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January 28, 2010

Vol 8 • No 3

A passion for justice

Samuel Totten remembers the moment his life changed.

Blessed are they ...

Last summer, a small number of serious students at Harding University, the Church of Christ college in Searcy, committed themselves to a budget of $10,000 ? on top of their student loans ? to stage a conference to explore contemporary interpretations of Christ’s instruction to “love.” � not deter him.�er, and this year Daly’s game has been on an upswing on the PGA Tour.� to him as a “divorce present” before leaving him.�knew. The fish was tough and, well, fishy tasting. Unappetizing. �r, and the poor every bit as rabidly as the SBC or the EIB. �n able to keep it off long-term), a discussion of the mysterious extended vacation the then-governor took just before the pounds started to melt off, and before-and-after photos which seem to show that Huckabee exhibits the tell-tale muscle-wasting, sallow complexion and hair loss than can be caused by vitamin deficiency in the wake of gastric intervention. �oy Hill” event for Toys for Tots. Admission is $15 with a toy.�the River Market district, is, she says, is based on her experience at the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau. 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A commitment to community

Today’s “emerging church” movement has started to blend together several once disparate faith traditions.

Teen pregnancy rising

New study shows teen pregnancy rose during the Bush years. During that time, comprehensive sex ed was de-emphasized in favor of abstinence-only emphasis, with millions more funneled to religious groups and others for the purpose.  Coincidence?

Stimulus for cleaner water

STIMULATING: Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola speaks at the ceremony. Central Arkansas Water broke ground this morning on a new $6 million water treatment facility (Thanks to Twitterer Jordan Johnson for the photo).  Governor Beebe was on hand for the announcement.  The utility will use liquid instead of gas-based chemicals to treat water for over 400,000 Arkansans.  Other utilities across the country are moving in the same direction.  Funding for the project comes from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), otherwise known as the stimulus package we hear so many bad things about.  The project will include the construction of buildings and installation of equipment at two treatment plants.  Press release here.  More info from CAW here.

With Dems like these...

Who needs the GOP to disseminate their own talking points, right?  Rep. Mike Ross told the Hope Star the Massachusetts election was a "wake-up call and resounding rejection of the closed-door meetings, secret negotiations and backroom deals that have plagued the health care reform process on Capitol Hill.  It confirms what I have been saying since last summer, the American people want common sense health care reform, not a 2,000 page bill that costs a trillion dollars and puts the government even further into the health care business.”  He's obviously fairly proud of himself, because a link to the article was sent out on Ross's Twitter feed.  Remind me again who it was that said, "I'm not a member of any organized party - I'm a Democrat." 

Boozman's O'Keefe problem

O'Keefe (left) and Boozman (right) Rep. John Boozman, who's mulling over a U.S. Senate run against Sen. Blanche Lincoln, co-sponsored a bill (H.Res.

Open line

Show me what you got.

Here comes Boozman

I just took a great stroll from a hotel in Fisherman's Wharf over to Greens restaurant in Fort Mason and back to warm up for the great vegetarian food there later.

Obama: A scrap for the base

CNN is reporting that President Obama will call tonight for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."

Smart Talk, Jan. 28

Concealed weapons, greasy burgers, better schools.

Burger bliss

Dub’s Hamburger Heaven enjoys a steady stream of business not only from locals wanting a nearby burger, but a fair number of hamburger aficionados, to boot. And for good reason.

On Bailin's 'Trails'

David Bailin's narrative large-scale charcoals have always addressed the human condition.

Come one, come all

To the first round of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, where tonight at Sticky Fingerz, Bobby, Bonnie Montgomery, Cody Belew and Stella Fancy square off.

Murky waters

A walk down Tori Lane in the Windwood Meadows subdivision in Beebe tells the tale.

What's Cookin', Jan. 28.

Restaurateur Jerry Barakat is opening Rockstons American Grill and Bar at 11 Shackleford Drive.

