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January 31, 2008

Vol 6 • No 3

Edifice complex

State legislators are back with another plan to build another giant state office building, and probably a parking deck, on the Capitol grounds.

More on that Clinton speech : UPDATE

State Democratic bigwigs were out in force for Hillary Clinton's campaign stop at North Little Rock High School today: She got introductions from Tracy Steele, Martha Dixon, Dustin McDaniel, Marion Berry, Mike Ross, Vic Snyder, and Mike Beebe.

Hump night open line

I'm in San Francisco, hoping to learn more about the web. I hope to check in now and again.

Calendar, Jan. 31

What's going on Jan. 31 through Feb. 6.

What's cooking

An express version of Sufficient Grounds will open in the Cox Creative Center in the space that previously housed the Farmer’s Daughter Cafe.

Bag it

Resolution: Buy as many Deep-Fried Lardballs as you want at the grocery store, but don’t bring any of them home in a plastic bag.

In Brief, Jan. 31

Musician's showcase kicks off Thursday; Big John Miller at the Afterthought Friday, Benjamin Del Shreve at the Flying Saucer Saturday, and more.

Federalism, Bush-style

The administration of George W. Bush protects industry by telling states they can't obey the people's wishes.

In a nutshell

Day Late and Dollar Short waved me into the House of Dominoes when I walked by there the other morning.

Homemade clothes

It’s 15 minutes before the Delta Style fashion show at the Arkansas Arts Center, and models are milling around in teetering heels, posing for pictures and getting last-minute instructions from the designers whose creations they’re about to show off to the

The Musicians Showcase begins!

After months of anticipation, we finally enter into the first round of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase on Thursday with performances by 607, Justin Bank, Riverboat Crime and the Running Back. Details below. Rock Cand

Touch-screen me not

Public confidence in touch-screen voting is low.

Mired in the net

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an expiration date on film concepts?

Insiders, Jan. 31

Pulaski Circuit Court Judge Willard Proctor Jr. and his Cycle Breakers probation program is getting more scrutiny than has been reported previously.

The tax man

When he’s right he’s right, he being Sheffield Nelson. The former gas company executive and gubernatorial candidate has jumpstarted the debate over raising Arkansas’s essentially non-existent natural gas severance tax.


That Ellis Johnson packed his bags for the Gamecocks after less than a month on the Hill might tickle Falcons owner Arthur Blank pink, but I won’t bite on the “just desserts” argument.

Beware the shale

As a resident of Texas, we are glad the oil service companies are moving eastward because there are certain areas of our state where an individual cannot tap water due to the contamination caused from these wells.

The To-Do List, Jan. 31

Take 6, Pat Green, Winter Jam, Lippizzaner Stallions, Tiger Army, Brazilian Guitar Festival, Patrick Sweany Band and Ted Ludwig Trio with Rodney Block

The Week That Was, Jan. 23-29

It was a good week for … SHEFFIELD NELSON. He began solid steps toward an initiative to raise the gas severance tax by seeking a state Ethics Commission ruling that gas producers must disclose any spending to beat the measure.

Here’s Beebe, in a nutshell

This severance tax debate provides a perfect case study of your governor, Mike Beebe.

Time to vote

Early voting has begun for the presidential primary election in Arkansas Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Fidelity under fire

As president, Bill Clinton wouldn’t stand up for himself against vicious media, and he earned their further hatred because of his timidity. He will stand up for his wife, it turns out. They hate him still more for that.

Words, Jan. 31

“People seem so mystified as to whether to use ‘who’ or ‘whom’ that they almost always get it wrong. … "

The Observer, Jan. 31

The Observer goes to a lot of movies, and — like everybody in the universe, we guess, except for the dingbats who indulge in it — we can’t stand people who talk on their cell phones during a film.

Identity through dolls

Mary Swift had two baby dolls when she was a little girl. They looked like Mary, because they were black.

Not so famous in Arkansas

Flashy and fun inside and out, Dave's surely got the looks of a great li’l place for lunch or dinner with friends.

Let’s renew focus on renewable energy

William Ball writes on our failure to develop alternatives to oil.

Gas companies pay for UA tax study

As part of a study of natural-gas drilling in north central Arkansas, researchers from the University of Arkansas will ask the drilling companies whether they would reduce their investment if the state raised its severance tax on natural gas to the nation

Fed up

That would be Brummett, with people who still support the Clintons. He's an Obamaist, apparently.

