; Delta winners announced and more.

Somber 'Messenger'

The problem with most of the movies that have come out so far about our misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan is one of politics. There is such an aura of confusion and waste around the Iraq war that when filmmakers try to take it on, they inevitably want to drag out their soapbox.


50 ways to cope with the cold weather.

Ross gets ‘energized’

Rep. Mike Ross received close to $80,000 in contributions from energy, mining and related interests close to the time of his vote earlier this year against sensitive climate-change legislation.

Draft Bill Halter ...

... for U.S. Senate. So urges this website.

Laughter the best medicine

If there's hope for U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the fall, one avenue to success is to paint the field of wannabe Republican successors as a comedy troupe, an unintentional Ozarkian Saturday Night Live.

Here comes the dough

The U.S. Supreme Court today, in a 5-4 decision, struck down the federal law's ban on corporate campaign contributions and also the ban on late-campaign issue advertising by corporate and other interests.

Thursday To-Do: Velvet Kente

joshua. VELVET KENTE9:30 p.m., Sticky Fingerz.

$1 million Powerball score

The Arkansas Lottery reports a $1 million Powerball winner in Arkansas. From the lottery:

Coming up: Weiner Delight

No longer a skit on Conan O'Brien, the prospect of merging school districts 200 miles apart -- Weiner and Delight -- is officially in the mill.

Coming up: Weiner Delight

No longer a skit on Conan O'Brien, the prospect of merging school districts 200 miles apart -- Weiner and Delight -- is officially in the mill.

Democrats warm up

Republican Tim Griffin is running vigorously for Second District Congress. A steady barrage of news releases.

LRSD planning advances

The Little Rock School District's strategic planning commission -- a community-wide group -- has unanimously adopted consultants' plan for improving the school district.

Blue Collar Blue Plate.

Let's hear it for the working class.  That's most of us, right?  65th Street Diner is the sort of place the blue collar sort congregate at for a good meal and a sweet treat during the lunch hour.

Blanche Lincoln: Wrong again

If U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln thinks this is the way to electoral success, then perhaps her harshest critics are right about her intellectual throw weight.

Two lemurs die at Zoo

The Little Rock Zoo announces the death of two aged red ruffed lemurs, which apparently drowned in their exhibit.

Thursday: Haiti benefit at White Water, 'Startin' Early,' Ted Ludwig, more

Jonathan Wilkins. At White Water tonight, all the door, a percentage of bar sales and all bartenders' tips go to a group working with children left orphaned in Haiti (probably this one).

Clean air please

The Sierra Club held a press conference this morning to draw attention to two issues that will go before the Pollution Control and Ecology Commission tomorrow morning.  The commission will consider a  recommendation to grant a variance to major utility companies (including Entergy Arkansas, SWEPCO and the Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Corp.) regarding the State Implementation Plan for Air Pollution Control.  The plan would set a deadline for utilities to retrofit boilers at coal-fired plants by October 15, 2013.  The utilities want to push that date back.  The Sierra Club has called for a public hearing on the matter.

Update: Off the agenda

The Arkansas Lottery Commission Legislative Oversight Committee met this afternoon to hear from director Ernie Passailaigue about the progress of the lottery and projected revenues for the coming year (which we outlined here yesterday).  The committe was set to discuss and possibly vote on "proposed rules for the Arkansas Challenge Scholarships," as indicated on the agenda.  Language in those rules would have set the scholarship amount for full-time students enrolled in four-year institutions at $5,000 per year.  Full-time students at two-year schools would recieve $2,500.  However the item was struck from the agenda.

Arrest in father-child deaths

KTHV is reporting an arrest in the deaths of a father and his child whose burned bodies were found in a pickup in southern Pulaski County.

Court denies library appeal

As expected, the state Supreme Court today denied without comment a rehearing of its decision that the Central Arkansas Library System prematurely collected about a year's worth of a Little Rock library property tax increase.


I think it's your turn.

Turn out the lights

Changeable signs under scrutiny in North LIttle Rock.

The many sides of Martina

Martina McBride's been a lot things over the course of her nearly 20-year career. A honky-tonk revivalist. A country-pop balladeer. An adult radio crossover. And now, with the “Shine All Night” tour, a rock star.