Sanner steps up

The Times received an e-mail news release Tuesday announcing that Harvey Joe Sanner of Des Arc, president of the American Agriculture Movement of Arkansas, was among a group of Arkansans applauding Sen. Blanche Lincoln's support of a resolution to block EPA regulations.

Come one, come all

To the first round of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, where tonight at Sticky Fingerz, Bobby, Bonnie Montgomery, Cody Belew and Stella Fancy square off.

The Observer, Jan.28

The Observer's kid approached his school's Geography Bee with much trepidation and gnashing of teeth.

Oh, and Marion Berry retired, too.

Madness so pervades Arkansas politics that the announced retirement of an entrenched 14-year Democratic congressman who sits on the Appropriations Committee is the least of it.

Martina McBride-Trace Adkins

I can officially say that I have been mooned by Martina McBride.

Charter watch

Charters should do what they promise and be evaluated rigorously. That's progress.

In Brief, Jan. 28-30.

Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, Cool Shoes, Underclaire, Winston Family Orchestra.

A&E News, Jan. 28.

George Strait and Reba McEntire return to Little Rock; Valley of The Vapors Festival in Hot Springs; Haiti Benefit; Arkie Idol, Charity Vance

The Week That Was, Jan. 20-26

It was a good week for retirement, bad for democracy.

Democracy at risk

Money is speech, the Court says, and corporations have rights superior to those of individuals.

The Televisionist, Jan. 28-Feb. 4.

While the theaters trudge through a cinematic wasteland, the tube's offering a handful of decent options to fill your need for distraction.

Abolish it!

January: a waste of calendar space, not to mention your time? Bob Lancaster presents a case for abolishing the coldest month.

The new war

Letters to the Editor: Gay rights, immigration, Michael Steele, gambling in the eye of religion and Walt Disney.

Corporations rule

If someone could account for all of it, U.S. corporations in 2009 spent $20 million and maybe much more to shape what Arkansas people thought about three issues in Washington: health-insurance reform, union organizing and climate and energy legislation.

Words, Jan. 28

“Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary, said that while today is an ‘anniversary of types' of Barack Obama's Jan. 20, 2009, swearing-in, nothing special is planned by the staff to mark Obama's first year as president.”

To-Do, Jan. 28-Feb. 4.

Coming up: Monster Jam at Verizon, Jonathan Wilkins and the Reparations at Pizza D.

Corporatized America

Brummett isn't alarmed by the breathtaking U.S. Supreme Court trashing of precedent in giving corporations the hammer over political speech in America, courtesy of shareholders' money in the case of publicly held companies.

Selling reason

David Corn analyzes last night's speech and concludes that, for the most part, Obama was asking independent voters to reconsider the president.  One crucial element, Corn suggests, was how Obama approached that now dreaded topic of healthcare reform.

State of the Union in review

Do yourself a favor. Check out one of my favorite writers, Charles Pierce, on the state of the union speech last night.

More ways to lose money

Starting on Sunday, Arkansans will be able to put their money down on another multi-state lottery game, Mega Millions.  In the past, states could only participate in one multi-state game, either Powerball or Mega Millions, but that changes after Jan. 31.  Press Release on the jump.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Bonnie Montgomery

Bonnie MontgomeryDebuted: Way back when.From: Searcy, originally; Nashville, recently.Hobbies: Writing operettas. The vocalist has lately been busy wrapping up a "mini opera" about the young life of Bill Clinton.Up next: Sunday at SpeakEasy.Music: "I'd Know"

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Bobby

Photo by Dero Sanford. BobbyDebut: A guest spot on brother 607's 1999 album, "Coercion of the Emperor."


Fractures in the Tea Party are beginning to show.  The Washington Post reports Reps. Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn have announced they will no longer attend the party's convention to be held next month.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Cody Belew

Cody BelewDebut: Last year, as a rock 'n' soul cover singer, with his band the Mercers.