TV topic

Margaret Warner of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS will report from Arkansas tonight on AETN at 5:30 p.m.

Where were you last night?

I wasn't at Van Halen, obviously. (I was at Betelnut, which serves pan-Asian street food in a film noirish setting.)

The morning Huck

HE COULDA BEEN A CONTENDA: James Wolcott of Vanity Fair says Mike Huckabee blew it:

Bad times in Baring Cross

The Levy Project sounds the alarm after a drive-by shooting on NLR's River Trail.

Following the money

Here's why former president Bill Clinton's world travels and contributions to the Clinton Library are of such interest.

Arkansas book alert

The NY Times has a sparkling review of a book with great Arkansas interest -- the tale of a quack doctor and Mexican broadcaster, John Brinkley, who implanted goat glands in men to restore virility.

Poll dance

Beebe yes, Bush no: That's the result of a poll by Global Strategy Group of Arkansas published this a.m. on Roby Brock's Talk Business blog. The poll, of 608 state voters, produced a 58 percent approval rating for the governor and 34 percent for Bush.

Grand standing

The two candidates for president with connections to Arkansas are reaching out for the youngster vote.

DeLay de-listed

Blake's Think Tank says Tom DeLay won't be speaking at the Clinton School today after all.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Riverboat Crime

  Riverboat CrimeFormed: March 2007From: North Little RockMembers: Josh Stoffer (vocals, guitar, piano, woolitzer), Adam Tompkins (drums, percussion), Wes Coker (bass).Album: "Walking Shoes," the band's debut album was recorded at Blue Chair Studio with Jordan Trotter of Grand Serenade and Darian Stribling of Blue Chair Studio.

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Justin Bank

Photo by David Fowlkes. Justin BankBackground: "A computer will help you get good grades, but a guitar will get you great groupies," Bank's uncle told him when he was 15.

Perhaps All is Not Lost

There has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the basketball team in recent weeks (we'll admit to engaging in a bit of that ourselves).

Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: 607

Photo by Kat Wilson. 607 AKA Adrian TillmanWho?

Now, for something pretty

From our correspondent in Jasper, Ark.:

Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase Rd. 1: The Running Back

The Running BackBackground: Lead singer/guitarist Alan Thomas formed the band in high school with his friend Jeffrey Humble, who plays pedal steel and "other off the wall" instruments.

Clinton IS coming UPDATE

Bill, we mean. The campaign confirms.

Showcase tees

Available tonight for the low-low price of $15.

The San Francisco treat

The Huckster spoke just down the street from me in San Francisco today. I couldn't get away.

Huck calls home UPDATE

Mike Huckabee will make a pit stop in Northwest Arkansas at 4 tomorrow in between trips to Oklahoma and Missouri.

Ooops, she did it again!

Well, just in time to make it twice in one month.  Britney Spears has gone to the hospital for a psych evaluation under the behest of her psychiatrist, which is apparently not Dr. Phil.  If you've seen any network news today, you'd know that at 1AM this morning a motorcade of L.A.P.D. and private vehicles transported her to hospital along with L.A.P.D.  helicopter support and a parade of leachy paparazzi.  I feel bad because this isn't her fault exactly, it's not like she was prepared for this life, it just sort of snowballed on her between 15 - 25, who can blame someone for losing it with that much pressure, fame and wealth coming in during your most boneheaded years?  And now she's crazy, well, I think we all saw that coming.  I'd like to say it's her parents fault for pimping their daughters out for any entertainment job they could and forgetting they may have needed some boundaries and some discpline, even now.  But that's another story.  What I find so bizarre is that Portfolio Magazine estimates the media circus around Britney Spears contributes an average $110 million dollars to the U.S. Economy......say what?  Here's a break down of their factors to get to this number: Total Albums sold sind 1999 (that's 8 years people, 8) - 83 million Value of those albums to JIVE Records - $400 million (one artist) Touring Revenue - $150 Million, avg.

Bob Woodruff at Clinton School

Those grieving over Tom DeLay's Clinton School cancellation tonight may find consolation in a visit by Bob Woodruff next Friday evening.

CDI executive missing

Some two to three dozen officers are searching for John W. Glasgow, CFO and vice president of CDI Inc., on Petit Jean Mountain.

