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March 6, 2008

Vol 6 • No 8

Clinton's big night

Just as the TV networks delayed until late giving Hillary Clinton her obvious double-digit win in Ohio, news media were reluctant to call the popular vote in Texas for the senator, though with far better reason.

LRSD to be on 'list'

A tipster tells me the Little Rock School District will appear on the state's "school improvement" list today for failing to have enough students making sufficient academic progress.

A good night for Texas

On top of the Democratic presidential primary, a creationist seeking to give creationists a majority on the textbook-important Texas Board of Education was defeated in a Republican!

Brokered elections

Who needs elections? As of this morning, it would appear that there are, in filings so far, only four contested primary races for the state House of Representatives and one for Senate (Joyce Elliott v. Sen. Irma Hunter Brown), and only four House races that will have both Republican and Democratic candidates in the fall.

Mea culpa

Sometimes work interferes with fun. I apologize for the light work today.

This modern world, March 6

Down the wabbit hole

As anyone who has ever spent time in those parts knows, they do it their way in Helena, from the music to the food to the politicking.

What's cooking-Capsule review, March 6

What's cooking: Copeland's, Texas Roadhouse, Zaxby's and more. Update: So Restaurant-Bar

Hogs same old head case

Midway through the Vandy game on Saturday, my temperature started rising.

Up the down stairs — and up again and again

Bryan Fleming is mad. An insurance adjuster who lives near Fairfield Bay, Fleming has a son who attends the sixth grade at Shirley Elementary.

Libras take on Dylan at White Water

Name me another cover band with at least four dudes who've toured nationally. Or one with a drummer who drives four hours for gigs. How 'bout one that's a side gig for its members' myriad, awesome local project, No sense in trying. There's only the Libras

Man’s world

Re Max Brantley’s column “Still a Man’s World”:

To Huck’s credit, sort of

Yes, Mike Huckabee has won the support of Tim LaHaye, the Religious-Right propagandist, and he spoke in LaHaye’s church Sunday.

Feb. 27-March 4, 2008

It was a good week for … MIKE HUCKABEE. He continued to reap handsome publicity for his no-chance presidential campaign, all valuable in the name recognition game for future endeavors. Conservatives are touting him as the next Jerry Falwell-style leader

Evangelical ascendancy

It seems like every week, especially in this political season, you can find a letter in the daily paper stating that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

Fool voters twice?

It is hard to imagine that Americans could fall for the same absurd decoy twice, not after seeing the disastrous consequences of their first deception.

The view from on high

Kevin Brockmeier’s writing is like a deep, focusing breath of cool air.

Super Sunday

Nationally, newspaper circulation and staffs are deteriorating.


Will Ferrell has arrived in that rarified dimension of comedy that Arnold Schwarzenegger reached in action flicks 20 years ago, in which the titles of his films are mere filler below the star’s name.

What we’re reading

Here are the top 10 bestsellers from three local bookstores. Data is most recent available.

Spare me the righteousness

I signed the lottery amendment at my polling place on Super Tuesday.

Editorial cartoon, March 6

To-do list, March 6

Cirque Du Soleil 'Saltimbanco', The Libras, The Lengendary Shack*Shakers, John Prine, Michael Buble, American Princes, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Bill Cosby and Black Mountain are lined up to perform this week.

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts may not be everybody’s idea of country, but you won’t get any argument from the 11,361 passionate fans on hand Saturday night for the group’s electrifying show at Alltel Arena.


Korean surprise

Despite their 1,001 Thai restaurants and 1,002 Mexican places, Fayettevillians find themselves remarkably short on ethnic fare.

Orval, March 6

Not so wild

The advent of March means it’s time for another trio or quartet of the ol’ moi spring-planting columns.

In brief, March 6

Little Rock’s most popular cover band, the Gettys, performs at On the Rocks with DJ Sleepy Genius, 9 p.m., $5. At the Afterthought, the Ted Ludwig Jazz Trio shows off its jazz chops at 8 p.m., $5. DJ impresario Debbi T tries to put butts on the floor at C

The only thing going on Friday

By the numbers, the Showcase thus far: Four weeks; 16 bands; 5,283 words of promo copy; 200 semi-finalist compilation CDs given away; hundreds of blank stares in response to the music trivia question, “What song is Chelsea Clinton named for?”; four acts n

What’s Happening in March

Unless otherwise indicated, event is a reading and/or book signing.