Lottery update

Rumors were circulating that the dollar amount for lottery scholarships might be approved in today's Arkansas Lottery Legislative Oversight Committee meeting.  They weren't true.  The committee did approve an aggregate amount of scholarship awards for nontraditional students, to the tune of "at least $8 million."  Committee chairman Sen. David Johnson said that a working group was still considering all their options, but there seemed to be consensus on setting the dollar amounts to $5,000 for full-time students at four-year institutions (per year) and at $2,500 for full-timers at two-year schools.  He said those scholarship amounts will likely be approved when the committee meets again next week.  The committee did approve 21 changes to the lottery bill, including allowing those with G.E.Ds to be eligible for scholarship money.  See a full list of the changes here.

Daily Digest: Salinger dead, Miramax dead, Drunks for Haiti

Now 25% more reclusive: R.I.P.J.D. Crummy news travels fast. J.D. Salinger and Howard Zinn, two of the best things ever to happen to typewriters, both pass within 48 hours of each other and everyone’s inner 19-year old dies a little.

I'll take $12,153,621.78 please

The $25 million Powerball winner finally stepped forward today.  Not much from the lottery commission in terms of information on the lucky winner.  No name, no hometown.  Only that the player who claimed the prize opted for the lump sum payment option worth $12,153.621.78.  The other option would have been a 29-year, 30-installment annuity payment.

Boozman responds

Yesterday we asked Rep. John Boozman's office for a comment regarding his support for a house resolution honoring James O'Keefe, a sleazy Republican filmmaker who now faces federal charges in a wiretapping scheme.  Boozman's response wasn't much different from other congressmen who built O'Keefe up to be some kind of hero.  From Sara Lasure, the congressman's communications director:

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Stella Fancy

Stella FancyFormed: 2008, but in in a different incarnation; this version of the band has only been together since October, and tonight marks the first time they'll be playing all new songs.From: Little RockMembers: Jen Shaw (vocals, guitar), JP Langston (guitar), Jon Bierman (bass), Damian Thompson (congas), Dan Huff (drums).All dudes, one lady: Jen Shaw: "I’m kind of mothering to them and they’re disobedient to me, so it’s a good dynamic."Music: "Ocean Side" (recorded live, with old members)

Et tu, Robbie?

Andrew DeMillo reports that Hosue Speaker Robbie Wills, who yesterday announced his candidacy for the second district seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Vic Snyder, told reporters at the capitol today that he would have voted against health care reform.  Snyder voted for the overhaul.  Wills said it would have strained the state's Medicaid budget.

Boozman to run for Senate

U.S. Rep. John Boozman will enter the Republican race for U.S. Senate, says an email I just got from someone well-connected to Republican politics.

The mayor: Let them stay

Humanitarians who man feeding stations for the homeless in Riverfront Park are pleased with a message on homelessness sent out by Mayor Stodola today.

Got milk?

I do, and bread too. Time to go home and listen for freezing rain.

Showcase tonight

For all of you who want to do something other than sit around at home and wait on the sleet, the first round of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase starts tonight at Sticky Fingerz at 9:00.  Four great local bands square off including Bonnie Montgomery, Stella Fancy, Cody Belew and Bobby.  I'll be hosting the event in Lindsey's absence.  Last year's showcase was a blast.  This year's will be no different.  Look for an update on tonight's winner in the wee hours of the morning on Rock Candy. 

A park for the homelesss

A reader provides an opposing viewpoint -- and a photo -- to respond to Mayor Mark Stodola's declaration that he doesn't want to move homeless feeding programs from Riverfront Park.

Soul power

If the Revelations sound as tight live as they do on record, tonight's show at Juanita's could well be a gig for the books.