Early voting continues

Pulaski County Election Commission Chairman Kent Walker reports that there have been over 5,000 early votes in the county as of this afternoon.

Just another face in the crowd

The state’s political parties moved this year’s primary up to Feb. 5 to make Arkansas more relevant in the nominating process, but the change seems unlikely to give the state more electoral muscle or attention.

607 takes the first round of the Showcase

The Ark. Times Musicians Showcase kicked off last night. All four acts gave strong performances, but it's local rapper 607 moving on to the final round on Friday, March 7. Check Rock Candy below for pictures, video and more recap.

The vice squad

The Fix in Washington Post rounds up speculation on vice presidential candidates. Mike Huckabee, naturally, turns up on the John McCain list.

Full of gas

Gov. Mike Beebe said yesterday that he might mount his own gas tax initiative drive if the legisalture won't raise the severance tax because he doesn't like Sheffield Nelson's idea of an intiative to split the money between roads and highways.

The morning Huck

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Candidates have filed year-end financial reports and a correspondent submits an analysis of friends and family on the cash-strapped Huckabee campaign payroll.

Showcase results

The kickoff of the Ark. Times Musicians Showcase last night couldn't have gone any better.

The morning cHUCKle

Yahoo's Non Sequitur strip has a little fun this a.m. with the Huckster.

Friday To-Do: Pat Green

PAT GREEN8 p.m., the Village. $23-$26.

Beantown breakfast

Kat Robinson of Tie Dye Travels has been gallivanting in Boston, where a bodacious breakfast with stuffed French toast and honest-to-goodness corned beef hash drew her lens.

John Glasgow update

The .22 rifle that was thought to be missing from the Little Rock home of John Glasgow has been found at the home, his brother Roger Glasgow says.

Showcase recap

The champ, 607. Photo by Brian Chilson.

Judges commentary on 607

All the bands were good. Unfortunately they had to battle 607.

A matter of fact

Media Matters has a different take on the New York Times story that suggested Canadian financier Frank Giustra used his connections with former President Bill Clinton to make money in Kazakhstan.

Hillary v. Obama: Commercial appeals

Arkansans can look forward to an feast of advertising this weekend. We'll have this sort of thing on Sunday, of course.

Hillary v. Obama: Commercial appeals

Arkansans can look forward to an feast of advertising this weekend. We'll have this sort of thing on Sunday, of course.

White collar, no stripes

Tom Coughlin, the former Wal-Mart executive convicted of fraud and tax evasion, will do no prison time, the Houston Chronicle reports. Instead, a federal judge added 1,500 hours community service to his home detention sentence.

Showcase video recap

Our house videographer Roland Gladden caught most of the show last night. Here's a 15 minute clip, featuring at least one song from every featured act.

It's About That Time

It's the first day of February, and if my series of complex mathematical equations is correct, March is the next month on the calendar.

Friday night lights

Checking in late after a nearly interminable Oscar-nomined movie, "There Will Be Blood." I'm no movie reviewer.

Blood runs thick

Contributor Charlie James spoke to James Blood Ulmer, who performs Saturday at Hendrix College, by phone last week about his gospel background, Ornette Coleman and the roots of “Blood.”

Obama's McDougal

Brummett allows as how St. Barack might have gotten a few flecks of mud on his frock in a sweetheart real estate deal that involved Obama's home purchase and a Chicago slumlord.

The morning Huck

STRUMMING THE BASE: The Huckster made a stop in NW Ark. Friday. Naturally, since that's where most votes will be cast in the Republican primary.

Heckuva job, judge

The outrageous case of thieving Wal-Mart exec Tom Coughlin was well-discussed yesterday. But I'm aroused anew by the valedictory from federal Judge Robert Dawson, who again gave home detention, not a single day behind bars, for stealing a half-million dollars.

A tip of the hat

Thanks to elwood for noting Friday night  the The Iconoclast's post -- the first mention I saw of this news -- that the Florida-based restaurant chain (Bonefish Grill, notably) has dropped its plan to deduct credit card company fees from tips added to restaurant tabs.

UPDATE: Glasgow search

The official search for John Glasgow, the CDI chief financial officer who's been missing since Monday morning, has been called off.