Seether, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace

A point/counterpoint review, featuring curmudgeonly yet indulgent boomer dad and alt-metal indoctrinated teen-age son:

The Observer, March 6

The Observer hiked aaaallll the way from the bottom of Ridgeway Street to its intersection with Kavanaugh to watch the marathoners pass by on Sunday.

Komen, Catholics to meet

Representatives of the Arkansas affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure are to meet with Catholic officials in Arkansas on Thursday, March 6, on what they say is inaccurate information disseminated by the Catholic Diocese that oversees Arkansas.

Between Barack and a hardplace

So how is the tranquility coming in the Democratic Party? Oh, not so much. Hillary Clinton has figured out what works, and shown the stomach for it, which no one should have doubted.

Rare book unveiled by CB

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art announced another acquisition last week: “Victoria Regia, or the Great Water Lily of America,” an 1854 book that includes six chromolithographical plates by botanical artist William Sharp and text by John Fisk Allen.

Pick them legally at Wye

It’s not necessary to trespass to pan for gold daffodils.

The Democrats' dilemma

As Brummett puts it: Between Barack and a hard place.

Mike Huckabee's future

Grover Norquist wants him to run for U.S. Senate right now. GOP Chair Dennis "What we need is another 9/11" Milligan thinks more highly of a race against Sen. Blanche Lincoln in two years. Huckabee himself is not saying just yet.

An artist grows in Brooklyn

Arkansas artist George Dombek (that's one of his paintings above) is mentioned prominently in a NY Times article about the development of former commercial buildings in Brooklyn for artists' use.

Admiral Hays' Navy

One of the North Little Rock blogs mentioned recently that the city was considering adding a destroyer -- apparently the Orleck above -- to Commodore Hays' envisioned riverfront armada of junky barges, a  derelict tug and other worn-out naval parts.

The Glasgow case goes national

A New York Post business writer filed today about the case of John Glasgow, the missing chief financial officer of CDI Contractors.

Bobby Wood dies at 76

Another veteran Jonesboro legislator passes -- former Rep. Bobby Wood. And in the who knew?

'Am I a torturer?'

The headline is the one applied to an article in Mother Jones about 27-year-old Ben Allbright (at right, in Mother Jones' photo), and his experience as a prison guard in Iraq.

Linkage: Biggie? chimp retirement homes; MC Hammer is still releavant and more

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see? Gravy, a NYC rapper known pretty much solely for getting shot in the ass outside of Hot 97 (not long after Bobby Bacala shot the rapper in the ass on "The Sopranos"), has been cast as the Notorious B.I.G. in the upcoming biopic.

Inciting a riot

In re the shootout in Boyle Park, that's the charge in the case of one of the brawlers.

Thursday: John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death, the Effects, Ted Ludwig, the Gettys and more

  It's a carnival road show of band names at Juanita's: John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death do a kind of Bob Log style blues-punk thing, with a little more garage-y song structure and a little less mystery.

I knew Kenneth Starr

And Barack Obama is no Kenneth Starr. A Clinton mouthpiece goes overboard.

Nobody asked but

It seems real simple to me. No matter what the cost, new Democratic primary elections should be held in Florida and Michigan. And the delegates that result should be counted.

Showcase Finals

  The beginning of an onslaught of Showcase related blogging.Lest your forgot what the four finalists sound and look like, our resident videographer Roland Gladden has you covered.

Leveling the playing field

An alternative weekly newspaper in San Francisco sued a media chain for selling ads below cost to injure competition.

Leveling the playing field

An alternative weekly newspaper in San Francisco sued a media chain for selling ads below cost to injure competition.

Your favorite bands and their favorite bands

Much beloved local post-punks the Moving Front are soon to depart on a short tour with much-beloved local bar rockers Smoke Up Johnny.

Cheese dip alert

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Cheese dip alert

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Meet the FINALS guest judge: Jim Harris

Those are gang signs we're unfamiliar with. Jim HarrisWho?

Wally Watch: More Wally-isms

Wally Watch: Where we read Wally Hall so you don't have to. Our Deep Throat recently sent us more entries from his collection of Wallyisms - those wonderfully bizarre and/or poorly constructed sentences that could only emanate from the keyboard of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's lead sports columnist.