Showcase winner round one: Bobby

Bobby soars. What a great night.  All around good performances from all participants.  Bonnie Montgomery's voice was sweet, Stella Fancy rocked it out, Cody Belew and his band were sonically skillful and Bobby blew IT UP.  According to our esteemed judges, Bobby came out on top.  Congratulations to all.  Stella Fancy placed second which means they'll get a second shot.  More tomorrow from J.T. Tarpley.  Stay Tuned.   

Winter's icy grip

Well. It's about 50 degrees where I am.

A split on campaign cash

Smart move by Sen. Gilbert Baker and Kim Hendren to say they won't accept U.S. senatorial campaign contributions during the coming legislative session.

We report, you decide

For a slow, icy morning: A reader shares correspondence with officialdom at Little Rock Air Force Base on the TV channel selection played on televisions at medical facilities at LRAFB All Fox News all the time, reader says.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Video recap

Round one winner Bobby. Video by Brian Chilson.

Warm Up.

We already have the hot water going for cocoa at the house.  Provisions are stocked, sweaters have been pulled out of the closets and the DVD player is operational.

The corporatized 1st Amendment

Talking Points Memo rounds up expert opinion that tends to think the terrible reversal of precedent by legislating right-wing justices on the U.S. Supreme Court won't much affect national politics because they are already awash in corporate cash.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Judges commentary on Bobby

Bobby hits the stage like a hungry serial killer at Lollapalooza.  The production rocks the venue.  Bobby's set grabs the crowd like no other set.Proxy judge: Osyrus tha G.O.D.Showmanship is excellent - I'm also a sucker for old school intros.  Very aware of the stage and his audience.

Mike Ross staying put

Put the Democratic speculation -- or most of it -- to rest. U.S. Rep. Mike Ross said clearly and flatly today that he is running for re-election.

Murder still a crime in Kansas

Scott Roeder convicted in slaying of Dr. George Tiller. 37 minutes of jury deliberation.

Ross, Pryor back ATV use in forest

Speaking of Mike Ross: He and Sen. Mark Pryor are objecting to Agriculture Interior Department proposed restrictions on ATV use in the Ouachita National Forest.

Question hour for Obama

Smart move for the president. It wasn't exactly the British parliament.

Be careful out there

As Brian Chilson's video of imperiled cars on University Avenue shows, it's a good idea Little Rock shut down today.

Gilbert Baker cash report

Sen. Gilbert Baker raised almost $300,000 in the fourth quarter, bringing to almost $800,000 his haul for the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Officially official

As we noted here yesterday, John Boozman is now in the senate race.  What does this mean for the rest of the Republican field?  Post your speculation here.

Twisters no more

Well, in name only.  The Arkansas Twisters are moving to the Indoor Football League and, as a result, are being forced to change their name.  The team is asking for suggestions.  You can email suggestions to  What do you think?  Any bright ideas out there?    

How about an open line?

Stories about the weather?  Political speculation?  Did anybody see Obama knock it out of the park today?  What a slow, icy day...

Burger bliss

Worth the drive: Dub's Hamburger Heaven

A day without print

Here's the thing. I'm creaky and want to lie abed this a.m.

Consider John Boozman

I know, the headline proposition doesn't make the heart sing. Except for the potential ire among the Tea Party that will be caused by John Boozman's candidacy for U.S. Senate, to be announced in Little Rock next week.

Nothing's too good for the Hogs

Blogger elwood points out an article in the Northwest Arkansas Times today (sub. reqd.)

Another Democrat for Congress

Ginger Shiras reports in the Harrison Daily Times today that Sen. Randy Laverty may run for Third District Congress if, as expected, U.S. Rep. John Boozman, the Republican, gets in the race for U.S. Senate.

Remembering George Bush

Five U.S. attorneys sacked by President George Bush to make way for political thugs appeared together in a program this week in Arizona.

A word from the coast

Leslie may check in tonight again or she may not. I'm going to be out of touch.

