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Readers Choice 2020

Readers Choice 2020

February 1, 2020

Vol 45 • No 30

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Best Restaurants in Arkansas 2020

Our annual Readers Choice issue that celebrates the best in food in Arkansas is not a beauty contest. Good dining is about substance as well as ambiance. Kitchens are beehive-busy with battle plans, where great creativity meets vigorous chopping and stirring and strategic use of the stove.

Tusk & Trotter's "High South" cuisine is peak pork

If you’re the kind of person that prefers their protein to resemble the animal from which it came as little as possible, you’ll still find plenty to eat, but you might also risk missing the point. Tusk & Trotter serves meat with an origin story, and what’s on the plate is meant to highlight, rather than mask, the qualities of the animal you’re being offered.

Wunderful European soul food at WunderHaus

The idea for serving good food produced locally came to Jacqueline Smith when she was pregnant.

Seeking sourdough

You’ll find it — and a one-of-a-kind oven that’s nearly three decades old — in Leslie.
Picture of Doe's Eat Place in Little Rock

Hot tamales and Clinton mania: an oral history of Little Rock's Doe's Eat Place

This is the story of how the Little Rock landmark came to be and how it persists as told by staff, friends and customers.

Big, bold ideas needed: Q and A on future of LR Parks with Jesse Gibson

Jesse Gibson is a Little Rock lawyer and chairman of the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission, which plays an advisory role in city parks issues and is involved in the repurposing of War Memorial and Hindman parks.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Partially Smooshed Edition

Play at home, after asking your hogs how they would spend $6.2 million.

Clinton probes discover zilch

More fake scandals.

The past and future of Hall High School

Once a school of choice, now in the crosshairs of the State Board of Education, Little Rock Hall prepares to hit the reset button.

Perrion Hurd: Mosaic Templars' signature artist

The painter/printmaker hopes the banners he's painted for the exterior of the downtown museum of African-American life in Arkansas will inspire community mural projects.

The Aggressive Forest: A conversation with Anaïs Dassé

"I always felt the way we display the information — the viewer in front of it — everybody is filling gaps. In the end, they [the curators] can tell you whatever they want. This is also the question of colonialism: In these narratives, the 'winner' is the one talking. It’s not just missing information; it’s about how we write history. Who are the 'savages'?" 

A civil rights crossroads in Little Rock

The 1974 National Black Political Convention.

The cost of cannabis

Dispensaries share how they price their products and their hopes for the growing industry.

The last bar

True story: Heaven is a bar where the World Series is always on TV, it’s always happy hour, and “Lay Lady Lay,” “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” or “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is eternally playing on the jukebox. An old bubblefront Wurlitzer, maybe, or one of those early ’60s jobs full of 45s, glowing like the command console of the U.S.S. Enterprise next to the squat battleship of the cigarette machine. Quarter for three plays. Make your choices and take your chances, kid.