More dining at Shackleford Crossing

Shackleford Crossing has a number of new restaurants set to soon begin construction. National chains Copeland’s Famous New Orleans Restaurant and Bar, Texas Roadhouse and Zaxby’s and local concepts Samurai Steakhouse and Panda Chinese Buffet have all signed leases with Clary Development, according to the retail management group’s president, Sean Glancy.

New Mexico Chiquito

There’s a new Mexico Chiquito. Open since early last week, the new locale on 13924 Cantrell includes a dining room and a drive-thru window.

Update: SO Restaurant-Bar

For whatever reason, we’ve been on a real cheeseburger tear lately, and even at such a sophisticated place as So Restaurant-Bar, we couldn’t be tempted away by any of the more creative menu offerings.

The pickle sickle

I had this on Rock Candy earlier this week, but something tells me that there's not a huge crossover from it and Eat Arkansas.

Hamburger tax sizzling

The Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission is at work cleaning up procedures and practices that were put under a harsh spotlight by Democrat-Gazette reporting a while back.

Giant damages in breast cancer case

A Little Rock jury socked it to drugmakers Wyeth and Upjohn today in the lawsuit by a Little Rock woman, Donna Scroggin, 66, who sued for the companies' failure to adequately warn of the breast-cancer risks of Premarin and Prempro, hormone drugs.

Giant damages in breast cancer case

A Little Rock jury socked it to drugmakers Wyeth and Upjohn today in the lawsuit by a Little Rock woman, Donna Scroggin, 66, who sued for the companies' failure to adequately warn of the breast-cancer risks of Premarin and Prempro, hormone drugs.

Sex and the law prof

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today (I now have a more direct link) that UALR law faculty member Robert Steinbuch can continue his lawsuit against the publisher of a novel (pictured) based on a sex blog, The Washingtonienne.

Party switcher draws opponent

Republicans were shocked by former Republican Sen. Bill Walters' filing as a Democrat this week to succeed his term-limited wife Shirley as a representative.

Meet the FINALS guest judge: Michael Marion

He's a badass. Michael MarionWho?

The Show(case) must go on

UPDATE: Rock Candy endorses anticipating snow and icy conditions to such a degree that when it doesn't happen, you still skip work.

Komen back in running with Catholics

After meeting today with Susan G. Komen for the Cure representatives, Msgr. J. Gaston Hebert has announced that he is rescinding the diocese's stated opposition to support for the foundation.

Presidential number crunching

Interesting. Survey USA did a 50-state survey matching Obama against McCain and Clinton against McCain.

Stolen daffodils

Mother had pancreatic cancer, which is a pretty bad thing. She was always excellent at the art of denial, and by the time she sort of admitted to the cancer she was about an inch away from the coma she floated in and out of until she floated off entirely.

The Showcase finals will absolutely, unequivocally happen tonight

The Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, featuring Epiphany and One Night Stand, Brian Martin and the Circulators, 607 and Kyoto Boom, will go on as scheduled tonight at Revolution, 9 p.m., $5. Read below for a full preview.

Snow? What snow?

Maybe later in Hillcrest, the TV keeps insisting. There WAS an 18-inch snowfall in Fox, Ark. Anybody up there on-line with a photo they could e-mail?

Better pay = better workers?

A New York charter school thinks maybe so -- $125,000 plus bonuses for teachers.

Hillary Clinton a 'monster'

A behind-the-curtain peek at a top Obama adviser. The new politics is only more of the old, with a smiling face.

Police beat

A roundup of collars by the LRPD. 1) A yard man who clipped more than grass; 2) a McBurglar; 3) a homeless person who bit the hand that fed her.

David Gordon Green is busy

"Snow Angels," the latest from Little Rock born filmmaker David Gordon Green is out today in markets much larger than ours.

Showcase Finals: 607

Round One Winner 607What we said about his semi-final win: It was 607's night. The local rapper pulled out all the stops — opening with a drama mask obscuring his face, performing his “palingraph,” a rap that made sense forwards and backwards (he unfurled a large sheet with the lyrics so the audience could follow along), sampling Britney's “Toxic” and standing tall on the risers.

Showcase Finals: Epiphany and One Night Stand

Gina Gee and Epiphany. Round Two winner: Epiphany and One Night Stand.What we said about their semi-final win: Epiphany and One Night Stand's brand of live hip-hop has been a fresh change of pace locally since rapper Epiphany recruited the musicians last year.