Blue Dog howls at Obama

John Brummett invited outgoing U.S. Rep. Marion Berry to amend/expand an unflattering comment about President Obama's role in the health care debate.

Political PAC men

NY Times mentions fund-raising efforts of PACs tied to prominent Republican politicians: Former Gov. Sarah Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, raised $2.1 million in 2009, $1.4 million of which rolled in during the last six months of the year, after she resigned as governor on July 3.

Back at it

I rolled in from San Francisco this morning to find, as usual, that the Martin Street hill is the last stretch of road in town likely to thaw.

Sunday line

Nothing here. Take it away.

Children's Hospital in limelight

Arkansas Children's Hospital got a heckuva ride on NBC Dateline tonight, with filming by Little Rock's documentary filmmakers, the Renaud brothers.

A passion for justice

A genocide scholar doubles as University of Arkansas education professor.

Banker dies of gunshot

Ron Strother, president of Home Bancshares, died of what's being called a self-inflicted gunshot wound Sunday afternoon.

GOP lightning round

Short takes from the Republican primary for U.S. Senate: Jim Holt says he raised $60,000 in the 4th quarter (a lot for his insurgent candidacy; he raised only $150K in his 2004 race against Blanche Lincoln ...

Tim Griffin: Cager

Tim Griffin, Republican candidate for 2nd District Congress, had his fingerprints all over a Republican vote "caging" operation in Florida -- a sophisticated effort to disqualify likely Democratic voters from casting votes for president in 2004.

Look to Canada

Interesting Krugman today. Canada avoided the financial meltdown because of government curbs on risky bank lending.

GOP rumble in the 3rd

A Republican activist says noise is growing that  state Sen. Cecile Bledsoe will run for the Third District congressional opening.

Stodola to seek re-election

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will seek re-election this year. Scratch his name from the field of potential candidates for Second District Congress.

Doin' Cue on a Monday Night.

The icy weather caused a lot of cancellations and some postponements -- but that could be to your benefit.

Suskie won't run for Congress

Further reduction of the potential candidate list for 2nd District Congress. Public Service Commission Chairman Paul Suskie says he won't be a candidate.

Proctor class action filed

Local attorney John Wesley Hall Jr. filed a class action lawsuit in Pulaski County Circuit Court this morning, seeking repayment for probationers who paid fees to former Fifth Division Circuit Judge Willard Proctor's Cycle Breakers probation program.

Crane to announce for clerk

Larry Crane, a lawyer with a long career in government work, will announce Wednesday as a candidate for Pulaski County clerk.

Obama answers your questions

President Obama is participating in a live Q and A session on YouTube's CitizenTube channel right now.  You can submit a question or vote on queries that have already been submitted by others.

Rules, shmules

The House Rules Committee has a meeting scheduled next Monday to discuss the House rule 106 that prohibits campaign fund-raising by House members during legislative sessions.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1 Recap

Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase Rd. 1 winner Bobby. Photo by Brian Chilson.

Republican litmus test

The Arkansas Democratic Party endeavors to make an issue of the Republican National Committee's approval of a resolution that imposes a litmus test on core conservative issues for candidates seeking RNC support.

In the mix for Proctor's seat

Wrightsville District Judge Rita Bailey has announced she'll run for the judgeship vacated by the ouster of Willard Proctor.

Another poll gloomy for Lincoln

Polling coming tomorrow will show Rep. John Boozman an easy winner over U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Beebe's disclosure

Public officials had to file financial disclosure statements by today. Here's Gov. Mike Beebe's, including some reported free travel to Europe courtesy of the state economic development agency.

Sorry y'all

It was the Arkansas Times' Chefs Night Out party tonight for coming winners of our best restaurant contest.

A Dude Who Plays Electric Guitar

Guitar hero and blues-jazz aficionado Chris Duarte brings his band to Juanita's tonight.

'Ask the Speaker' shelved

KTHV last night announced it was discontinuing the marvelous free publicity it had provided House Speaker Robbie Wills in a weekly "Ask the Speaker" segment.