Crossing paths

Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee both campaigned in Huntsville, Ala., today. The Bro.-Gov. Huckabee's Alabama stops today?

Remember Ada Mills?

LA Times notes today that Rudy Giuliani's $50 million outlay for a single Republican convention delegate from Nevada makes him the all-time example of dollar futility, exceeding even the $11 million John Connally spent in 1980 for a single delegate.

You're on your own

Earlier than usual, I leave it in the capable hands of blog readers. I have to check out of my San Francisco hotel and wander the streets until a red-eye flight at 1 a.m.

Pyschobilly Monday

Here's a measure of success for a band in the aughts: How many fans have your band tattooed on them? Enough to warrant a thriving MySpace page just for its tatted fans, Tiger Army can boast. The melodic pyschobilly group is at Revolution tonight.

The morning Huck

NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT IS: Mike Huckabee complained on the MTV forum that he always gets the "God questions."

After Super Tuesday, eh

The early presidential primary seems likely to leave the regular May  primary without much of interest on a statewide level.

Sen. Lincoln on the sidelines

Why, alone among the Arkansas congressional delegation, is Sen. Blanche Lincoln not expressing a preference in the race for president?

Clinton town hall

Hillary Clinton's campaign has announced that Little Rock will be part of a nationally televised "town hall" event Monday night.

A second political career?

E-mail rumor: Sen. Dave Bisbee to run for Benton County judge.

Super Sunday

I'm retiring for the night. I haven't regained equilibrium after the overnight plane flight.

The morning Huck

ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIER: Among Mike Huckabee's stops Sunday was the Memphis megachurch, Bellevue Baptist. And he wonders why he gets all the God questions.

The left-wing echo chamber

A progressive talking points machine has built a head of steam on the Internet -- an effective counter to the Republican talk radio model.

Monkey see monkey do

The science-based community is passing around this clip of Mike Huckabee espousing the teaching of creationism in Arkansas schools.

"10 Geriatrics, One Cliff" might not happen

The awesome, impending-doom inspiring reality TV shows of our imagination might not happen. The New York Times reports the writer's strike appears to be near an end.

Oh, deer

Belinda over at Ninja Poodles decides deer can be rendered edible, including in the venison pot roast above.

Money watch

Arkansas revenue in January was slightly ahead of the same month last year and ahead of forecast, DFA reports. Trouble could await in the months ahead, however. 

Hold that standing o

They don't call him/her The Iconoclast for nothing. On the recent speedy selection of Vice Chancellor David Gearhart to succeed John White at UAF:

Is Bill hurting Hillary?

Survey says .... NO. But, Bill factor or not, Obama is gaining.

Notes from the Court: Grandma Susan on the Front Lines

Grandma Susan is a NW Arkansas grandmother and long-time Hog fan who, for years, has kept friends and family entertained with her insightful and witty reports on college sports in general and the Razorbacks in particular (note: she's not related to either of the Expats).

Trooper killed in crash

TV report on an Interstate 40 crash in Crawford County: Trooper killed in wreck, which also involved a tractor-trailer.

Hillary hatred -- UPDATE

Stanley Fish of the NY Times writes that he's never seen anything quite like it.

Bill who?

On the off chance you've forgotten the identity of the Arkansas lieutenant governor -- it's understandable, given the limited duties of the work -- drop by Fire Station 10 on Kavanaugh in the Heights at 11 a.m.

Show them the money

The Wittenburg Door, a serious but far from ponderous religion-oriented website whose contributors include Little Rock native John Bloom (otherwise known as drive-in movie reviewer Joe Bob Briggs) takes off on televangelist Kenneth Copeland and his dedicated supporter and campaign finance beneficiary Mike Huckabee.


The Huckster is starting to act crazy enough to qualify for the No. 2 slot on John McCain's nuthouse express.

The race is on UPDATE

Jeff Dailey has formally announced for the House District 38 seat being vacated by Rep. David Johnson, who's running for Senate.

Monday To-Do: Thick Syrup

THICK SYRUP MONDAY9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $4.It's singer/songwriter night at Thick Syrup Monday tonight at Sticky Fingerz, with Kevin Kerby, Dave Raymond (of Mulehead and Kyoto Boom), John Housley (Pants) and Jonathan Wilkins.

Obama: Gone viral

You don't think the web matters? Think on it some more.

Obama: Gone viral

You don't think the web matters? Think on it some more.