Showcase Finals: Brian Martin and the Circulators

Spa City representers and Brian Martin and the Circulators. Third Round Winner Brian Martin and the CirculatorsWhat we said about their semi-final win: Hats off to Brian Martin and the Circulators, from Hot Springs.

Showcase Finals: Kyoto Boom

Dave Raymond, in blur, and Scott Cook. Fourth Round Winner Kyoto BoomWhat we said about their semi-final win: Kyoto Boom put on as strong a show as I've seen in a long time.

In memory of Richard Allin

-- Photo by Brian Chilson

No charges for Mitchell

Little Rock School Board President Katherine Mitchell, Interim Superintendent Linda Watson and administrator Marian Woods did not break state law when they took part in a state Department of Education program, prosecutor Larry Jegley said today.

Mt. Magazine in snow

Things were so dead downtown, I went home at lunch. I barely made it down my north-facing hill, when brakes locked up on snow that compressed to ice as I drove down.

Eggshibition postponed

Eggshibition, the fund-raiser for Youth Home, was scheduled tonight. It has been postponed until 7 p.m.

Huckabee interview

With The Hill: 1) No, he's not running for Senate. 2) He's not "running" for consideration as V.P., that's strictly McCain's call.

Hothead McCain

His stability will be an issue. This outburst at a NY Times reporter is typical, but far less disconcerting  than what military minds think about him.

One thing that I can hold on to

Few singer/songwriters toe the line between whimsy and poignancy like John Prine. Tonight, he performs at Robinson Auditorium, 8 p.m., $36.50-$46.50.

Beebe: Right and wrong

Gov. Mike Beebe reiterated yesterday that any increase in the severance tax wouldn't go into state general revenues, but be dedicated, if he has his way, to highways.

Obama wins Texas

Brummett joins the cable TV chorus in making the case that Hillary Clinton wasn't such a big winner last week because Barack Obama won more delegates in Texas despite losing the popular electoral vote.

Obama wins Texas

Brummett joins the cable TV chorus in making the case that Hillary Clinton wasn't such a big winner last week because Barack Obama won more delegates in Texas despite losing the popular electoral vote.

Arkansas Obamaists

Arkansas Democrats will select national convention delegates today. I received this squib overnight about a piece of inside political baseball:

LR land bank watch

Some 26 people have applied to sit on Little Rock's land bank commission, the Democrat-Gazette reported today.

LR land bank watch

Some 26 people have applied to sit on Little Rock's land bank commission, the Democrat-Gazette reported today.

Protracted fight bad for Dems?

A historian offers a different take. Like the calls for Al Gore to concede the presidency to George Bush in November 2000, this anxiety about the imagined consequences of a protracted fight misreads both history and the calendar.

Protracted fight bad for Dems?

A historian offers a different take. Like the calls for Al Gore to concede the presidency to George Bush in November 2000, this anxiety about the imagined consequences of a protracted fight misreads both history and the calendar.

Mark Pryor: Headed to Senate leadership?

A reader -- hoping to stir up trouble -- notes that I've been remiss in failing to note the Stephens Media story today on Sen. Mark Pryor's emergence as a potential Senate leader in a Democratically-controlled body.

Saturday To-Do: Michael Bublé

MICHAEL BUBLE8 p.m., Alltel Arena. $49.50-$79.50.

Saturday To-Do: American Princes - J. Roddy Walston and the Business


Saturday: The Munks, hip-hop at the Village, Colour Revolt and more

Rockst*r and co. Good-time roots-rock band the Munks play a long set at the Afterthought.

The press' Stockholm Syndrome

Tucker Carlson, irked by the Scottish reporter who wouldn't let an Obama supporter retroactively declare her "monster" remark off the record, has displayed vividly on TV a frequent failing of American reporters.

Democratic convention delegates

The Ark. Democratic Party chose convention delegates today. Here they are.

Erin go Spa

A Hot Springs native proudly e-mails us the news that a news service has compiled the 10 best St. Patrick's Day parades in the United States and one of them is -- ta da -- in Hot Springs.

Open line Saturday

Charles Eddie reminds you that it's soon to be an hour later than you think -- DST.

The Cos

Take a moment to consider his cultural impact: He was the first African-American to star in a dramatic role on network TV on “I Spy”; the patriarch of the defining family sitcom of the '80s; the dedicated wearer of putrid rainbow sweaters; the creator of

Huckabee and evolution

The evolution in this case is about Mike Huckabee as a presidential candidate, from populist to a still glib, but marginalized evangelical, packaging himself for quick sale at a good price.