Voter caging revisited

Republican congressional candidate Tim Griffin seems to be getting away in some media quarters with his disingenuous suggestion that his voter caging work for Bush in 2004 in Florida was just a good-faith effort to root out fraudulent efforts to sign up new voters.

Voter caging revisited

Republican congressional candidate Tim Griffin seems to be getting away in some media quarters with his disingenuous suggestion that his voter caging work for Bush in 2004 in Florida was just a good-faith effort to root out fraudulent efforts to sign up new voters.

For The Girls.

Ladies, looking for an excuse to get out of the house and eat good food?

Special Tasting.

Cynthia Webster sent in this mention today... about a vodka tasting at Diversion tonight.   But there's a twist.  The folks from Ciroc Vodka will be coming in to share their two new flavors, Red Berry and Coconut.  After that tasting, patrons will have a chance to design their own cocktails.  It's tonight at 5:30.  Hor d'oerves are also covered with the $15 fee.  More information on the jump.

Lottery: Does FOI apply?

The Arkansas Lottery today announced that more than $850,000 in state income taxes had been withheld from the $12.1 million lump sum payment chosen by the recent $25 million Powerball winner in Arkansas.

Lottery: Does FOI apply?

The Arkansas Lottery today announced that more than $850,000 in state income taxes had been withheld from the $12.1 million lump sum payment chosen by the recent $25 million Powerball winner in Arkansas.

Pity the chambers of commerce

Here's a breath-taking factoid: Spending by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2009 exceeded that of both the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

2nd District field narrows

Scratch David Meeks from the Republican field for 2nd District Congress.

Heartthrob Huck: ever faithful

From Politico's Ben Smith: Mike Huckabee is, as I noticed when I traveled with him last year, a bit of a heart-throb for a certain set, and his book-signing crowds are heavily female.

Boozman uber alles

Here's that poll I mentioned yesterday -- Boozman beats Lincoln 56-33. And beats any other name Democrat, despite low name recognition, INCLUDING GOV. MIKE BEEBE.

State money woes continue

Here's the January 2010 state revenue report. It shows a slight increase over collections in the same month a year ago and a microscopic amount in excess of forecast.

Remember Jerry Eckwood?

A letter this morning reminded me that I'd failed a while back to pick up a New York Times sports feature about a sad subject -- former NFL players with debilitating health conditions.

Puttin on the ritz

The Oxford American will give its first award for oustanding contributions to southern culture to actor Morgan Freeman at a $500-a-head gala April 3 at the Capital Hotel.

Powerball winner revealed

The Arkansas Lottery Commission has finally released the name and hometown of the $25 million Powerball winner who stepped forward last week. Harold Bailey of Conway is the lucky winner.  Bailey opted for the one-time payout of roughly $12.1 million instead of annualized payments.

Nurturing fiction

Last Wednesday, Jan. 27, a “Forces of Nurture” column by Cathy Frye appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette under the headline “Mothers in Haiti Face Living Nightmare.” The column described a Haitian mother of two trying to survive in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, trying to find food and shelter for her children, trying to find her missing husband.

Still more Lincoln poll woes

Rasmussen checks in with another any-Republican-can-beat Blanche Lincoln poll. This is the proper context for that earlier Public Policy Polling number.

Indecent exposure alleged

From Memphis TV: A report has been filed with Earle police and the Crittenden sheriff alleging that school superintendent and state Sen. Jack Crumbly exposed himself to a female substitute teacher in a meeting at his office.

Sweet Secret, Revealed.

Of the many fine delights to be found at Silvek's European Bakery inside the Height's Kroger are delicate and crisp Florentina Cookies.  Mr. Pupkowski's sliver of pastrinomical delights are a real hit at my house, a special splurge that requires a special trip to the store (fresh whole milk is always purchased on the same trip for the best experience.  Now the good chef has revealed his Florentina Cookie recipe to the folks over at  Certainly worthy of a celebration (and inclusion in your recipe file!).