Poll slightly better for Lincoln

Another day, another poll and more dreary results for U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Mason-Dixon, polling for Stephens Media, shows Lincoln in what the news article says was a statistical dead heat with a variety of Republican challengers.

Speaking of U.S. Senate

I heard from a Democratic operative Wednesday night that U.S. Rep. John Boozman was considering a bid for U.S. Senate.

Murder suspect's letter

Here's that New York Times story on letter writing by Adulhakim Muhammad, who told the judge presiding over his Little Rock capital murder trial, that he was an Al Qaeda operative.

Martin Luther ....

Oh, no. I can't believe this happened.

Henry Woods memorial service

Friends of the late congressional aide Henry Woods, who died recently in Key West, ask me to issue a reminder of a memorial service for him at 1 p.m.

I-30 traffic famously bad

Hey, list watchers, a stretch of Little Rock interstate has made the list of 75 worst commuter bottlenecks in the U.S. At No. 59

Burning truck deaths -- Update

Pulaski County District Court Judge Wayne Gruber set no bond this morning for Robert Todd Gatrell, who stands accused of two counts of capital murder in the deaths of a toddler and her father who were found dead in a burning truck found near Sweet Home on December 12.

Last Night: Little Rock Jazz Quintet, Whale Fire and Velvet Kente

Whale Fire last year at Sticky Fingerz. Photo by Brian Chilson.

Friday To-Do: Martina McBride - Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins. MARTINA MCBRIDE / TRACE ADKINS7:30 p.m., Verizon Arena.

Friday To-Do: Loretta Lynn

LORETTA LYNN7:30 p.m., Reynolds Performance Hall, UCA, Conway. $40-$50.When Loretta Lynn last visited Arkansas, she took the stage at Robinson with all the requisite poof and sparkle you'd expect from the queen of country music, and she sang in a voice about as bright and strong as she did half a century ago.

George Strait and Reba McEntire to Verizon

I smell a sell out...George Strait owns the Verizon/Alltel attendance record (17,811) and Reba McEntire is, of course, the star of "Reba," so you should probably buy your tickets early.

Only Andy Milonakis stands between 607 and "Best Rapper Alive" trophy

I don't know why they're just getting around to this at the end of January, but yesterday Mad Decent ranked the top three rappers in Diplo's "Makin' Xmas" contest, where the DJ/producer provided a beat and asked the Internet to rap over it.

Millionaire -- minus $320,000

Randall Irvin of Uniontown (Crawford County) claimed his $1 million Powerball prize Friday -- less withholdings of $70,000 for state taxes and $250,000 for federal taxes.

Unemployment worse in Arkansas

The state's unemployment rate in December was 7.7 percent, up from 7.4 percent the month before.

The Weekend: Glossary, AC Slater, David Family Pegasus, Four on the Floor, Meshugga Klezmer Band

Glossary. FRIDAY 1/22Murfreesboro rockers and Little Rock favorites Glossary return to White Water after what's been, for them at least, a long absence.

Next up on library tax

Gene Sayre, the winning attorney in the successful Little Rock library property tax challenge, says he plans to do some discovery work on costs and procedures on potential refund methods and then seek an expedited hearing in circuit court.

GOP wack-a-mole

And if John Boozman runs for Senate, does Asa Hutchinson run for Congress -- again?

Huckabee beats Obama

In poll. (statistical dead heat)

Saturday To-Do: The Salty Dogs

THE SALTY DOGS9:30 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.Brad Williams might have the most iconic voice in local music.

Turk lives

Rick Addison, attorney for the hunting club, argues his case before the commission. The Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission voted to finalize the air permit for the John W. Turk coal-fired power plant at their regular meeting today.  Richard Mays, attorney for the Sierra Club, said the air quality controls required by the permit did not go nearly far enough for a plant that will emit over five million tons of carbon dioxide per year.  He also reminded the commission that approval for the plant's construction permit was overturned by the Arkansas Court of Appeals.

'True Grit' gets release date

It's January and I've already got my Christmas Day movie picked out.

Beth Ditto might get a prize for her clothes

The Evans Beth Ditto doll. Beth Ditto's clothing line for the British plus-size brand Evans is up for the Design Museum in London's annual Design Awards in March.This follows  reviews like this, from Salon last summer, when the collection debuted: For decades, the plus-size fashion desert was one more inescapable message to larger women that we were other, less than, undeserving of the nice things made widely available to women who were closer to the cultural beauty standard — that we were supposed to shut up and take whatever they gave us, because it wasn't like we could ever look pretty anyway…That's why that stupid cat T-shirt (and related atrocities) feels like such a slap in the face to many of us, after we dared to hope for something different and better.