The coming Democratic tide

The House seat held by retiring Republican House leader Denny Hastert has been won by a Democrat.

Hunting's decline

My Saturday NY Times didn't arrive until today, so I missed this interesting article yesterday about the decline of hunting in the United States (I've written before about the drop in hunting in Arkansas, a trend you might not credit give the sanctity accorded hunting in Arkansas and the Game and Fish Commission's general lack of enthusiasm for outdoor activities that don't involve hooks and bullets.)

Last night: John Prine

John PrineRobinson Center Music Hall, March 8In case you were wondering, that was me whistling Saturday at the John Prine concert.

Goober's legacy

This was too good to pass up -- Billy Bob Thornton crediting George Lindsey (best known as Goober Pyle) as an inspiration in his career.

Sunday slacking

Back to you. In honor of the finale of "The Wire" I'm going to cook crabcakes, mix up some cole slaw and hope for revenge for Omar, plus a suitable finish to the career of the dishonest newspaper reporter.

Now That the Regular Season is Out of the Way...

Last night's game was broadcast in the Atlanta area, but I didn't watch it. Displaying a frightening sense of priorities, I decided to go out to dinner with a friend instead.

Headed SXSW

There's a wealth of quality touring acts performing tonight in Little Rock, including Steve's son, Justin Townes Earle, and barroom rockers Glossary (pictured) at White Water Tavern. See Rock Candy for more info.

Monday: Glossary, Justin Townes Earle, the Strugglers and more

The Strugglers. Glossary, a roots-tinged band from Murfreesboro that's become a Little Rock favorite in the last six months, return to White Water, en route to SXSW, for a show with Steve Earle's son, Justin Townes Earle, who's soon to release his major label debut, 9 p.m., $5.At Sticky Fingerz, Thick Syurp takes a break from booking eclectic local acts to present indie heroes the Strugglers (like the Mountain Goats and Destroyer, a nom de band for just one dude) and the Bad Veins.

Tough man contest

Brummett suggests ways for Barack Obama to counterpunch. ALSO: A solid idea surfaces for Democratic primary voting in Michigan and Florida.

The buzz: regional rivals and John Prine

Slow day thoughts: David Bazzel, Harry King and Bill Vickery were talking on The Buzz this morning about whether a heated regional rivalry would grow up around the fact that Arkansas has two Double-A minor league baseball teams, in North Little Rock and Springdale.

The new $5

The Federal Reserve will be rolling out a new, hard-to-counterfeit $5 bill in Little Rock Thursday.

White flight discussed

Kevin Kruse, who's written "Atlanta: White Flight and the Making of Modern Conservatism," speaks at noon today at the Clinton School.

Sex offender* files for House UPDATE

Rep. Sharon Dobbins of North Little Rock was expected to file for re-election today to her District 39 seat.

Severance tax deal? UPDATE

No official word has been received here, but a representative of gas royalty owners said Gov. Mike Beebe put out word last night that a compromise had been reached on a natural gas severance tax increase and it would be announced at a news conference today.

Last Saturday: Michael Bublé

Photo by Nelson Chenault. It’s 9:54 on a cold Saturday night in North Little Rock and if by some chance Michael Bublé doesn’t in fact have the world on a string as he’s claiming in song, then at least he’s well on his way to wowing the 6,350 fans who turned out to see him heat up – uh, make that own – the Alltel Arena stage for the evening.He’s been singing and dancing and cutting up for 41 minutes and has already worked his way through such crowd-pleasers as “I’m Your Man,” “It Had Better Be Tonight,” “Me and Mrs. Jones” and the title track to the Grammy-winning CD all those songs are on, “Call Me Irresponsible.” So by the time he and his suit and tie are midway through “I’ve Got the World on a String,” you realize he’s going to be more than just the latest young guy singing old standards.Call him stylish, engaging and exuberant.

Heights hustings -- UPDATE

Speaking of final-day filings: Something of an anomaly has developed for the older portion of Little Rock -- a contested Republican primary race for House.

Oklahoma: Not OK

An absolutely nutso Oklahoma state representative, Sally Kern, goes on a tirade against homosexuality, which she says is  a bigger threat to civilization than Islamo-fascism.