Crime stopped

Score one for the cops. An LRPD release:

Enthusiasm meter

This just in from Secy. of State Charlie Daniels (and it doesn't count the people who've been calling me complaining about touch-screen voting machine malfunctions):

Monday Evening Hodge Podge

After slaving away for countless hours in our attempt to bring you a tasty buffet of the latest and greatest Razorback news, we realized that Brandon Marcello of The Slophouse has pretty much stolen our thunder.

Mystery deepens

No news today on John Glasgow,  the missing financial officer of CDI, the Dillard/Clark construction company combine. Friends and associates are  mystified.

Blue-eyed blues-tinted soul

Nominally a blues man, Patrick Sweany sings with one of those genre-defying, deeply soulful voices that Memphis producers used to turn into gold. Catch him and his band tonight at White Water.

Green they're not

Legislators heard about state office space needs yesterday. The state's building director said additional parking is needed for state employees more than new offices.

Election day

Voted yet? I have at the ready the 50 predictions entered in our contest on the breakdown of the Arkansas Democratic primary vote.But I probably will wait until Wednesday to declare a winner. Just about everyone predicted a Clinton win, generally in the lower 50s.

Benton County blues

My die-hard Democratic correspondent in Benton County has the final tally on early voting in that fortress of Republican strength.

Wouldn't you know it

Lisa Burks of Conway, who's even more suspicious of touch-screen voting machines than I am, reports that she didn't get a proper printed confirmation of her vote on one of the infernal things today.

A Blue Green

Green Party voter Amy Goza of North Little Rock reports that when she asked for a Green Party ballot at her precinct (14, Berean Baptist Church), the poll worker asked her which that was, Republican or Democratic.

Lil Rok rumors

Best tattoo ever. From the "Rumors" page on Word on the street in Arkansas is that Jay-Z, is wanting to make the first signing to his new Apple/I-Tunes Project is a group from Little Rock.

Still plugging Patrick Sweany

Usually, I don't plug shows that I've put at the top of the page again in the blog, but lest you looked at the dude, read what I wrote and called bullshit, I'ma post some songs below.

New Orleans report

Amy Brawner, late of the Times and now with the NLR Library, files this photo and a food report from a recent trip to New Orleans.

A thoroughly unscientific sample

I've encountered four voters who said they went to the poll today undecided. And then they voted for Obama.

At last, LR gets Mexican restaurant

The Texas-based Cantina Laredo restaurant chain -- "gourmet Mexican" is the niche -- will be opening a store in the Midtowne shopping center on University Avenue.

Fighting the adoption ban

As I mentioned earlier, the new group to oppose the law restricting foster parenting and adoption was evident at polls today.

Search continues

The family of John Glasgow, the contracting company executive missing since Jan. 28, has established a website to aid in the search.

More Showcase video

  Because we know you're longing for still more coverage of the first round of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, here's some more video coverage, courtesy of our house videographer Roland Gladden.

Vote with your heart...or favorite musician

Where's a picture of Hilary and 50 Cent when you need it? Idolator follows up a piece the Guardian has today about musician's endorsing candidates.

It's downhill from here UPDATE

-- Brian Chilson photo Mike Huckabee won the West Virginia caucus today, thanks to help from John McCain, who owes Huckabee for the damage he's done to Mitt Romney.

The president of heaven

Watch Huckabee Girl. Right now.

Tuesday To-Do: Brazilian Guitar Festival

YANNI-ISH: The Assad Brothers BRAZILIAN GUITAR FESTIVAL7:30 p.m., Reynolds Performance Hall, UCA. $10-$35.

Willett's in

As we wrote earlier was likely, former Democratic Party chair Jason Willett has announced his candidacy for Jonesboro mayor.

A historic night?

Here's a write-through on some exit poll data that's been sent my direction. I can't vouch for its reliability, though it's from a source I trust.

Happy Signing Day Eve

Tomorrow is National Signing Day for high school recruits. Will Santa Petrino deliver a crop of future Razorback stars?

Terrible Tuesday

-- Brian Chilson photo An exciting election night was overshadowed in Arkansas by destructive tornadoes that killed at least seven and did untold damage from west to east.

Tuesday rewind

The Arkansas Blog has a rundown of Super Tuesday and what it all means. Look below.