Republican 10-pack

How serious is U.S. Rep. John Boozman about considering a race for U.S. Senate? Serious enough that he had a staff member call me this afternoon to say that I was right in the first place yesterday morning to report that fact.

Vic Snyder at home

U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder did a round of interviews today with reporters who'd called last week after his surprise announcement that he wouldn't seek re-election.

The line is open

Fire away.

Huck sez ...

GOP victory in Mass. Senate race could be the first step toward Obama's re-election. Interesting take.

Honky Tonk Heroes

The Salty Dogs celebrate the release of their latest album, "Brand New Reason," at White Water Tavern tonight.

Morning music

Brian Chilson starts your day with a little Martina McBride, from last night's Verizon show with Trace Adkins.

Tea Party threatens GOP discipline

The New York Times reports on a bit of friction developing nationally between the Tea Party movement and party establishment Republicans.

Is the usual enough for Lincoln?

John Brummett explains that U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln's anti-environmental posture on regulation of carbon emission merely follows her own template -- and that of most Democratic statewide candidates in Arkansas -- to pander to the farm and business community.

You're on

Nothing here except a taco report. I finally tried the Taqueria al Jalisco truck that parks daily except Sunday next to Colonial Wine and Spirits.

Home style

Overheard on a recent Friday morning at David Family Kitchen: “I'm bringing my momma here!” This from a middle-aged man in a tracksuit who merely had to breathe in the aroma coming off the griddle and survey the day's menu, scrawled in black Sharpie on a whiteboard, to declare it up to mom's standards.

The health care dilemma

More Arkansas polling from Stephens Media. A majority don't like pending health care legislation and disapprove of our senators vote for it.

Beebe for Senate

Catch your breath. He's not.

Obama's real problem

The Massachusetts Senate race? Not about Obama.

Grocery store gossip

I'm out of sorts. I did my first weekly grocery run to the Kroger in the Heights now that the Hillcrest Kroger is out of commission for nine months.

Sam's Club cuts

More than 11,000 to lose jobs (many part-time and they may be rehired by new contractors) as Sam's Club outsources jobs of people who demonstrate products in stores.

Open line

Starts now.

U.S. Rep. Marion Berry to retire

Both the Washington Post and Politico, quoting sources, are saying U.S. Rep. Marion Berry will announce as soon as tomorrow that he won't seek re-election this year.

Hip deep in health care

Mike Ross and Blanche Lincoln are the Times' Arkansans of the Year.

The hunting amendment

Poll says: 54 percent support the amendment to give constitutional protection to hunting and fishing.

Health care: What next?

Brummett outlines the options and chooses forget-about-it. But, hey, John McCain has an idea.

The Republican surge

I don't get it. Doing nothing is better than trying to do something.

It's official: Marion Berry won't run

As expected, U.S. Rep. Marion Berry, 67, announced his intention not to seek re-election this year.

Republican fee inflation

You think health care costs are rising? Get a load of Republican filing fees for federal office -- up 25 percent for Senate candidates and a whopping 50 percent for congressional candidates.

Post political speculation here

I'm guessing lots will be jumping today, most of it speculative, about the domino theory of major political moves that have occurred -- Snyder and Berry retirements -- or are expected to occur (Boozman entry in Senate race).

Late library fees go to Haiti relief this week

Today through Sunday, February 7, all late fees collected at all Central Arkansas Library branches go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Disaster averted ...

... when van for Lonoke Exceptional School stalled on railroad tracks in Jacksonville. Van emptied before train hit.

Supreme Court orders judge's removal

The Arkansas Supreme Court today ordered Circuit Judge Willard Proctor of Little Rock removed from the bench immediately.

UCA cuts budget

The University of Central Arkansas says it will cope with state budget cuts with a 1 percent cut in academics and 2 percent in other areas.

Open mic

Weird day here. Maybe you can do better.

Lincoln's Twittering UPDATE

Sen. Blanche Lincoln's campaign has announced she'll make an important campaign announcement via her Twitter feed tomorrow morning. Time not given.


