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January 27, 2005

Vol 3 • No 2

Being Brave, staying New

By Jim Harris Fourteen years is a lifetime for many restaurants; most don’t make half that. Many have come and gone in Little Rock over that time span. But Brave New Restaurant has not only survived, it’s managed to stay as fresh as ever in its fans’ eyes, and Arkansas Times readers have again voted it the Best Overall in Little Rock.

Being Brave, staying New

By Jim Harris Fourteen years is a lifetime for many restaurants; most don’t make half that. Many have come and gone in Little Rock over that time span. But Brave New Restaurant has not only survived, it’s managed to stay as fresh as ever in its fans’ eyes, and Arkansas Times readers have again voted it the Best Overall in Little Rock.

What's cooking/capsule reviews

Willy D’s piano bar in the River Market district, which has a regular nightly dinner menu, began serving lunch again late in 2004. Updates: Las Delicias, Angel's

‘13’ gets lucky

These days, with serious drama and shoot-’em-ups often cross-pollinated the way they haven’t been since John Ford was a pup, a movie you’re certain is going to be about as substantial as a puff of gun smoke can surprise you.

$35 million for the taking

The Arkansas state legislature is in session, and its members are trying to figure out how to pay for court-ordered education reform and school improvements, as well as Governor Huckabee’s health, highway and higher education priorities — all without ra

Editorials Jan. 27

A circuit judge rescued Arkansas from a bad policy, so a couple of legislators are trying to replace it with a worse one. Go figure, as they say. Last month, Pulaski Circuit Judge Tim Fox invalidated a state Department of Human Services rule that prohi

TV highlights Jan. 27-Feb. 2

NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE (1978) 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 29 VH-1 (Comcast Ch. 56) Ah, academic life. Drinking. Partying. Drinking. Class. Partying. Double-secret probation, then a little more drinking.

Lettters Jan. 27

Once again the Arkansas Times gives David O. Dodd a thumbs up in the issue after the anniversary of his execution, thereby belittling this unfortunate boy’s tragic death, and taking another gratuitous dig at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for the coverage

Pettis provides Southern-gothic folk

Touching on Southern-gothic style music, dream-like storytelling and socially conscious subject matter, fingerstyle guitar player and composer Pierce Pettis will perform strong and sensitive music at Acoustic Sounds Cafe on Friday, Jan. 28.

Lineup loaded for showcase

Naturally, the more popular the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase becomes, the harder it is for the judges to narrow down the contestants to 16 semifinalists. With more than 50 entries this year, some strong bands — including some acts who made the semi

Getting pups back on leashes

Most people around the state Capitol seem so much more casual about this second phase of court-ordered school reform, the improvement and equalization of facilities.

First lady lands job

First Lady Janet Huckabee went to work several weeks ago for Hanke Brothers Siding and Windows near Hot Springs.

A faculty in order

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is exposing its visual art students to a wide range of expression and substantial talent, its Faculty Biennial in Gallery I suggests.

Smart Talk Jan. 27

The free-spirited, free-circulation, locally owned Lovely County Citizen has gone corporate.

To the better end

My girlfriends and I spend so much effort trying to find the right man to settle down with, yet marriage seems such a bleak prospect. My grandparents are still married (not happily, I might add), but my parents aren’t. And now, I have friends who aren’t e

More picks Jan. 20-26

“Eyes Wide Open,” a multimedia exhibit that includes the display of more than a 1,000 pairs of combat boots to illustrate the human cost of the Iraq war, opens at noon Tuesday, Feb. 1, at the Statehouse Convention Center in Room 4.

Legislature diddles

As usual, the legislature is moving slowly in its first weeks, diddling with bills that are needless and shying away from what the state must have.

Capsule reviews

Ferneau, Las Delicias, Angel's.

The week that was Jan. 19-25, 2005

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … FREE LUNCHES. The same day the Democrat-Gazette reported a rise in the number of school kids qualifying for subsidized school lunches on account of rising poverty, the newspaper reported acros

Celebrating marriage

The governor, who knows something about public relations, is pulling all of his state-financed strings to build the gate attendance for his celebration of covenant marriage Feb. 14 at Alltel Arena.

