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Diary of a DJ

Diary of a DJ

March 1, 2020

Vol 45 • No 31

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Diary of a DJ: How Craig O'Neill went from being Little Rock's class clown to its Mister Rogers

Craig O'Neill's 50-year career in broadcasting is no joke.

A field guide to the birders

Birders are better than books at helping you find the birds. Almost all are enthusiastic about sharing their passion with new avian aficionados, and their fine-tuning is essential to accurate identification.

A Q&A with Denise Ennett

State Rep. Denise Ennett on stronger neighborhoods, affordable housing and tenants’ rights.

Trump won't be re-elected

Hope for Democrats.

At the helm of Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theatre: A Q&A with Katie Campbell

"I believe that children are deserving of artistic experiences that speak to them,," Campbell told us, "not because they will be future adults, but because of who and what they are right now as young people."

Central Arkansas restaurants feel the ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ bump

‘Triple D’ by the numbers.

Harvest House in Little Rock: the Chipotle of cannabis

Harvest House of Cannabis arrives in Little Rock and takes weed upscale. But is that enough?

The Observer's ears won't stop ringing

The Observer is about to hit the back slope of our 40s come this July, and as our dear old Pa and Granny and every other well-seasoned adult in our life tried to tell us back when we were in the carefree summer grasshopper portion of our existence, the idiot lights to our body are starting to wink on, one by one.