The Fiery Furnaces bring their weird and whimsical brand of pop rock to Arkansas for the first time at Revolution on Tuesday. Drug Rug opens.

The New War

Smart Talk, Jan. 28

Concealed weapons, greasy burgers, better schools.

Screws tighten on texting

The federal government has banned texting by commercial drivers nationwide, a ban that some 19 states, including Arkansas, already had in place.

Marion Berry was tired

John Brummett says Rep. Marion Berry was tired of the grind. He predicts the First District will remain Democratic despite his announced retirement.

These trying times

What a weird assortment of opinion this morning in the Times. A black columnist writes that Barack Obama has a credibility gap.

States not created equal

I know. Health care is a dead horse.

Lincoln's news: Campaign cash

U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln's big news appears to be up on her webpage before her promised Twitter.

Big on Brittle.

According to Foodimentary Guy, today is National Peanut Brittle Day. The notice turns my thoughts to the sweet nut-dotted confection and its many variations.

Democrats spin Arkansas

The Democratic Party is trying to take back a bit of the narrative about an imploding party under Obama's leadership.  Example: Marion Berry's retirement in the First District.

Dogtown follies

You gotta love a city -- rocked by allegations that one former alderman tried to steer city business to a contractor to pay off a gambling debt and another is accused of selling guns to a Mafia family -- that fills the indicted ex-alderman's seat with SOMEONE WHO HOLDS THE CITY TOWING CONTRACT.

Tuesday To-Do: Fiery Furnaces

THE FIERY FURNACES8:30 p.m., Revolution. $10.Back in the early part of the decade, when the Fiery Furnaces first unleashed their brand of pop experimentation on a hugely receptive indie scene, I caught them in Nashville.

Dudes, they're stealing our country

In a fine column on Fox News' incessant and effective campaigning for Scott Brown and other Republicans, John Richardson closes with a sobering roundup of the right wing's contempt for American ideals.

UA support bucks national trend

The University of Arkansas says it raised $45 million in gifts in the first six months of this fiscal year, which ends June 30.

Bleeding heart Republican

Stop the presses. Republican with heart possibly located.

Beebe: The thumbs have it

A variety of reporters with Blackberries, etc., are Tweeting Gov. Mike Beebe's appearance before the Political Animal Club.

Political temblors

Why does Sen. Gilbert Baker issue a news release reasserting that he's running for U.S. Senate?

Wills for Congress

Faulkner County Democratic women report that House Speaker Robbie Wills of Conway has told them that he will officially announce his candidacy for Congress tomorrow.

LR concert for Haiti

Plans were announced today for a benefit concert Friday, Feb. 5 at the Statehouse Convention Center to raise money for Haitian relief.

Lincoln opposes majority rule

Sen. Blanche Lincoln continues to run hard to the right. She -- along with Sens. Bayh and Nelson -- say they oppose passage of a Senate health bill in the so-called reconciliation process, with fixes for objectionable portions.

Second suspect in double slaying

The Pulaski sheriff announced another arrest today in the deaths of Michael Palmer and his two-year-old daughter, Hannah Grace Dowdie, whose bodies were found burned in Palmer's truck Dec. 21 on a remote road in southern Pulaski County.

D.C. lobbyist endorses Tim Griffin

Oh yeah, that Republican lobbyist once served in Congress from Arkansas 26 years ago. Name of Ed Bethune.

Ready to run for Proctor's seat

Wrightsville District Judge Rita Bailey said at the meeting of Political Animals Club today that she'd seek election to Willard Proctor's former judgeship in the May judicial election.

Feds nail GOP trickster

The sleazy Republican filmmaker who sold the entire national press on a trumped-up scandal based on a setup of ACORN workers finds himself in the jailhouse for what looks like a wiretap scheme.

Huck settles a score

I can't do much here on legislative races. Too many and too much going on elsewhere.

The line is open

I'm typed out. You take over.

Meet the judges: Osyrus tha G.O.D.

2010 Ark. Times Musicians Showcase proxy* judge Osyrus Bolly AKA Osyrus tha G.O.D. Who? Rapper, emcee, booming voice.Claim to fame.

