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February 24, 2005

Vol 3 • No 6

Editorials Feb. 24

Old-time Baptists supported the separation of church and state, but political conservatives hijacked the denomination a few years back, aligning it with the Republican Party and shifting its emphasis from keeping religion out of government to keeping Demo

The Observer Feb. 24

Does tipping now work in reverse? If you give someone money for good service, do they hold this against you? The Observer inquires because of a recent experience with his newspaper carrier. (Yes, The Observer subscribes to the daily paper, despite its

Serious playthings in Toy Show no. 32

The annual Toys Designed by Artists exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center is a showcase for contemporary craft that loves a good joke. Some of the entries in this juried show are outright toys; most are playfully ironic, even bitingly so.

You gotta believe

When it comes to understanding the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it’s tempting to compare the Arkansas legislature to a bunch of uninformed high school students, but that might be too generous

The bigger the Mama, the better

Clintonites James Carville and George Stephanopoulos, two of the more famous regular patrons of Your Mama’s Good Food during the restaurant’s early-1990s infancy, wouldn’t recognize the place today. They’d have to look around for it now, too.

Lettters Feb. 24

I am proud of Dr. Romona Davis, featured in your article “In the middle” with her husband Lamar. But I must point out that the article said incorrectly that Dr. Davis was the first black ophthalmologist at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Deltic in brief

Accept NIT and try to win

Only four years removed from the NCAA championship, Connecticut lost 11 games and settled for the National Invitation Tournament. Jim Calhoun, a genius when the Huskies won the big one in 1999, was still in charge and he was right on target with his a

Not a Nick bill, but a bad one

Nick Wilson once robbed us nearly blind right under our noses. Now released from the federal pen, his dark shadow still looms large.

Editorial cartooon Feb. 24

Libeling the Founding Fathers

Expropriating the names of great Democratic presidents was bad enough, but now Republicans are imputing to them thoughts they never had or at least never uttered. If you could libel a dead man, the descendants of the Founding Fathers, though not all w

What's cooking/capsule reviews

What's cooking: J's Place looking downtown. Capsules: CJ's and Olive Garden.

Worthwhile 'Education'

Almodovar's own 'Adaptation'; there are worse hells than watching 'Constantine.'

Words Feb. 24

Who let the hair out? “Yankees Manager Joe Torre added that he wasn’t surprised players felt strongly about Canseco’s decision to break the ‘code,’ which includes keeping clubhouse discussions and activities quiet. ‘You come into the clubhouse,

Wise ol’ owl

Given the nickname “El Buho” (“the owl”) by his South American musical cohorts, Gary Gazaway left his native Pocahontas years ago to become an internationally known established composer and trumpeter. He’s also been known to toot a flugelhorn and sit in o

More picks Feb. 24-March 2

Pianist Jon Kimura Parker will be the guest performer with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra at the Masterworks series program “Tchaikovsky Celebration” on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 26-27. Shows are at 8 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday at Robinson Center Mu

Theater theorem: Prime example of ‘Proof’

“Proof,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning, two-act play written by former Little Rock resident David Auburn and the Weekend Theater’s current production, seems to take up where the film “A Beautiful Mind” left off — two very similar stories involving the balanc

Orval Feb. 24

Slow down immigration

Republicans seem to be the only politicians who really want to slow down immigration, especially the illegal kind, and I’m with them. Millions are coming every year, and that’s too many and too dangerous because of the fear of another 9-11.

The Insider Feb. 24

Though Governor Huckabee has declined to take a public position on SB 230, opponents of the bill say that he solicited a letter favorable to the bill from a Health Department official, angering Health Department employees in the process.

TV highlights Feb. 24-March 2

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF TEENA BRANDON A&E (Comcast Ch. 51) 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 24 With the Far Right bent on excluding our homosexual neighbors from society, it might be a good time to recall the sad tale of Teena Brandon.

Darwin blows

To: Beebe science students, Grades 4-12 From: Your school board Subject: Theory vs. fact

Clean out those closets

Maybe you’ve missed the billboards each spring and fall, but chances are if you have small children or are related to someone who does, you’ve heard of Duck Duck Goose. A brief tutorial: It’s an enormous, kid-centric consignment event — “sale” just doesn’

Smart Talk Feb. 24

Former Democratic state chairman Ron Oliver has sent a fund-raising letter to Arkansas Democrats urging them to gird for attacks from Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller, who is expected to seek the Republican gubernatorial nomination next year.

'Woman to Woman'

Memphis-based Stax Records has many Arkansas connections. One occurred in the mid-1970s, when a Crittenden County-born singer was brought in, in hopes of saving the label from financial ruin.

One of those weeks

It has been one of those weeks. So many outrages. So little space. • The Arkansas House voted 44 to 39 (17 did not vote) against a resolution affirming support for the separation of church and state. Yes, Rep. Buddy Blair was trying to stir a littl

The week that was Feb. 16-22

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … The SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. It beat the bill to require anti-gay-marriage language in textbooks.

Surprise result rounds out final

For all those who have complained that the age and supposed musical likes of the judges keep a “modern” or hard-rock band from winning in the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, the results of Feb. 17 proved otherwise.

This Modern World Feb. 24

Oscar night with Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr, famed for his Corporal Klinger role on the TV show “M*A*S*H” and most recently in Little Rock last October for the touring play “Say Goodnight, Gracie,” will return as host of the 77th Academy Awards Ceremony Viewing Party benefit for the Wolf

Deltic in brief

‘Having the time of your life …’

Bekah Nutt was born right in the middle of Abba’s disco heyday. Now 26, she’s like a lot of second-generation Abba fans. Some, like Nutt, discovered the long-gone Abba through the “Gold” CD of the Swedish group’s greatest hits. Others are catching the Abb

Motion to suppress

Complaints by people who feel they’ve been sexually harassed by their attorneys routinely go unanswered in Arkansas. A new rule for lawyers could change that.

Saving Lake Maumelle

Written comments from a couple of the signers of an on-line petition opposing SB 230: “We should leave the protection of Lake Maumelle in the hands of the people that know what they are doing. They have protected our water for years. Shane Broadway wil

The arena shifts

Sen. Jim Argue weighs in following reports that Deltic Timber has turned its lobbying pressure to members of the governing board of Central Arkansas Water.