Pulaski County filings

Pulaski Clerk Pat O'Brien's office swears this link for county candidates will be updated shortly after filing ends at noon today.

State political filings

It's over. If the secretary of state's page (scroll down page and click on all candidates) is up to date, none of the state's congressional delegation drew an opponent.

State political filings

It's over. If the secretary of state's page (scroll down page and click on all candidates) is up to date, none of the state's congressional delegation drew an opponent.

The Hop!

It's a big day for the Arkansas Times staff. After a week of "we're probably going to open tomorrow," the Hop finally opened today 'round noon.

Speaking of hypocrites

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is in a world of hurt. He's had his news conference.

Speaking of hypocrites

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is in a world of hurt. He's had his news conference.

Where We Stand: March 10

With Selection Sunday less than a week away, it's time for the last installment of our Pulitzer-winning "Where We Stand" series, which is designed to give you a quick look at what kind of shape the Hogs are in for an NCAA Tournament bid.

Severance tax deal

Gov. Mike Beebe's office has announced a 10 a.m. news conference Tuesday to detail the terms of an agreement with gas producers on an increase in the severance tax.

The Hag

Merle Haggard and Shooter Jennings have been added to the Riverfest line-up. They'll both play Friday on the Budweiser Stage.

Tuesday To-Do: Black Mountain

BLACK MOUNTAIN9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $7.

Future past

Black Mountain's new album is a totem to the epic, druggy music of the late '60s and '70s, with nods to bands like Hawkwind, Jefferson Airplane and Blue Cheer. It's great. Tonight, the Vancouver band is at Sticky Fingerz. See Rock Candy below for mp3s and

White men can't jump for Hillary

Brummett considers white male aversion to H.R. Clinton.

White men can't jump for Hillary

Brummett considers white male aversion to H.R. Clinton.

Arkansas gossip

Big-city gossip columnists get an item about Arkansas lawyer Tab Turner getting the best of media bigshot Michael Ovitz in a lunch encounter.

Arkansas gossip

Big-city gossip columnists get an item about Arkansas lawyer Tab Turner getting the best of media bigshot Michael Ovitz in a lunch encounter.

Big brother is watching

It wasn't a chance wiretap that caught NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, though wiretaps cemented the case.

Speaking of hypocrites

Wonkette notes that the National Repulican Congressional Campaign Committee is using the Eliot Spitzer scandal against Democrats.

Severance tax details

-- Brian Chilson photo Gov. Mike Beebe's severance tax news conference is beginning. Give me the kewpie doll for predicting yesterday that the agreed-on tax rate would be 5 percent of market value, up from a tiny fraction of 1 percent.

Wrought Iron Grill

Eat Arkansas reader Rummy files an opening day report on The Wrought Iron Grill, the new restaurant next door to the Clinton Gift Shop.

Linkage: Iggy does Madonna, post-'Wire', FNL and Megazoid

  At last night's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductions Madonna recruited Iggy Pop and the Stooges, who still haven't been inducted in the HOF, to perform "Ray of Light" and "Burnin' Up."

Tuesday: Denny, Birds of Avalon, Bryan Scarry and the Shredding Tears, New Monsoon and more

Some Birds of Avalon. Chris Denny, famous locally and beyond for his high warble, plays Juanita's, with killer psych-pop-rock band Birds of Avalon (familiar to those who caught Ted Leo's last Juanita's show), catchy singer/songwriter Jeremy Fisher, who has a stop-motion music video where a cigarette comes to life, and Brooke Wagner, 8:30 p.m., $8.At White Water its bands with names that sound like they were pilfered from childrens' stories: Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears do baroque power-pop a la Jellyfish or A.C. Newman, and Johnny Nobody does slightly heavier indie rock, 9 p.m., $5.New Monsoon, from the Bay Area, bring together loads of instruments and disparate genres, for one big jam at Revolution, 8 p.m., $10.Emo-ish pop-punk band Wheatus is at Vino's before heading to SXSW and returning to LR for the Inksplosion.

Gunplay at Ark. Tech

Arkansas Tech President Robert Brown spent a lot of time and personal capital recently worrying about the firing of a glorified cap pistol during the production of a student play.

Bob Johnson on tax: Still no

Sen. Bob Johnson, leader of the Senate "brotherhood" and thus a key player in whether Gov. Mike Beebe can pass a brokered severance tax bill, said he not seen Gov. Beebe's proposal for a 5 percent rate on gas production.

