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February 23, 2006

Vol 4 • No 6

The week that was Feb. 15-21

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … WINTER. Yes, the warmed globe still produces snow and ice in Arkansas, in this case after the daffodils had begun blooming. The wintry weather, which arrived on a Friday evening, made for a blissfully quiet weekend, full of wa

Smart Talk Feb. 23

Topics this week: The UAMS baby cam; a new poll matches Hillary and Huck; Tom Tomorrow has a hot new book.

Wage war

The scene was a darkened movie theater on a recent Friday night. Everything started out friendly and casual, but soon it got pretty hot and heavy. Before you get too excited, it wasn’t a date. I had agreed to debate Arkansas News Bureau columnist Davi

Same old song

Bush’s brain, Karl Rove, came to Arkansas last week to raise money for the Republican Party. His appearance at UCA presented an opportunity for statewide candidates to make brief remarks. Chuck Banks, who’s running for lieutenant governor, used his mi

PAC man

Gov. Mike Huckabee continues to rake in cash for his Healthy America PAC, set up in faraway Virginia.

Sports afield

I used to hunt quail with my brother-in-law Joe Fowlkes, who taught me the lore of bird hunting even if he couldn’t do much to help my aim. I shot at a lot of quail and one time came pretty close to hitting one, or thought I did. I never shot Joe or his d

Orval Feb. 23

This Modern World Feb. 23

The Observer

Week before last, kind of on a whim and kind of as new decor for soon-to-be-finished shelves in the old dining room, The Observer bought a fire truck.

Uncivil pair

Here in Arkansas, we seek the ivory-billed woodpecker but we get Ann Coulter. Disappointment doesn’t come any keener.

Asa as Forrest Gump

He is smarter and much, much meaner, but Asa Hutchinson still does a good imitation of Forrest Gump.

Editorial cartoon Feb. 23

Fighting hunger

I was glad to read the Feb. 2 letter from Debra Alich, director of the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, who wrote in response to Dale Ingram’s excellent cover story on the anniversary of the Elaine food riots.

Mistakes were made

Just like every professional person and business executive can make mistakes, so can journalists and their bosses. For example: • Have you heard enough about our vice president accidentally shooting one of his buddies on a quail hunt and not informing

Words Feb. 23

If there’s no mammon in heaven, Republicans won’t go:

Watts brings piano power to ASO

UAMS hosts displaced scientists

The idea of a hurricane hitting New Orleans was certainly not absurd. “Being where we are between June and November, everybody’s eye is on the weather. Everyone has hurricane watching programs on their computer,” said Barry Hurlburt, whose home is abo

A patient-subject’s story

One morning in 1991, as Ken Stoll was getting ready to go to work, he felt a pain in his sternum. He was 47 years old. “It was a tightness in my chest area. It took me to my knees,” he recalled. “I thought I was having a heart attack.”

Soup’s back on Sunday

Soup Sunday, Celtic Music Fair and Michael Carenbauer are back on the schedule for this weekend.

Shanghai and snapshots

Women artists take center stage this week as shows of mostly representational works in paint and pastel open in various galleries in Greater Little Rock.

Sports Hall welcomes 11

The Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame will induct 11 new members at its 48th annual banquet on Friday, Feb. 24, at the Statehouse Convention Center.

The Click Five is clicking

One of the most requested acts on national video music channels such as Fuse, MTV and VH1 is the Click Five, a young band out of Boston that seems to be channeling much of what made the Beatles and the rest of the 1960s British invasion groups popular, pa

Showcase stars, film, basketball

There is so much I want to opine about this week, and only so much room. In the past chilly week, the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase had a monster semifinal night before a packed house at Sticky Fingerz and the Ozark Foothills Filmfest revealed a wonde

Death and the maiden

A couple weeks back, a friend of mine died. He was young and talented, from a family whose name you would probably recognize if it were printed here. Still — like most people who die in this state — his death warranted only a paid-for obituary in the Arka

TV highlights Feb. 23-29

SMALL SPACE, BIG STYLE 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 25 HGTV (Comcast Ch. 49) TIME OF FEAR 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb 27 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) ENGINEERING DISASTERS: NEW ORLEANS 10 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28 The History Channel (Comcast

In a tizzy for Dizzy’s

It was with great joy a couple of years back that we happened upon Dizzy’s Grill in Benton. A fun, funky place with a great staff and an artfully made slate of menu items, Dizzy’s has since become a favorite stop when this reviewer goes looking for a meal

Thaw out this weekend at White Water

On the group’s myspace weblog account, Fayetteville alt-pop-rock band The Good Fear — appearing with American Princes at White Water Tavern on Saturday, Feb. 25 — lists an impressive group of band relations, with members, former and current, in Lucero, Al

Impatient treatment

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences praises Dr. Bart Barlogie’s “pioneering research” into the cause of a deadly cancer known as multiple myeloma. But the high-stakes world of biomedical research is as secretive as it is complex. No pr

‘Transamerica’ transcendent

A moving and powerful new entry to the road movie genre is “Transamerica.” At times laugh-out-loud funny, at others so cringe-inducingly awkward that you can’t help but look away, it makes for a great time at the movies — one that has

Fighting over a ‘Biscuit’

“What’s in a name?” someone once wrote. Plenty, say the organizers of the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival in Helena, formerly the King Biscuit Blues Festival. To prove that blues lovers care about the answer, they’ve launched an online petition drive

What's cooking/capsule reviews Feb. 23

What's cooking: Saddle Creek Woodfired Grill, Denny’s Restaurant in Conway. Capsule reviews: Courtyards by Marriott, Piero's Correction: Steve Staten is the head of the corporation that owns Bare Bones Barbecue on Highway 10.

Arkansas in national vanguard

Arkansas leads the national discussion about Democrats’ reportedly good prospects to win enough governorships in November to hold more than half of them.