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February (first magazine)

February (first magazine)

February 1, 2019

Vol 45 • No 18

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The Hot Springs mile-pie club

Spa City is swiftly becoming a polestar for pizza.

Flash Point: Race, fire, police and Little Rock's new mayor

Can the city's first elected black mayor heal the racial divisions that have long plagued the city's fire and police departments?

Little Rock's Dos Rocas gives a nod to Paraguay

Arkansas Times readers named it the "Best New" restaurant in Central Arkansas.

Best restaurants in Arkansas 2019

Our readers pick the best.

Still without weed in Arkansas

But it looks like medical marijuana will finally roll in.

Orval gets redeemed from Hell

To be paired with a very special spiritual mentor.

The smoked meat pleasures of Naaman's

A pitmaster with a cult following prepares to move his joint across the street — and into another state.

Essential New Orleans

An extensive guide to eating, drinking, dancing, karaoke-ing, strolling and Carnivaling in the Crescent City.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em edition

Play while you scarf down volcano wings with Satan's mother-in-law.

Denise Garner wants campuses to be able to say 'no' to concealed carry

'Compromise is not a bad word,' the freshman legislator from Fayetteville says.

The unbearable whiteness of being

What's lost when we consider the history of racial violence from a white perspective.

Local Lime

The 411 on Little Rock's new e-scooters.


Like Velvet: history in black hairstyles in Arkansas

How a kitchen cosmetologist built — and handed down — a 90-year legacy of black hair care.

What to expect from the 92nd Arkansas General Assembly

Tax cuts for the richest Arkansans top the agenda for the ledge.

"Chicago" opens at The Rep, Sumokem at South on Main, ASO plays "Ode to Joy" and more

And much more.

A fairly good week for the Hogs despite splitting games

Mike Anderson’s still, in the humble opinion of Pearls, coaching for his short- and long-term job security. He remains upbeat about his young team’s future, but a lot of tough games are on the schedule yet, and this team really doesn’t have a signature win to speak of.

A signature Hog win against LSU

Arkansas fans, you may well have witnessed SEC and Arkansas history on Saturday night in Baton Rouge.

Lack of funds delays Washington County crisis stabilization unit

County judge says the county will seek private funds.

Gene Fortson opposes end to at-large city directors, won't run again in 2020

Also says infrastructure problems need to be addressed.

Too old

Whenever I encounter words like “Boomer,” “GenXer,” and “Millennial” used to explain political behavior, it’s normally my practice to quit reading. Cant invariably follows. As anybody old enough to remember the Kennedy assassinations and the Vietnam War understands, so-called “Boomers” have been bitterly divided about every significant issue in American politics all their lives.

Northam, Virginia and the benefit of the doubt

It’s not astonishing to me that a Washington Post poll reveals that Virginia’s African-American voters favor giving Gov. Ralph Northam the benefit of the doubt by 58 to 37 percent. They’ve been dealing with history’s brutal ironies for 400 years

Time for Anderson to go

Arkansas’s standby excuse during the lean portions of the Mike Anderson era has been reduced to one word or its variants thereof: “youth.”

Not just a fluke: Wednesday Night Poetry celebrates 30 years

Wednesday Night Poetry celebrated its 30th anniversary on Feb. 6, commemorating 1,567 consecutive Wednesdays of weekly poetry readings since it began as the first recurring art event in Hot Springs on Feb. 1, 1989.

Print pundits falling for foolishness

“Post Pundit 2020 Power Ranking!” is supposedly based upon the hopefuls’ “holistic viability to trounce Trump,” a jokey bit of alliterative jargon seemingly intended to make light of the whole enterprise.

Perfectionism, patriarchy and paradox: A Q&A with Iris Dement

Without her nomadic life’s timeline as accompaniment — the youngest of 14 kids, catapulted from Northeast Arkansas to coastal California at the age of 3 — you might hear Iris Dement’s inimitable voice and assume she never left the American South.

Young adults ‘aging out’ of Arkansas foster care system struggle to adapt

Because it’s uncommon for older teenagers in foster care to be adopted, many are emancipated at age 18 or 21 without ever finding a permanent home. In the last state fiscal year, 235 young people “aged out” of the Arkansas system. Too old to be a ward of the state but unprepared to be cast out on their own, they entered adult life highly disadvantaged.

Review: The Rep's "Chicago" is strapped to the beat

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre is back at it, with gusto to spare.

Trump, Epstein and Kraft: Rich men groping

In the Age of Trump, it often seems that powerful, entitled men have taken to imitating the behavior of the great man himself: forcing themselves upon reluctant women (and sometimes girls), relying upon their power and money to protect them from the consequences. So go ahead and grab them, boys, because "when you're a star, they let you do it."

Hog basketball purgatory

The hardwood Hogs’ six-game losing streak reached its paradoxical high and low of the entire season in the span of a single half against Kentucky in Rupp Arena.

Indomitable: African American artists in 'On Their Own Terms' at UA Little Rock

UA Little Rock is, once again, proving the folly of ignoring African-American art, with the exhibition “On Their Own Terms,” which opens Jan. 17 at UA Little Rock’s Windgate Center of Art and Design.