Meet the judges: Leigh Wood

2010 Ark. Times Musicians Showcase judge Leigh Wood. Who?

Meet the judges: Greg Spradlin

2010 Ark. Times Musicians Showcase judge Greg Spradlin. Who?

Meet the judges: Natalie Elliott

2010 Ark. Times Musicians Showcase judge Natalie Elliott. Who?

Meet the guest judge: g-force

2010 Ark. Times Musicians Showcase guest judge g-force. Who?

Married at the D-G

It's hard to tell from the bylines, but the newsroom at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is full of married couples.

Come One, Come All

Small-town, stagnant -- if you've ever described the local music scene in those terms, come to the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase for re-education.

This Modern World, Jan. 28

Eye on Arkansas, Jan. 28

Orval, Jan. 28


  ARKANSAS MAX AND THE TOMB OF THE ÜBERTROLLS   A tale beyond comprehension begins nearly 4,000 years ago, yet it’s timely as today’s Teabaggers.

Senate cash grab is just wrong

The state Senate's decision to allow sitting senators to rake in campaign contributions while they're sitting in the coming fiscal session is bad policy. There also should be a no-gift rule before and after for a decent period.

Obama: Mistakes were made

So President Obama will take a page from Bill Clinton. He will say in the State of the Union that he made missteps in execution his first year.

This week on the Ark. Blog

I'm taking off shortly for a trip to San Francisco and a conference through Friday on newspaper web development.

Could Be A Cabaret.

There's a place I adore in New Orleans' Central Business District, a block off the streetcar line tucked into a rescued warehouse.

O'Connor disses political ruling

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (no liberal, by the way) makes clear her disapproval of the recent reversal of her own precedent that now allows unlimited corporate financial influence on political campaigns.

Comfort at sea

Arkansas-native filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud have been filming in Haiti.  The latest in their five-part series shows the struggles of the U.S. Navy as they try to move earthquake victims to the U.S.N.S. Comfort for treatment. 

Big Man On Campus.

Chef Jeff Henderson is a remarkable man.  Sure, he started out on the skids and spent nearly a decade in the slammer for drugs -- but he found a passion for cooking that took him from nothing to everything.  His drive and skills brought him from the bottom of the barrel to the Chef de Cuisine at Caesar's Palace... and eventually on to his own TV show, The Chef Jeff Project on Food Network.

Here to save us all

Today, Apple revealed the iPad, a tablet device that, well, I guess it would be easier to tell you what it doesn't do.  Mashable has a good run down of what the tablet can do and what it might mean for publishers, other platforms and everyday users.  What does it mean for the news business?  At this point your guess is as good as mine but certain content providers do have deals in the works to sell their content through Apple.  Lance Turner at AB has been following the news pretty closely.  And you thought the president's state of the union address would be the biggest news story of the day.

Last Night: Drug Rug-The Fiery Furnaces @ Rev

BRINGING THE HEAT: Sibling duo Eleanor and Matthew Friedburger The Rev Room brought their first top-tier show of the year with prolific, prog-twee stalwarts, The Fiery Furnaces.

Courthouse news

Pulaski Circuit Judge Mary Ann McGowan asked today to take over the docket of removed Judge Willard Proctor.

Wednesday To-Do: Paul Thorn

  PAUL THORN8 p.m., Revolution, $12 adv./$15 d.o.s. Paul Thorn has lived a storied life.

Drugs for the River Market district

We can't get confirmation that a pub will go into the River Market Tower condo development at 401 E. Third Street.

State Fair search continues

Roby Brock says a State Fair committee has narrowed its search for a potential new location to three sites near Jacksonville.  This is still a long way -- and tens of millions -- from being close to a reality.

In case you've been under a rock...

House Speaker Robbie Wills announced his candidacy for the District 2 seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Vic Snyder.  He made the announcement today in Pickle's Gap (in case you missed it, Max had a pretty good post yesterday about the Ozark Mountain Do Nothing).  David Kinkade, over at the Arkansas Project, is having some fun with the whole thing too.

Not with that attitude it won't

John Lyon reports that Sen. Mark Pryor said today that it's a real possibility "health care reform will not get done this year."  Certainly not if the Arkansas delegation has anything to do with it.  Pelosi remains committed, saying giving up is not an option.   

Did they play with helmets then?

Ex-Hog and master UA manipulator Jim Lindsey apparently isn't happy with the field of 10 Republican Senate candidates.