The Greening of Arkansas

Rebekah Kennedy, who expects to be the Green Party nominee for U.S. Senate, sent out an advisory to media today reminding them that U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor is not likely to be uncontested for re-election this year.

Loading up at Leo's

What would we do without Joel DiPippa? Miss a feast at Leo's on Kavanaugh, for one thing.

The Reds "Eddie Leatherwood" video

  The dance of the earbuds.

ASU won't be rollin' with Nolan

Nolan Richardson is no longer under consideration to coach at Ark. State. He told Stephens Media it wasn't a fit for him.

Also on the sports beat

Thanks to TAP for the link to an LA Times article on the spring battle for the starting quarterback job for the USC Trojans.

FINAL: Standing by your (wo)man

A lot of folks have been talking today about NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer's unhappy wife -- maybe loyally, maybe not -- standing by him yesterday when he confessed having sinned.

Tuesday Hodge Podge

• Nolan Richardson won't be coaching the ASU Indians Red Wolves. That's disappointing.

The Finals' Score: 607

Mr. Morbid and 607. Photo by Brian Chilson.

The last word from the judges

Here's a huge thank you to our great group of judges. The four every weekers: Indy Grotto,, Davis Clement and Ben Jones.

Obama wins Mississippi

Or so CNN says.

Wednesday: Valley of the Vapors, Jim Mize, Kevin Gordon and more

Valley of the Vapors, the diverse and stridently independent Hot Springs festival, kicks off tonight, 7 p.m., $5.

Songwriter night

At White Water, perhaps Arkansas's best singer/songwriter, Jim Mize, opens for literate songwriter Kevin Gordon, a Nashville-based musician who plays swampy, low-key Southern rock, 10 p.m, $5.

Welcome back, Zonker

Our friend Zonker is back home, 35 pounds lighter, after three extended hospital visits. We hope to see him return to the comment threads soon.

Bentonville to schools: Drop dead

Voters beat a millage increase in Bentonville to build badly needed new schools for the booming district.

Harry Ward dies at 74

Dr. Harry P. Ward, chancellor emeritus of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, died at home last night.

Spitzer leaves today

NY Times.  

Politics -- a dirty business

Mike Huckabee tirelessly promoted the unfair "fair tax" gospel. Its zealous adherents propelled him to national prominence in Iowa, thanks to the tiny vote there.

Carrie Underwood and her hot pants are coming to Alltel

Carrie Underwood will be here on Sunday, May 11. Tickets, priced $35-$55, go onsale on Saturday.

War anniversary

Two peace groups will mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq -- only 95 to go if John McCain has his way -- with a rally against the war and a short peace march beginning at noon Saturday at the War Memorial Park pavilion on Fair Park.

The 1978 Final Four, Part 3: the NCAA Tournament

Awhile back, it dawned on us here at that the Arkansas basketball program has a very special anniversary coming up this spring.

Cop watch

To protect and serve? Hah.

Republicans object to severance tax

Do Republicans hate taxes? Does a wild bear, well, you know?

Going after the mayor

LR Mayor Mark Stodola gets the big bucks now so he might as well get some headaches, too.

Survey says: Lottery, tax, Hillary

Here's that UCA public opinion poll by Opinion Research Associates of Little Rock to supplement a class UCA President Lu Hardin is teaching.

Damn Bullets "Done You Wrong" video


Woebegon Idol

Well, our girl Shannon Wurst didn't make it to the finals of "Prairie Home Comapanion's" "Talented 20s" contest, but Ponca's Patrick Villines and Mattie Speece did.

30 days without pay

That's the punishment for the Washington County deputy who locked up an immigrant woman -- for the crime of selling pirated CDs -- and then forgot about her.

Your daily child abuse story

Corporal punishment should be outlawed. Yet another exhibit in the overwhelming case.

Tajikistan taking tips from Arkansas

Sherali Akhmadzhonovich Shermatov, Director, Republic of Tajikistan Water and Sewage State Subsidiary, mans ship with Chuck Blair, Vice Commodore, Grand Maumelle Sailing Club.

The Razorback Legacy: Marches Past

Be sure to check in with the Razorback Expats, where Whit E. Knight is recapping Arkansas' 1978 tournament run.  Fantastic stuff, especially for those of us who weren't around to see it.  Don't miss out.Part One.Part Two.Part Three.