Catering without coronaries

Though a catered affair in Arkansas often means fried catfish, cheese dip, pork ribs, and other artery-clogging fare, the proprietors of a new catering service that opened Jan. 1 in Little Rock say it doesn’t have to be that way. With registered dietitian

Elton Britt

Elton Britt was born James Britt Baker — some say Elton was the middle name — on June 27, 1913, to James and Martella Baker’s already musical Searcy County family. He came to be regarded as one of the world’s best yodelers — and was the first country and

This Modern World Jan. 27

Words Jan. 27

Darren O’Quinn writes: “In Parade magazine, Marilyn the genius (who has the highest recorded IQ in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records) said ‘the data is …’ I thought data was plural and, therefore, the sentence should have read ‘

Orval Jan. 27

The Insider Jan. 27

It’s hard not to notice the distinct lack of construction activity at the northeast corner of Markham and University.

Order, order!

I’m no fan of January, for the most part. Christmas money’s spent. Jeans are too tight. New Year’s resolutions are unresolved. The heating bill makes me nauseated. Spring feels about as far off as the end of my 30-year-mortgage. But. In one vaguely

The Observer Jan. 27

The new sports complex in Springdale was bustling Saturday with girls volleyball, dozens of teams from all over playing on seven courts from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Volleyball is big these days, and The Observer thinks television’s decision to broadcast the enti

Editorial cartoon Jan. 27

Fast start for Ferneau

The Hillcrest neighborhood has acquired another high-quality, upscale restaurant. Ferneau opened around the first of the year in the Ice House Revival building on Kavanaugh Boulevard, in the spot where Andre’s used to be. Though Ferneau has been operating

The world according to Arkansas

The manufactured crisis

When does a mere problem become a government crisis? When a politician needs a little sleight of hand to achieve something he’s not sure people will like. Social Security has had its share of manufactured crises and one or two that were even real.

The search is on

One of the big Internet layovers has a googly feature it calls What the World Is Searching For. Got me to wondering what IS the world searching for, in the old-fashioned sense of the question?

Conway acoustic weekend

A Sunday night concert featuring bassist Edgar Meyer and Nickel Creek’s mandolin virtuoso, Chris Thile, will highlight the third annual Arkansas Acoustic Festival, a weekend of acoustic sounds at the University of Central Arkansas’s Reynolds Performance

Northwest Ark.’s passage

It’s a sleepy Saturday afternoon in the quiet town of Johnson. The sky is gray, the roads are empty and everything seems to be at a complete standstill. But not at James at the Mill, where Nirvana’s “Nevermind” pulsates through an empty restaurant as th

Eating Northwest Arkansas

About 50 years ago, a group of Korean War veterans asked a young college student in Fayetteville a question that would have been much easier to answer today. “They said, ‘We want to know where we can get pizza pie,’ ” lawyer and philanthropist Jim Blai

Where doing good tastes good

The sign in the ladies’ room at Lilly’s Dim Sum Then Some reflects the do-good philosophy of owners Kathy Webb and Nancy Tesmer. The sign says: “Stop stealing. We’re worried about your karma.”

Ermilio's: The best of Eureka Springs

There are two ways to think about Ermilio’s winning the Arkansas Times readers’ award for best restaurant in Eureka Springs. On the one hand, it’s an impressive honor, considering that the charming mountain resort town has a disproportionate number of gre

Soul survivor

To chase away their troubles, some people take Xanax. Others try Valium, Kentucky bourbon, or something more mellow but less legal. Not one to run afoul of the law, however — and with a near-phobia about doctors — I tend to find joy on a plate: While that

The best restaurants in Arkansas

There are many imitators, but in Arkansas, no restaurant contest has been around longer and is more respected than the Arkansas Times Readers Choice Awards. The readers do the voting. We insert ballots in two fall issues and then spend the next couple

Soldiering on

The 1982 Pulitzer Prize-winning “A Soldier’s Play,” which inspired the acclaimed movie “A Soldier’s Story,” filmed partly in Fort Chaffee and Clarendon, opens Friday, Jan. 28, at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.

Dem party ED resigning

Executive Director Michael Cook tonight confirmed for the Arkansas Times that he will soon submit his resignation, which will be effective sometime in April.

Editorials Feb. 3

SB 230 by Sen. Bob Johnson, D-Bigelow, is a step in the same old direction. It would take away public water utilities’ right of eminent domain in order to please a big corporation, Deltic Timber, that is at odds with the Little Rock water utility. McDanie

The shoes of the soldiers

Today, Feb. 2, there are 1,438 pairs of combat boots in the “Eyes Wide Open” exhibit on the Iraq war at the Statehouse Convention Center. They signify American lives lost, some so recently that all we know of them is that they no longer live and breathe.

The power of one

A discerning historian of modern Arkansas has for some years reckoned that the day had passed when a single powerful economic interest could have its way in the legislature when its goal clashed with a significant public interest. The railroad lobby a