A young readers’ ride-along in Arkansas

"18 Wheels Rolling to Arkansas” is one of the cutest Arkansas-themed books to come along in a while. Geared towards young readers, the 24-page soft cover book by Lavaca elementary school teacher Dasha Headley is a labor of love dedicated to her late fathe

Book notes

On March 18, Random House will release “The View from the Seventh Layer,” the latest story collection from Little Rock author Kevin Brockmeier.

What we're reading in February

Here are the top 10 bestsellers from three local bookstores. Data is most recent available.

What’s Happening in February

Readings and booksignings at bookstores across Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee's clemencies

Mike Huckabee's justice for favored inmates is the gift that keeps on giving to political opponents, if not to the public's safety.

Two-man race

Mike Huckabee exulted last night in saying the Republican contest was a two-man race -- between him and McCain.

The Arkansas angle

It looks like final numbers in Arkansas will give Hillary Clinton 69 percent of what will be more than 275,000 Democratic votes and Mike Huckabee 60 percent of what will be more than 200,000 Republican votes.

The Arkansas angle

It looks like final numbers in Arkansas will give Hillary Clinton 69 percent of what will be more than 275,000 Democratic votes and Mike Huckabee 60 percent of what will be more than 200,000 Republican votes.

Spoiling for a fight

The media gleefully anticipate a contested Democratic National Convention and -- along with the Obamaists -- the possibility that superdelegates could give the nomination to Hillary Clinton though Barack Obama might arrive with more "earned" delegates.

Princes update

Rett Peek, killing it on the photo Longtime overdue: I reported a month or so back that the American Princes new album, "Other People," will be out on Feb. 19.

A font of information

Legislator passes along an interesting Boston Globe review of the designs of candidate signage. Our homeboy, Mike Huckabee, doesn't do so hot:

Long night

It got a little tiring sweating in election returns Super Tuesday at Mallard's, the Peabody Hotel bar that is the premier meeting place these days for the political set.

Lucky number

Don and Ellen Edmondson of Forrest City (he was successful in restaurant franchising), have given $13 million to the University of Arkansas and other recipients -- $10 million to the School of Architecture at Fayetteville and $1.5 million each to the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute at UAMS and $1.5 million to Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Meet the New Hogs

Today is National Signing Day for football recruits, and with it we get a first glimpse of what the Bobby Petrino Era might look like on the field.

Wind damage

It pales by comparison to the 13 deaths, dozens of injuries and widespread tornado destruction in the rest of the state, but you weren't dreaming about the power of the winds that blew through Little Rock with the front last night.

Let's play hardball

Obama is on the attack against the Clinton presidency, noting the loss of Democratic officeholders during the period.

Prime time

Mike Huckabee got some air time with famous comedians last night in a mock feud among Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart over which should get credit for Huckabee's rising public profile.

Last night: Patrick Sweany

Patrick Sweany. Put the name to memory, and next time he comes through, dial up the TiVo, find a babysitter, cast aside prior commitments and go see him.

And the winner is ...

We don't have 100 percent of the vote counted in Arkansas, but to end the suspense, I'm going to declare a winner in the Arkansas Blog contest to guess the outcome of the Democratic presidential primary in Arkansas.


Show posters for the Showcase. I'm all about it.

Soundchild Crew wins at the Southern Entertainment Awards

Two weekends ago, Little Rock-based hip-hop group Soundchild Crew took home the Indy Rap Artist of the Year Award at the Southern Entertainment Awards at Tunica's Grand Casino Resort.

Storm damage UPDATED

James Crosland, a pilot who flies out of Central Flying Service in Little Rock, sent these aerial photos of storm damage in Arkansas last night.

Meet the guest judge: Belvis the Black Elvis

Musicians Showcase, round 2 guest judge: Belvis the Black Elvis Who? Umm, really?

Interview with Susan Altrui, Director of Marketing and Development for the Little Rock Zooine

HL:   What kind of bear is the best? SA:   The SunbearHL:  Wrong, black bear

UPDATE: Good morning 607

Photo by Brian Chilson UPDATE: No go this morning after all. The segment got bumped for storm coverage.

Natural storyteller

In a late December day — despite stormy weather and post-holiday inertia — about 100 women showed up at the Cox Building to hear writer Kelly Corrigan read from her remarkable memoir, “The Middle Place.”