Tuesday To-Do: Chris Duarte

CHRIS DUARTE GROUP9 p.m., Juanita's. $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.Confession: I don't get dudes who play electric guitar.

The heart of a Republican

This Kos poll is pretty astounding about the core beliefs of the Republican base -- self-identified Republican voters.

Tuesday: 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' preview, Jump Back Jack, more

Trista Moldovan as Maggie and Michael Ellison as Brick in Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Do as I say; not as I do

If anybody bothers to examine Republican records, it will put the lie quickly to all their talk about deficit busting and fiscal sanity in Washington.

The Gypsy from "Tommy" got big face time on the Grammys

She comes in around the minute mark [Via TheRep's Twitter feed]. Christina Sajous, not soon forgotten for her turn as the Gypsy in the Rep's production of "Tommy" last year, is starring in the new Green Day musical, "American Idiot."

Running in the 3rd

With John Boozman's senatorial candidacy a done deal, candidates are loosening up to run for his Third District congressional seat.

Running on ethics

For years, I encouraged Mike Huckabee and other Republicans to adopt an ethics banner, since the ruling Democrats wouldn't.

You want leadership?

I give you Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who today stood up for proud and open service of homosexuals in the armed forces.

Open line

Y'all are on.

Food reviews: Cage match

I got an e-mail tonight from "Dave Wrinkle," taking vivid exception to a kind review of Dub's, a Scott area burger joint.

Food reviews: Cage match

I got an e-mail tonight from "Dave Wrinkle," taking vivid exception to a kind review of Dub's, a Scott area burger joint.

The Televisionist, Feb. 4-11

Undercover Boss: On CBS Sunday, Feb. 7, after the Super Bowl, a plum placement that's launched mega hits.

The Televisionist, Feb. 7.

Nineties rock revival

Manchester Orchestra worships at the temple of '90s alt-rock. The loud/soft dynamics of the Pixies and Weezer. The swirling guitars and grunge-filtered pop of Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins. It all comes through in the popular modern rockers music. Tonight, they play Juanita's.

A boost for foster care

Squeaky wheel department: Rep. Donna Hutchinson went to the press not long ago to press Gov. Mike Beebe to find money for foster care programs.

Obama engages

Can the president bring Republicans into governance? That's his strategy.

Wednesday To-Do: Manchester Orchestra

MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA8:30 p.m., Juanita's. $12 adv., $15 d.o.s.Manchester Orchestra worships at the temple of '90s alt-rock.

NLR crime watch

Scott Miller has an interesting tale at Argenta News about a recent home burglary on the north shore.

Wal-Mart job cuts

Arkansas Business reports that Wal-Mart is cutting 300 jobs, primarily at its Bentonville headquarters.

Woo, pig, sooiee

Opposition researchers are having a field day with U.S. Rep. John Boozman's love of pork barrel spending.

Let the scholarship money flow

The Arkansas Lottery Commission Legislative Oversight Committee set lottery scholarship amounts at $5,000 for full-time students at four-year institutions and $2,500 for full-time students at two-year schools.  The move has been in the works for some time now.  The figure was determined by a working group (made up of legislators on the committee) with input from the governor's office.  The language to officially set the scholarship amounts will be included in the committee's forthcoming bill, along with other minor changes, and will be voted on by legislators in the upcoming fiscal session.  

Lutheran High to close

Arkansas Business reports the school is announcing its closing in a letter to parents. Nearby Catholic High School apparently is interested in the property.

Race at issue in judgeship vacancy

Filling the vacancy created by Willard Proctor's removal from the bench is going to have the expected racial controversy.

Burger Bonanza.

I have been waiting a long time to revisit Ed Walker’s Drive-In and Restaurant in Fort Smith.