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January 26, 2006

Vol 4 • No 2

The Observer Jan. 26

Our 37-cent stamps are out of fashion, and we needed to stay out of debtors’ prison, so The Observer dropped in at the U.S. Post Office.

Gube heat?

So is Bro.-Gov. Huckabee packing or not? On the TV with Steve Barnes recently, he said he’d got a permit, and he endorsed a Florida law that invites minding-their-own-bidness packers to pretty much blow away anybody who messes with them. But he woul

Editorial cartoon Jan. 26

Orval Jan. 26

Can Pulaski Academy manage traffic?

A map filed with the city Planning Department this week gave the first specifics on how Pulaski Academy’s announced purchase of next-door Fellowship Bible Church could ease longstanding daily traffic snarls on Hinson Road.

This Modern World Jan. 26

The week that was Jan. 18-24

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … POLITICS. Bill Halter got in the Democratic primary race for governor and instantly he and Attorney General Mike Beebe, the other announced Democrat, actually began discussing issues.

Wheel of fortune

Who said Arkansas was the buckle of the Bible belt? No major candidate for governor flatly opposes a state lottery.

Words Jan. 26

Rules and relegations: “A year ago, the Golden Eagles guard saw plenty of playing time, but his inexperience and abilities regulated him to being a role player.”

Public-private payroll

Ruth Whitney, who serves as Attorney General Mike Beebe's chief of staff, is also a paid staff member of Beebe's campaign for governor.

Now they're talking

Bill Halter entered the governor’s race last week, and it’s a good thing. In one day there was substantive clarification of where the Democratic candidates stand on some of the issues.

Halter punches; Beebe deflects

It’s a bright, cool Saturday morning in this lovably gritty city of Little Rock in this lovably eccentric state of Arkansas. I just watched Bill Halter, a Rhodes Scholar from North Little Rock and Catholic High who ran the Social Security Administrati

Serious about schools

It appears that the Department of Education, legislators, the governor and would-be governors are at last getting ready to improve the education of Arkansas’s students.

History righted

It has got to be “wholly a pleasure” to finally get the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to rewrite the history of 1957 to conform to your warped version.

Mena man to sell D.B. Cooper cash

A Mena resident who found the only money recovered from the famous 1971 D.B. Cooper plane hijacking and robbery is preparing to sell what is left of his bounty.

Hillarycare in action

If you always had an academic curiosity about how Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated national health insurance plan would have worked if Congress had enacted it a dozen years ago you need only to follow the Medicare Part D drug program.

Smart Talk Jan. 26

This week: Farm-fresh produce; tax credits; and TV show casting in Little Rock

Seether headlines SnoCore show

Amy Lee won't drop in, but there will be plenty of Seether hits, plus appearances by Shinedown, Halestorm and Flyleaf, at the Winterfresh SnoCore Tour on Sunday, Jan. 29, at the Clear Channel Metroplex. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $25. Call 217-

Yesterday and today's music slump

Northwest Arkansas continues to produce popular music acts. The venerable blues-rock Cate Brothers still perform regularly, as do the younger jam-rock groups led by B Side and the Sarah Hughes Band. But the club music scene seems to be suffering.

Controversial Coulter visits Philander

Right-wing television commentator and author Ann Coulter, whose appearances at colleges and pronouncements about the current state of politics often have stirred controversy, will appear on Thursday, Jan. 26, at Philander Smith College.

Hang the crepe! Have the panini

Starving Artist Cafe serves crepes — stuffed with shrimp or chicken and served with roasted potatoes on the side as entrees, or with apples and other fruit as dessert. We saw them on the menu and were shot back in time.

What's cooking/updates Jan. 26

What's cooking: Chloe's, Cable Car Pizza, Theo's and Hog Haus in Fayetteville. Updates: Choo-Choo Cafe in North Little Rock, Jose's Mexican Grill and Cantina in Hot Springs.

Nashville duo brings Main Street to local cafe

Nashville song larks Karen Mal and Laurie McClain will appear at Acoustic Sounds Cafe at the Second Presbyterian Church on Friday, Jan. 27.

Showcase kickoff

“One Sticky Showcase” is the catch-phrase being applied to the first Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase to be held at Sticky Fingerz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack in the River Market district beginning tonight (Thursday, Jan. 26). Sticky Fingerz and KKPT-FM,

Setting it Strait

Country music lovers have long had to share George Strait with some of us middle-of-the-road pop music fans who appreciate a great voice when we hear it. Strait, who is as pure country as it gets, drew another record crowd to Alltel Arena on Saturday, an

The LeRoy Affair

You may have heard about the controversy surrounding author James Frey and the Oprah Book Club-selected memoir “A Million Little Pieces” — which purports to be the record of Frey’s life of crime in pursuit of drugs and alcohol. A current literary scandal

'Farther on up the road'

FAYETTEVILLE — Robbie Robertson called it “kill music.” It just kept “coming at you,” he said, pounding away at your cares and troubles. Ronnie Hawkins, who paved the way for its growth, simply called it “racket” (as in noise). Then he practically ass

Rep’s ‘Crowns’ is where it’s ‘hat’

“Crowns,” described as a joyous celebration of black women and their church hats, opens Friday at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.

"Alive, Well' at Weekend Theater

"Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris" continues.

Beautiful words

For those who haven’t yet experienced the rich imagery and drama of Jo McDougall’s poetry, “Towns Facing Railroads” at the Arkansas Rep’s Second Stage is a great place to start.

‘New World’ brave, great

One of the characteristics of Terrence Malick’s rare steps behind the camera as director is the brilliance in the way he brings nature onto the screen.

TV highlights Jan. 26-Feb. 2

NEW YANKEE WORKSHOP: POKER TABLE Noon, Saturday, Jan. 28 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) CELEBRITY FIT CLUB 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28 VH-1 (Comcast Ch. 56) HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: SODOM AND GOMORRAH 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27 The Histo

NOMA curator to speak

Tonight (Thursday, Jan. 26), the curator of African art at the New Orleans Museum of Art will talk and give a slide show to give visitors to the Arts Center’s current main exhibit some background in the masterworks and the cultures that created them.

Great videotape scandal of 2006

Not a week into the race, Bill Halter’s campaign accuses Mike Beebe’s campaign of dirty politics. Even worse, Halter’s campaign accuses Mike Beebe’s campaign of being “Karl Rovian.”